September 8, 2011

What Type Of Makeup To Wear With Red Lips

Y'all know I love me some red lips.  It's the ultimate easy glamour look that appears immediately once you swipe the ruby red color across your lips.  Red lipstick makes this mom of 3 feel instantly more put together, even when I've got wet hair rolled up in a haphazard top knot...notice photo below!

I try new red lipsticks as often as possible because I'm always on the search for the perfect red lip.  My newest love is with tarte's LipSurgence natural matte lip stain in "fiery"($24) shown below.  It is such an unusual lip product because it looks like a fat crayon, has a soft tip that twists up from the bottom for more color, smells like peppermint, and is extremely matte in color.  I adore this product, except for the claim to increase moisture by 6000%- woah, that's a lot- I'd have to disagree with that.  Because of its matte nature, there's no way it can feel like a chapstick, and it doesn't.  But, it's not as drying as other stains and matte lip colors I've tried and I actually enjoy the way this stain feels.

The first two females that come to mind when I think red lips, are Gwen Stefani and Dita Von Teese- one extremely hip and edgy, the other uber feminine.

 Edgy mom of 2, fashion mogul, and singer!  Almost never seen without red lips.

Ultra femme burlesque entertainer.  Almost never seen without red lips.

But both of these ladies are glamorous in their own right with their bright mouths, even though their styles are pretty different.  You can read about what Dita thinks about her signature red mouth and fave reds here.

So of course there are a zillion ways you could wear your makeup with red lips, but I'm going to share with you my go-to look.  Since red lips are quite a statement maker, I like to keep the rest of the makeup fairly subdued and simple and let the lips speak for themselves.  Here's what other makeup products I like to pair with my red:

For eyes, I keep it in the neutral brown palette.  
Dark brown liner on upper lash line only (Urban Decay bourbon 24/7 liner.)
Kat Von D's shadows in peanut (light gold shimmer) and rebekah (brown w slight shimmer)
Black mascara (L'Oreal Voluminous) on top and bottom

For skin and cheeks, I keep it dewy and sheer.
I like to add a liquid bronzer (by Red Earth, discontinued though, boo) with my foundation (L'oreal True Match N3) to keep the skin not as matte as the mouth and so I can skip the powder bronzer step.
Cheeks are by Sonia Kashuk in melon (I wear this color with everything!).

So overall, I like my look clean and polished with my red lips, not too fussy.  

And to see if this tarte stain truly stays put, I put it to the "baby kissing test."  I can't stand it when I kiss my kids on the cheeks and they come out looking like Bozo the clown w my lip color splattered all over them.  So I dove in and kissed miss Viv with my bright red lips....drumroll please...

And she came out clean as a whistle on her left cheek- no red stuff to distract from that pretty face! Look how happy she was to not have mommy's face paint left on her!!  This is what has me sold on this lipstick, I need more colors so I can continue kissing my kids without the embarrassing mommy stain!!

Have you tried this tarte product or any other lip stains that pass the kissing baby test??


Alison M said...

I have terrible luck with my reds rubbing off...on everything! So I blot heavily and say a quick prayer when I wear it ;) Your post came right on time as I've been deciding how to do every day makeup with my new red shades!

LaneyGB said...

Dp you know if ultra carries tarte? I can't wait to try this!

LaneyGB said...

Ulta...spell check!!! ;-)

Kathy S said...

Speaking of Ulta, they have Two Faced Shadow Insurance half off tomorrow (Friday) only. And it looks like they carry Tarte there, too. I'm dropping the kids off for their first day of preschool in the morning and headed there!

JennySue said...

Laney- sounds like Ulta is your go-to store for tarte. I must say, I'm extremely jealous you have one in your city!! I got mine at Sephora in Mississippi.

Kathy- you are a saint- I can't believe that stuff is half off- I need to restock- thanks for the tip girl!

Ally Garner said...

I love how Vivi is old enough to ham it up for the camera now. She's such a smiley, happy baby! So precious.

I'm a huge fan of the Tarte crayons. Nars has a new line out that I'm dying to try as well.

I've never used Kat Von D's shadow's but those shimmery neutrals are gorgeous! I gotta try Peanut.

So pretty Jen!

Sume said...

I'm obsessed with red lipstick and I feel like I've spent the last couple of years looking for my signature red. I actually got some good ideas from this article a while back:

Thanks for the post JennySue. I'll have to check out that Kat Von D peanut shadow.

Andee Layne said...

adorable!!! and those red lips are perfect on you xo