Work In Progress

If you are new to my site or a loyal JennySue Makeup follower, you’ve noticed my site has a new and refreshed look!!   This new look also means that my site is currently still “under construction” and a “work in progress.”  

{Isn’t this construction cake the cutest?? My sons would tear this up and is a great idea if you’re terrified of trying to create the perfect cake!!  The messier looking the better in this instance!}
And with this process comes a few bumps in the road, stepping stones, stumbling blocks, however you want to view them!! I prefer “stepping stones” bc that means I’m on the way to bigger and better things with a more user friendly site for you all!  I’m learning a lot of things along the way as I work with my great site designer, Danielle Moss, and hopefully everything will look and work as it should very soon.  

So if you’ve been trying to click on some tabs and nothing is popping up- not to worry, it’s a work in progress and hopefully those buttons will be leading you to exactly what you’re looking for in terms of tutorials and reviews on everything beauty related!!    Good things come to those who wait, right??!!