If I Had A Money Tree…

This Sunday is for daydreaming.  I sometimes like to dream about what I would do and buy if I had endless amounts of cash, won the lottery, or had a flourishing money tree in my backyard that I couldn’t kill.

Here are some LUXURY ITEMS I would treat myself to if money were no object.

  • Large amounts of La Mer to keep the wrinkles away so I wouldn’t have to pay for botox.  The word is, this stuff is a face lift in a jar.
  • A cool ride that all of my kids could fit in and still feel like a celebrity.  
  • Trunk full of Bobbi Brown.
  • Bright white kitchen (chef and housecleaning staff would be included to keep it clean!)
  • This diamond bracelet that costs more than a car.
  • Python Louboutins in black so I could wear them with everything!
  • Let each of my children pick out their very own mini home.
  • Buy myself a  real Birkin.
  • Take my whole family on vacation and stay in any of these 10 hotel rooms, I’m not picky.
  • I would have this on hand to drink with every meal- from hamburgers to filet mignon.
  • You don’t have to have lots of money to enjoy this glamorous blog.
  • Sleep on cashmere sheets.
  • Would own multiple Tom Ford tubes because of the packaging.
  • And the ultimate luxury, I would have these in EVERY room of my house!

Now what would YOU purchase or do if you had your very own money tree??