Guess My Halloween Costume



{Wigs are key to making this outfit successful!}

I haven’t gotten the complete outfit yet, but made some progress so far with what’s shown above. We wanted to be something our kids would recognize and enjoy, otherwise we would have totally gone  Snooki and The Situation route!!

{I would’ve loved to have done the Snooki pouf and Jersey makeup! However the hubby would probably get a little chilly on Halloween eve flashing his abs all night;-)}
Another great couple costume idea I would’ve loved to have done was Miss Piggy and Kermit.  Especially since I did an older post here on my love for her since I was a child, and the new Muppet movie is coming out, The Muppet OPI polish collection is launching, AND Miss Piggy is upping her iconic status as the new face of MAC cosmetics!!  She would have been a been a hot costume this year.
{How cute and modern do Piggy and Kermie look in this photo??}

I’m glad my hubby agreed to dress up with me this year because I’ve honestly wanted to do it for the past 5 years, but we just never pulled the trigger and we got lazy I think!   I have always loved dressing up as someone else and just can’t wait to transform this Monday.  I think in the past we might have thought we were too cool to dress up as adults and it was supposed to just be a child’s thing, but now I’m starting to think it’s more lame to NOT dress up and be a boring old mom and dad!!  If you’re on the last minute search for great couple ideas, go to this Couple Halloween costume site- brilliant ideas.

I want to hear what you are going to be this year-anything creative??  And do you think it’s cool or uncool to dress up for Halloween as an adult or a parent?