Pints And Paints

There are quite a few things in life that just really brighten my day.  Some of those things include:

  •  Spending time with my girlfriends.  Because every woman needs other mommy friends to hang out and talk about your kids with to make sure you’re not the only one with issues;-)
  •  Being creative.  I love all types of creative outlets. Whether it be with makeup, DIY projects, or painting, I just truly enjoy getting the chance to let my creative juices flow.
  •  Enjoying a nice glass of champagne.  Speaking of letting things flow!!

Me with my girls at a local art bar, Pints and Paints.

And I got to enjoy all three of those things in one spot last night!  Me and my girlfriends try to get together once a month for dinner but this time we attended a local art bar.  At Pints and Paints, you can create your own painting with the help of an instructor (so even the most non-creative person can still paint with help and guidance!) while enjoying a glass of bubbily or local brew if you wish.  Thanks to our gracious host and art instructor, Abbey and Katie, who had so much patience with all of us and made our experience so much fun!

 Here’s my “before” canvas.  
Luckily they stencil out the drawing of the day and you basically paint by number the inside and let your creative juices flow!
Me in action. Loved wearing the apron- made me feel like a professional artist.
I might start wearing aprons on makeup jobs just because!!

My “after” masterpiece.  Doesn’t it look spooky and twisted but bright and cheery at the same time??!

We spent two hours painting our spooky tree (which was the theme of the night), while laughing, listening to tunes (they played our favorite Madonna songs for inspiration!), getting creative, and drinking champagne.  This twisty tree reminded me of a “tree of life” necklace I saw that would be a neat conversation piece to add to your wardrobe!

And although everyone was painting the same tree image, we didn’t use the same colors or have the exact same interpretations of the tree, so it was really neat seeing what everyone came up with at the end.

It was such a fun time and I will definitely be wanting to do this again real soon. 

We lined up underneath our pictures so we could show off our personal creations!
My picture might not be a Monet, but it was an original and just spooky enough that I decided to add it to my Halloween mantel at home!!

The color palette of this piece, with all of the oranges, purples, and blacks inspired me to find a neat Halloween colored eye.  Don’t these colors look so cool together??  I’m sooo going to try a version of this soon.  I just love that the whole focus is on the eyes with hardly any color on the lips and just highlighter on the cheekbones!

                                                                  Source: via JennySueMakeup on Pinterest

Has anyone else caught onto the art bar craze??  What do you do with your girlfriends for fun??