Aging Gracefully

“I expect to pass through life but once.  If, therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again.”  
William Penn
Me with the birthday girl, Orene!!

This weekend our family helped celebrate the 90th birthday of my husband’s great aunt, Orene.  She literally had over 200 people in attendance at her bday party-very popular! This woman defies what anyone would think of what 90 looks AND acts like.  She still drives herself around to where ever she needs to go and is always impeccably dressed and put together. She is present at all family functions and is one of the most giving and generous human beings I’ve ever met.  But above anything else, she has the ENERGY of my 5 year old, really!!  
 My 5 year old, Jack, and 1 year old, Vivian, at the party!  
Amazing to see them and their single digit ages and then the guest of honor with her impressive double digits of 90.  They were trying to keep up with her!
She literally stood in one place for over an hour while family members and friends stood in line to get a chance to talk to her! She was a celebrity in her own right! Luckily she posed for one more picture with me and my husband;-)
I wasn’t quite sure what to get a woman who has seen 90 years, so I printed out a current picture of my family in a frame and wrapped it in pretty paper. My favorite way to wrap a present is easy…
  • Purchase good quality and interesting wrapping paper. I love love the designs of wrapping paper offered through Paperchase which is what I used here.  A nice wrapping paper makes any gift that much more special. 
  • Keep the ribbon and accessories simple.  I like using different colors of grosgrain ribbon and tying it in a simple bow and cutting the ends into a V shape.  If you want more inventive ways to wrap a gift for the upcoming holidays, check out Martha’s ideas here!

I wish I knew Orene’s secret to looking and feeling this great at 90. But from what I’ve seen and known of her since I married into my husband’s family- I think aging gracefully is due to being such a kind spirit to those around her, and that kindness shines through and keeps her ageless.  When I get another chance to chat with her again, I might need to also find out about her skin care regime and buy whatever magic elixir she’s using! 
What do you think is the secret is to aging gracefully?  Is it lotions and potions, or more about taking care of the insides and what you put in your body in terms of eating right and exercising??  What have you learned from your elders?