Mad For Mod Eyeliner

There is a Maybelline ad out right now that has a model who looks like a modern take on 60’s icon Twiggy for their Eyestudio Master drama cream pencil ($6).  I’ve been so attracted to this look since I’ve seen it in all of my fall fashion magazines, that I just had to give it a try- despite the fact this is NOT an everyday carpool mom look;-)

Twiggy look a like…

The real Twiggy.

Dark black liner rimming the eyes is very distinctly retro mod looking.  So I could probably work this look for Halloween since it’s sooo dramatic, but then I’d have to lose around 30 pounds to pull off the real Twiggy look, and dye my hair blonde, and chop it off….okay, maybe not a good Halloween choice for me-ha!!  Luckily, with this look, I did very minimal makeup on the rest of my face because the eyes are where the attention should be.

So moving on, here is how I recreated this bold black eye makeup look with a few easy steps (and no, I did not use the Maybelline liner for this).

Products used:
Kat Von D Tattoo liquid liner in Trooper
Basic charcoal colored eyeliner pencil by Palladio
Very Black mascara by Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume
White eye pencil by NYX
MAC lipglass in Underage

Started off with my normal winged eyeliner on top with my white eyeliner drawn 
along lower waterline (inner rim of lower lash line.)  This was to get me started in my 
comfort zone!
Second, I drew a stencil (practice round!) around my eyes before adding the liquid liner.
This was basically so I could trace back over the regular eyeliner once I was comfortable with how it 
Lastly, I took my black Kat Von D liner and retraced over the charcoal liner. I made sure to wing on the outside corners of the eye and draw a pointed tip at the inner corner of the eye that connected the upper and lower lash lines into a dramatic point! 
Loaded on 3 coats of mascara top and bottom (think Twiggy)

The finished look.  No blush and a light light pink lip gloss to complete it.

What do you think of the mod eye liner look? Should it stay in the 60’s or be brought back to the present?! Could I wear this to pick up my 3 and 5 year old from school?? Ha!!!!!