Candy Corn Eyes

Non- traditional purple candy corn!  What a treat!!

Okay, so I’m reeeaaally getting into Halloween this year as you can see from my last costume choice post here, my twisted tree painting post here, and my glitter decor post.  As my children get older and more into all of the traditions that go along with this holiday (massive amounts of candy, orange and black, spooky decorations, pumpkins, etc), so do I!

My purple and orange candy colored eye makeup!
Candy corn is one of my ALL time favorite Halloween treats and was my inspiration for this eye makeup as well as this photo I found on Pinterest that I made MUCH more wearable and not so editorial.  And yes, I realize the traditional candy corn is white, yellow, and orange, but I found the addition of purple made it a bit more interesting and love the “candy” description. 
For the neutral lips and cheeks, I used Nars lipgloss in Turkish Delight and Too Faced cosmetics Snow Bunny bronzer on my cheeks.
I’ve always been fond of the oddball combination of orange and purple and thought that the two colors actually play off one another very well.  So I decided to give them a try on my eyes to see how it would turn out.  I used some old oranges and purples I had on hand from Stila (not available anymore) but if I had an extra 60 bucks, I would have bought and used this neon palette of 9 bright shadows from Givenchy’s LePrismissimee Acid Lights (which includes a purple and orange of course!).
How funky yet sophisticated is this palette??
To create this two toned eye:
  • I started with an orange base from lash line to crease, 
  • then applied a deep purple right above my orange into the crease and 
  • carried the purple right off into the outer corner of the eye and right under the lower lash line.  
  • A thin line of black liquid liner was placed along the upper lash line 
  • and a slight neutral shimmer color was added just in the tear duct area.
  • I added Revlon’s false lash strips in “chic” for some added flair;-)

Speaking of candy, I found these candy inspired accessories, clothing, and beauty products that will put a sweet spin on your holidays:
1.  A cute and funky clutch  made out of recycled candy wrappers I would actually carry.
2.  Yummy candy corn flavored lip shine so you can taste the yummy flavor all day long!
3.  Candy corn high heels.  These seem more costume-y than office appropriate, but are quirky and fun nonetheless.
4.  Purple and orange Nike’s would totally make me run faster and look super hip while doing so.
What is your favorite Halloween treat or candy??