Can Revlon’s PhotoReady Makeup Really Make Me Just That??

Once again I fall for an advertising campaign just because of the name of the product.  Revlon’s PhotoReady line had me hook line and sinker because of the concept that I could look ready for a photo in an instant.

{I chose “shell” which was a pretty spot on color choice,
 considering there were no testers at the drugstore!}

So I purchased the PhotoReady Compact Makeup ($12) for sheer ease of the ability to open up my makeup and swipe it on without pouring the foundation out of a bottle like I usually do.  And it promises to give me an airbrush-like finish with the ease of a sponge- and who wouldn’t want that??

Here is a breakdown of my “likes” and “dislikes” about this particular product and some photos to show the results.

 {Before- with only eye makeup and lipgloss}
{After- with compact foundation applied, but no concealer or blush}


  • ease of the compact with a mirror on the inside so I can apply it anywhere
  • finish is somewhere around medium coverage. nice and light, not too heavy feeling on my skin
  • has an SPF of 20- a must have for makeup these days
  • price is $12, which I think is about right for the packaging, mirror and sponge inclusion, and finish it provides.
{Inside of the compact, mirror up top. 
It comes with a screen insert thing that is supposed to change the finish of the makeup, but it got in my way and didn’t really make a difference, so I got rid of it.}


  • small size of sponge included and shape.  just not big enough for me to control well
  • I like the finish, but I disagree that it is airbrush-like. And the screen insert was annoying and got messy which is why I ditched it.
  • there are only 8 color choices-really??  So if you have super dark skin, I think you might be out of luck in getting a color that’s right for you
  • I like the SPF factor, but think that it might make my skin too light in photos before the addition of bronzer and blush. So this goes against the photo ready idea. Maybe I should have gone one step darker in color now knowing this
 {Before- full face with only eye makeup and lips again}

 {After- with everything else applied, even concealer, bronzer, and blush applied.
I  do like the overall look once the other face colors are added.}

{Same day I applied this product, I went to my son’s school for his Thanksgiving feast.
I knew I’d want to take pictures of this event, so why not put this PhotoReady makeup product to the test??  Gobble gobble gobble!}
{His homemade Thanksgiving place mat made with his hand print. I love the message. 
I can’t get enough of these types of crafts- we literally have 8 place mats both boys have made throughout the years. They don’t match my kitchen decor, but it doesn’t matter-they get displayed throughout the season!!} 
My overall thoughts on this Revlon PhotoReady Compact::  I give it an 8 out of 10.  It’s not perfection, but is there really such a thing as a perfect foundation without the use of a primer?? I’ve yet to find it.  The true test of a foundation is to NOT have to use a primer to see how it performs in my eyes. Would I buy it again- yeh, probably for the ease of a compact and its cheap price.

And since the thought of JUST wearing foundation would leave you ready for photographs is far from realistic, here is a previous post I did on 5 Tips For Looking Better In Photographs.

{Revlon’s perfect PhotoReady spokeswoman Halle Berry.  Why wouldn’t I buy something that should supposedly make me look like her??}
Have you tried any of the Revlon PhotoReady products? And if so, which ones, and what did you think of them?  Did you end up looking like Halle Berry after using them?? Ha!!!!