November 19, 2011

Make A Statement

Two of the easiest ways I'm making a statement with my look this holiday season, will be with...

1.  Makeup (of course)
2.  Accessories

{Perfect combo of statement makeup and earrings}

I love that the holidays are all about dressing up and looking a bit more fancy than normal.  And since I don't have much disposable income to play with (hey, I have to buy Christmas gifts for 3 little ones who say "I want that!" after every toy commercial that pops up!) I have to make my "statement" look on a budget!

Here are two recent purchases I've made that really ramp up my look, without breaking the piggy bank.

{Sparkly eyes keep my face looking festive}

1.  MAKEUP :: NYX Glitter Cream Pallet ($6) is a gel based glitter makeup that I added only from lash line to crease to add a bit of holiday sparkle to my eyes.  And for this price, I was amazed with how well this product stayed on my lids once applied.  Usually glitter is tough to keep in place, but I used my usual lid primer by Urban Decay, then applied a couple swipes of the first two shades of purple glitter, and it literally stayed for over 8 hours!!  

{Swipes of each color from the palette- major glitter!!}

{I added a thin line of black liquid liner on the upper lash line 
and lots of mascara to finish this look off!}

2.  ACCESSORY ::  Large metal cuff bracelet.  I've been seeing this Michael Kors one all over my fashion mags that I would die to own, but it's not realistic for me to chunk down over a hundred bucks for an accessory right now.  So I lucked out and found a ridiculously inexpensive silver version from Forever21 (try $5!!) that makes a bold statement on my wrist.

{I'm going to be wearing this cuff as much as possible-it looks good with everything!!}

How do you make a statement with your makeup and wardrobe for the holidays??  Are you a holly berry red lip or do you go for tinsel type accessories?


Arianne said...

Love these tips! That silver cuff is to die for! Great find. :)

Jamie said...

The glitter eye shadow is great. So festive.

Alison M said...

I soooo wish I wasn't so fine-boned. I have such a thin frame that any chunky jewelry makes me look sick :( Which is a shame, because I love chunky. And buckles. And wide straps. get the point. But my makeup this holiday season will most likely be mimicked after Arianne's holiday suggestion post. So pretty!

Kim's Vanity said...

I go for more of the deep lip, right now I've been sporting more of a deep bergundy, and may go to a full red as the holidays draw closer! Love this glittery shadow on you.

Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

Great tips... i love your sparkly eye makeup!

JennySue said...

@Arianne- I know right?? Such a great find on the cheap.
@Jamie & @Grace & @Kim- glitter eye shadow is so festive- glad you all like it! But Kim, I struggle w whether or not I feel glitter is more festive or bright red lips-it's a close race!
@Alison-I'm going to check out Arianne's post right now then-thanks for the suggestion!

Amy said...

I love the glitter- nicely done without being overdone. I looked the NYX palette up after reading your post, and read that many people find the cream hard to apply, and hard to get off. Do you have any suggestions for application and removal?
Thank you!

JennySue said...

@Amy- I didn't find it hard to apply, however, I had to apply it about 3 times before I got the best impact for the glitter. I used my fave makeup remover, Lancome's BiFacil to remove it- and yes, it took twice to remove it. Which actually, I didn't mind, bc once I apply a product, I want it to stay!