Wine With Everything

Wine seems to be a constant theme around my home these days.  Wine colored lipsticks and shadows, whining 3 and 5 year olds, and wine in mommy’s glass after a long week!

{Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in “Wine Not” in matte formula ($5)}

Deep wine colored lips definitely scream a rich and luscious look for fall.  After my Scarlet Johannson inspiration from D&G here and seeing this wine colored print shirt and snakeskin clutch from Nina Ricci from the fall 2011 runways here, I decided to sport my very own bold wine look.  I’ve also been reading a lot about Revlon’s Bordeaux “In The Snow” lip gloss palette that will be coming out soon, from, and has been getting rave reviews!  The wine theme is everywhere, it’s everywhere!!

The keys to pulling this bordeaux mouth off:  

1.  Keep everything else super simple- from eyes, to skin, to cheeks.  I’m only wearing L’Oreals Hip studio secrets shadow duo in “darling” which is a champagne and bronze duo.  No eyeliner, and mascara only worn on upper lashes.  I’m wearing bronzer, no blush.

2.  Apply a layer of foundation or a concealer all over your mouth to create a smooth even colored blank canvas so that the dark lip color will end up being most vibrant.

{Rihanna working the wine colored lips from}
For you darker skinned lovely ladies, Iman’s “Black Brandy” would be a faboo option to try.

3.  For a more sophisticated and finished look, add lip liner, I did.  If you want more of a fresh faced and youthful look, just swipe this color on straight from the tube and rub it in with your finger, and blot for more of a stained look.


I must say, I feel very grown up and mature with just a couple swipes of this color!!  And if you are feeling very bold with your wine colored mouth, you could add a fun swipe of color to your lids such as a teal or navy liner- the perfect color combination!!  Just check out this beautiful room of this color combo if you need some visual reassurance!

Will you be wearing wine this fall- or just drinking a lovely pinot noir??