October 3, 2011

Glitter Makes Everything More Glamorous

There is no denying that I love anything shiny, sparkley, and glittery.  I guess it's the girly girl in me that finds glitter to be so much fun and glamorous.  Of course I would like to think I know when too much glitter turns to gaudy instead of glamorous- I think;-)  So I thought I would share with you "all that glitters" around my house lately!!

Multi colored glitter polish by Ulta.  Gold color underneath is by Revlon in "creme brulee"

Recently I blogged about the multi colored glitter nail polish coming out I was looking forward to that is by OPI in their Muppets collection called "rainbow," but came across something that looks super similar at Ulta called "pinata yada yada."  And of course since I can't wait until November for the OPI version, I went ahead and snagged this $6 version.  This is only one coat of the sparkles over my gold base, but I love how it is JUST ENOUGH glitter without going overboard.  However, I will probably do another coat for giggles later!!

Next on board the glitter train are my eyes!  I only whip out this glittery eye liner when I'm feeling super sassy because the glitter is rather obvious, but I love it!  This is Too Faced starry eyed liquid liner in "ooh & aah" ($17.50) which is a black liner with silver sparkles.

 I definitely kept the rest of my makeup to a minimum along with this glitter liner so no other features were fighting for attention!  Love the subtle silver flecks catching the light.

This just shows you the up close version of the liner.  It is not extremely black or harsh in color which I like, however it does require me to line my eyes twice to get the right amount of sparkle to show up.

So of course since my eyes have been glitter-fied, why not include my feet down below!! They're so far away from my face they couldn't compete for attention right??

I've had these multi colored sequin slippers for over 8 years and got them from H&M on a trip to New York City, and they are still just as fun as they were the day I got them!  

They literally go with everything bc they have every color in the rainbow, including black.  When I have no time to put thought into an outfit and end up with something boring and plain, these immediately kick my "blah" outfit into "bam!"  I think every woman should own some shoes with glitter or sequins on them because they add "oomph" to any look.  I found this mens inspired sequined saddle shoe by Pedro Garcia which is a cool girl approach to sequins without looking like a hooker heel!

And last but not least, even my home has been hit with the glitter bug.  I've been decorating for Halloween with my kids and came across these sparkley skeleton heads that I just had to have from Home Goods.   They came in a pack of 6 and so they've been placed all over the house to add a bit of glamour to my ghoulish decor!!

Is it creepy to have a skeleton head hanging out next to my sweet family photo on my mantle??! Ha!

What's your feeling on glitter and sequins?? Is it a glamorous do in your book or a gaudy don't?? 


Ally Garner said...

Love the glitter nail polish! I bet that would look really pretty layered over a red or black polish. Especially for UGA Gamedays :)

I'm a fan of glitter, but I typically use it in moderation. I just bought a glitter tee today from Top Shop recommended from the gals at Glitter Guide in fact.

And your Halloween mantle looks adorable. I bet the kids love it!

JennySue said...

Ally, everything looks better on red and black;-) Moderation is def key with this accessory, completely agree!

CottonCandyINK said...

so cute! i LOVE glitter nail polish but omg its such a pain to get that glitter off! lol, beautiful nonetheless. thanks so much for stopping by my blog!


the funky fashionista said...

I love glitter too! It makes everything better! Love the nail polish and the shoes!


JennySue said...

Yes CCI, I agree, glitter is impossible to get off the nails, but SO worth it!! Yay for the shiny!!