My New Reality

I have always tried to live my life as a “glass half full” kinda gal, looking on the bright side of things…except for maybe when I was 13-21 years old and thought the world and my parents were against me.  I know for a fact that I have an amazing husband (and by amazing, a serious Prince Charming), 3 beautiful children, a sweet but sometimes high maintenance dog, nice roof over my head, and more friends and family than you can shake a stick at.  But even through all of this,  I sometimes feel like this these days…

{“My New Reality,” as Prince Charming and Snow White with our dwarfs (small children). 
Although, this picture depicts one extra kid, which I do NOT have!!}

My daughter is now around 15 months old and she has officially started walking.  My life is over.  No, not really, but almost;-)  But this is my new reality. With this new found skill, she has rendered me less productive and I am now a hover craft.  I cannot do ANYTHING in terms of maintenance around my house (this includes myself or my kitchen) now that she is walking and literally into everything…everything.  No longer can I sit her on her cute little play mat and watch her squirm and coo while I put on makeup, brush teeth, dry my hair, shower, etc.  Now I have to do this to her…

 {Stick her in a pack-n-play in my bathroom so I can put on makeup. No, this would not give me a spread in Elle Decor, but it keeps her safe and my makeup on! Who really cares if the primary colors of this contraption clash with my neutral calming bathroom accessories??}
{Stick in a Baby Einstein DVD to keep her in one place while I get SOMETHING accomplished, anything, even if it means I can go to the restroom without her getting into trouble! And if you don’t think these dvd’s keep their interest, think again.  Only my middle child had trouble focusing on these brilliant dvd’s-but isn’t that typical of middle kids??}

I’m not quite sure how I had forgotten how busy this stage of life could be, seeing as though she has two older brothers who I know went through this stage, but apparently I blocked it out.  I am not complaining (well maybe a little), I am simply speaking out loud about how I need to rethink my game strategy.  You have to get creative with little people around and make their new skills and existence work for you and your environment.   Blogging, responding to emails/clients, and housekeeping will definitely be a challenge.  Vivian does not stand still for posts on makeup, nor does she sit pretty when mommy needs to take care of the pile of dishes in the sink.  But why should she- she’s one!!  As she waddles around the entire house like Frankenstein, I tell myself over and over again, to enjoy this stage, just like the next, because it will be gone before I’m ready for it to be.

So to all of you mommy’s out there who love your kids, but also love to try to do it all but find it exhausting and so difficult at times- HOW DO YOU DO IT??  How do you survive your new reality??