Get The Most From Your Mascara

Mascara is one of those products I think most women should take advantage of because there’s nothing that can highlight your peepers more than a couple easy swipes of mascara!!

{I used L’Oreal Voluminous mascara, waterproof formula}

Here is an easy technique than can really bring your lashes to life!

 {Before mascara- boring!}
 {Start applying mascara at the inner corner lashes by sweeping your wand towards the bridge of your nose multiple times}
 {Then switch to the outer half of your lashes and sweep the wand towards your temples. Make sure to wiggle that wand back and forth in a zig zag the whole time!}
{Finish the look by applying one coat to lower lashes}
In addition to this technique, try these few things as well to get the most from your mascara:
1.  Use an eyelash curler like this one by Shiseido, everytime!  And only use it BEFORE you apply the mascara, afterwards will pull those lashes out-yuck.  Start at the lash base, take away, squeeze the center, take away, then finish by curling the tips.  This creates a nice curl and not some weird 90 degree angle!
2.  Use a waterproof formula mascara if you can handle it.  Waterproof formulas just seem to keep the curl produced by the eyelash curler longer, and you get less smudging throughout the day.  I love Lancome’s Definicils in the waterproof version.
3.  Replace your mascara every 3-4 months.  Mascara gets old and dries out quicker than any other beauty product, so you need a fresh tube at least every 4 months.  And I like drugstore mascara’s best anyway so you’re not spending a whole lot by doing this and you’re doing your lashes a favor.  My faves:  L’Oreal Voluminous and Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume mascara.  And unless you have super white lashes that need a brown/black shade, always go black for color.

What are your mascara favorites right now??  I’m ALWAYS on the look out for the next great mascara- drugstore or department store! We all want to benefit our fringes;-)