What Does Your Halloween Costume Say About You?

With Halloween quickly approaching, my kids are eagerly anticipating the day when they will get free reign to eat as much candy as their little tummies can hold and to wear their beloved costumes!  Halloween is probably their 2nd favorite holiday, trailing close behind Santa’s arrival.  Unfortunately, the Great Pumpkin doesn’t come bearing gifts so that’s why Halloween comes in 2nd place;-)

My tiny but tough Darth Vader controlling the universe…or the yard.

Which brings me to my question, “What does your Halloween costume choice say about you or your kids?”  Or does it even say anything at all??

My middle child is definitely the most excited about Halloween and has worn his Darth Vader costume EVERY day since we got it in the mail (CostumeCraze.com is where I got all 3 of my kids costumes-they’re going to be a Star Wars trilogy, Darth, Boba Fett, and Princess Leia).   He literally transforms into Darth Vader daily when he steps into his black onesie and cape, and once the mask is on, the transformation is complete and good luck getting him out of it.  Here’s a sample of what I mean…

He needs no light saber- he can stop you with his bare hands!!

Darth without his mask, giving us his best death stare.  This guy needs no mask to intimidate!!
Who knew DV was such a cutie and handsome fellow underneath that plastic??!!

Darth in action trying to scare his little sister- but she wasn’t buying it and was laughing at him…

So he attempts to scare his older brother and his dog…not quite sure either of them bought it either but it’s the effort that counts!

My husband and I always kid around that his costume is perfect and fitting because he can be our most “challenging” and “intimidating” child even though he weighs next to nothing soaking wet and is only three and a half years old.  I do believe “challenging and intimidating” describes the character Darth Vader to a T don’tcha think??

Here are some spook-tacular Halloween links I’ve loved looking at lately:

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7.  No one is scarier and more creative than Martha Stewart.

So what do you think about people’s Halloween costume choices- do they reflect inner personalities wanting to come out and be more exaggerated- OR-  is it more about the thrill of becoming something/someone completely opposite of who you really are??