Project Vanity Organization

I can’t stand clutter, but unfortunately, it is always around me and I have a hard time keeping things organized in my chaotic and busy household.  But one place I try to control the chaos is my BATHROOM.

Since I spend more time in my bathroom than most women probably do or should, it is imperative that I have some sort of organizational tools in place.  I like my bathroom, it’s the one room in the house where I can go and relax and do what I love doing.  No, not cooking, applying makeup!! My husband calls it “the hole” because he knows once I go in there for a “quick touch-up” that I’ll probably never return.

{Distressed wooden storage chest with drawers I bought from Cost Plus World Market years ago, and is the center piece of my bathroom counter.}

While I was reading through my current issue of InStyle magazine, I came across the helpful article called “Vanity Sanity that gives great ideas on how to keep the clutter in your bathroom to a minimum.  I can proudly say, that I already utilize MOST of their tips for organization on my own vanity counter!

So I figured I would share with you how I keep the peace in my bathroom. Because let’s face it, I’ve got A LOT of beauty products!!  Here is how I maximize my counter and cabinet space:

{I store some of my favorite watches and jewelry pieces, like diamond studs in these drawers for quick access}

1. Find a small decorative storage chest with drawers like I did from World Market (above) to put on your counter top. I store anything from diamond studs, eyelash curlers, jewelry cloths, to lip and eyeliner sharpeners in this thing.  Once the drawers are closed, the chaos looks rather pretty;-)

{My tiny Cranberry Pear Bellini candle.  
These 1.6oz candles are the perfect size for my small space but give off a major scent.}

I also use the top of it to display my perfumes (they are placed on a small round shaped mirror for added va va voom), clock (a mom/lady always has to know what time it is so she’s not tardy to the party!) and small mirrored box where I store some of my rings.

2.  Place sectioned off plastic utensil trays within your drawers for maximum organization within.  I like the plastic ones, bc they can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher when they inevitably get a little dirty from makeup spills.  You might notice that in addition to things like moisturizers (day and night), makeup removers, toothpaste, hair elastics, and lip balms, there are also sharpie markers and dry erase markers!  Sharpies are so I remember to write dates on my mascaras and foundations when they were purchased so I don’t use super old products.  Dry erase markers are used for a brilliant time saver tip I blogged about here.

{Small vase and mirrored cup used for more creative ways!
3.  Find decorative everyday cups or small vases, and use them to store things on top of your counter.  Let’s face it, some of those organizational pieces produced specifically for the bathroom just aren’t that cute and aren’t that original, so it’s more fun to find random pieces you truly like and use them in a creative way.  I got the mirrored cup from Target that I put my frequently used makeup brushes up right in, and the small vase from Home Goods contains my Qtips, cotton rounds, and triangle sponges.
{Yes, this is a picture of my trash can.  Fancy huh??}
4.  Hide a small trash can underneath your sink behind the cabinet door.  I create a ridiculous amount of trash when I apply makeup- from kleenexes, to old sponges and Qtips, you name it, I create some trash while I’m at the makeup mirror.  I don’t like to see a trash can full of stuff out in the open, so I got one that fit nicely inside my cabinet so no one sees it but me, and the door shuts so my dog doesn’t get into it!  I also have a couple of wicker baskets in these cabinets to store random lotions, razors, and such in.  But they were a mess, so I didn’t include a pic of them;-)
And last but not least, I have a few things hung on my bathroom walls that I adore and make my space so personal.
{Pictures taken of me and my daughter by Dylan Blue Photography.  I absolutely love the one of her in my high heels! I’m going to miss those legs when they lose those baby rolls!}
{Two Paris prints I picked up while actually in Paris over 11 years ago and a small corner shelf unit that was my husbands grandparents that I re-painted white – it’s 3 generations old!!  There’s a perfectly shaped shell my son found on the beach displayed that he was so proud he found!}
Do you have any organizational tips on how to keep the bathroom chaos under control?  What’s your favorite room in your house/ apartment and why??