Bye Bye To Summer

I can officially say good bye to summer now that my beach weekend is over.  The hubby and I just spent a much needed few days in Grayton Beach, FL with some of our bestie couple friends.  The blog obviously got put on the back burner a bit because I totally and completely took the chance to relax- which meant minimal computer time.

One of the corn hole boards we played with.  I got OBSESSED with this game!  
We played it all day long.
To describe the weather as anything less than perfect would be rude- it was perfection!!  And so was the crystal blue water and white soft sand, I thought I had been transported to the Caribbean!  I thought I would share with you how I officially sent off summer.
The view from my beach chair.  Pretty relaxing huh?
 My husband actually caught this fish, I just got to reel it in and get my picture made with it!
Me and my girlfriend working the kayaks in the ocean. I can’t believe how sporty I look in these past two photos! Very un-JennySue like, but I loved every minute of it!
 I’m going to preface this picture by saying, I did NOT eat this, but one of our guy friends did, and it just amazed me.
  It was called the Stinkey’s Stew- and was basically a huge pot of random seafood.  It looked like 
the crab wanted to crawl out of the bowl!
Me and the hubby at dinner- the night of the Stinkey Stew;-)  
Nothing says a beach vacation like a good seafood dinner!
This pretty mermaid lady was one of the pieces of artwork in the bathroom at the home we stayed in.
I just loved her, she was so cute and greeted me every time I went to put on my makeup!
 No vacation is complete without one wild night of dancing!  We all headed to a small local dive bar after dinner and danced the night away on our last night there.  
As you can see, I was loving the live saxophone player- he was so cool.

Me with the girls at our night of dancing.  I was sporting a strapless maxi dress (that literally cost $17), which has been one of my staple looks this summer.
But now that I’ve been able to enjoy my beach weekend, I can now start looking forward to fall weather and clothing!! I’m packing up the swimsuits and bringing out the sweaters.  Luckily,  I can keep sporting my fave maxi dress look, I just need it to have long sleeves!  I saw this one by Elizabeth and James in one of my InStyle magazines, and if I had over $600 bucks, I would totally buy this one. So bo-ho chic.

I also want to pair my fall clothing with some vampy dark lipstick like I’ve seen Scarlett Johannson wearing in the Dolce & Gabbana makeup ads.  If you’ve never checked out the D&G makeup website, you should.  It is crazy cool and the graphics are so neat- the lipsticks are 3 dimensional and spin around!!  Ultimate luxury cosmetics.
Isn’t this gorgeous??  These lips scream fall forward!!
How are you saying bye-bye to summer and hello to fall?? What trends in makeup and wardrobe are you looking forward to?