My Best Concealer Tips

If there is one huge makeup mistake women make, it is to NOT use concealer.  Everyone out of high school age could probably use a tad bit of concealer to make a huge difference in the way their skin looks.  It hides a plethora of sins (long night out, too much bubbly, you get it), lack of sleep (thank you children), lack of coffee, stress (thank you work!), etc.  Concealer is the easiest way to fudge a good nights sleep and shave a few years off.  If you can hide those under eye bags, then it immediately takes your look up a notch.

{My skin after all of my concealer tricks applied!  I look pretty well rested, huh?!}

Speaking of skin, you should see the ultimate skin perfection on the models at Tracy Reese on the runway for her Spring 2012 collection.  This fresh faced look was thanks to makeup artist extraordinaire Mally Roncal who also has her own cosmetics line and is a mama to twins!! Ah ha! Who better to know about concealing under eye bags than a woman with multiple children!

There are a few steps that I go through every time I apply concealer for maximum performance.  Of course you could skip a few of these, but I figured I would give you more info than you need if you truly want concealer perfection.

Here’s how I look like I get 8-10 hours of sleep with 5 minutes of concealer tricks:

My concealer necessities:
1.  Cover Girl and Olay Simply Ageless concealer in #230 corrector (yellow base)
2.  Benefit Erase Paste in color Fair (peach based). I use Medium when I have a better tan.
3.  Concealer brush- MAC 242SE (not extremely necessary, fingers are ok too!)
4.  Large fluffy eye shadow brush – MAC 224SE
5.  Highlighter- Too Faced Snow Bunny
6.  Regular loose translucent powder

Placement of concealer.
1st Step:  I apply my yellow concealer first (Cover Girl and Olay) from the inner corner of my nose to the very outside corner of my eye.  But be sure to never take the color down too far to the cheekbones bc then you end up looking racoon like!  I like using a synthetic bristled brush for this.
*Note – If you have very dark skin with brown under eye circles, as opposed to the usual purple/blue ones on fair to medium skin toned women, use an orange based concealer instead of yellow which can make those circles appear ashy.
2nd Step:  Use your peach based concealer (my Benefit Erase Paste)- or any concealer one shade lighter than your natural skin tone- on top of the yellow (or orange) so that you even out the skin tone color to match your skin/foundation.  Yellow alone will sometimes be enough, but adding a more fleshy color on top really creates a more perfect and flawless look.  I also add a dab of these two colors around the sides of my nose as well where redness can occur.

{This is the fluffy brush I use around my eyes with my translucent powder and the highlighter.}

3rd Step:  Apply a VERY light application of translucent powder with your fluffy brush (not too much, can create a white cast in pictures) over the concealer areas to fill in the gaps and set the concealer in place.

4th Step:  This one is a definite extra step, but so worth it.  I add a bit of my bronzer/highlighter (I like the bronzer addition bc it also helps tone down any extreme lightness under the eye) right underneath the eye bed but right above the cheekbone.

Like I always say, makeup should be used to enhance your natural beauty, not conceal it.  But there’s nothing that says under eye bags should be considered natural. Get rid of them, and let the more beautiful, well rested you, shine through!!!

What are your fave concealer products??