Bright Colors Make Sense For Fall

I have never been afraid of bright colors, whether it comes to clothing or makeup.  Color in my home, wardrobe, and makeup, makes my life feel more fun!  And who doesn’t ultimately want to have some fun in life??!

Although there are some days when black or grey are the only colors that will do, (maybe I ate too much spaghetti and garlic bread the night before and need to hide behind a black tee!!) as whole, bright colors make me happier than dark ones.  And this upcoming fall season is bringing forth all sorts of bright options to this southern girl.

Muppets for OPI.  Brilliant, funny, and bright puppets make for great inspiration.

My first bright inspiration is from the nail polish company OPI and their Muppets collection due out this November.  Specifically, the “Rainbow” glitter formula is at the top of my list because of its, well, rainbow colored glitter combination! It looks like it will be a party for my fingernails!!  And you know from my Miss Piggy blog that I’m a big fan of these puppets!  But the “warm and fozzie” color (shimmery copper) gets top billing for most fun name!

Image from Refinery29– verrrry cool site for up to the minute news on everything 
from coast to coast.

My second color inspiration comes in the form of bright pants for fall! Seen all over the 2011 fall fashion runways were magenta pink, cobalt blue, sunshine yellow colored pants of all shapes and sizes.  My personal fave are red pants and I am on a mission to find the perfect cherry red pair.  No dull reds allowed!

The most colorful woman out there right now- Nicki Minaj.  
This picture is priceless of her sitting next to her polar opposite in style, Anna Wintour.

My third color inspiration is a combo between wanting to own the newest rage in lip glosses, (that is a combo of the brightest barbie pink plus hot neon pink you can imagine), and wanting to wear color like the talented and fearless Nicki Minaj.  I don’t want to wear actual colored pom poms as a shirt, but I would like to be able to carry off super bright clothing with such ease and confidence! Maybe if I could rap like a mad woman, it would help-ha!!!

One of the hottest pink lip colors I’ve seen-  Stila’s “giggle” luxe gloss.

Stila’s lip enamel luxe gloss in “giggle” was seen on the Betsey Johnson runway show for Spring 2012 and is a hot pink commodity that is nearly impossible to find right now (even though it was introduced in 2009).  I’m not giving up on this shade though, because it looks like so much fun, I would need very minimal makeup to make this lip color work.  I think it would “work” for me all by itself!!

It’s obvious I’m on a color bandwagon, because I also found this amazing kitchen on Pinterest that has me lusting for the courage to paint my next kitchen hot pink.

Not only is the kitchen pink, but there’s a girly chandelier- ULTIMATE GLAMOUR!!

Are you feeling summer-type brights for Fall 2012, or are you more into the seasonal (typical!) fall colors??