Christmas Came Early In Chicago

I have sooo many pictures I took of our recent Chicago trip, that I figure I will have to break them up so as not to bore anyone to tears with the massive amount of photos.  And a majority of those photos consist of me shopping, shopping, and more shopping!  It’s Chicago- that’s what this city does best!!

{Me in front of the gi-normous Bloomingdale’s tree! My over exaggerated smile shows how 
excited I was to be shopping til I dropped!}
{Trumpets welcoming Macy’s shoppers…and me!!}

So I figured I would just share with you a few of the purchases I made for myself while on the trip.  And of course a couple of them had to be makeup related;-)

{My Bobbi Brown ultra thin eyeliner brush and Topshop lipstick}
{The point of these bristles on this brush are divine.  They are so finely tapered to help apply regular shadow powder or gel eye liner to give you a super thin line!}

{My Topshop lipstick in “confession” that is super moisturizing and nourishing.}
As I was checking out the makeup available in Topshop, one of the employees told me that their makeup is manufactured in the same factory as MAC cosmetics…hmmm, not sure if this was true or not, but sounds good;-)  The prices were actually really good, and very similar to MAC’s.  And for those of you not familiar with Topshop, they are a UK based retailer with cutting edge style since 1964,  and there are only 2 currently in the U.S., the second one is in NYC.
{Me spending lots of time in front of the Topshop makeup collection.  
And of course I chose a lipstick, because who can resist a new lipstick??}
{My lightweight black wooden saints bracelet I added to the brown one I already owned.  I also continued with the religious theme by buying the huge gold cross earrings up top as well.  Topshop had a major cross theme going in the store which seems to be a hot Hollywood trend as well.}
{Just a small taste of the shoe section in Topshop.  Are you kidding me, need I say more?? I was awestruck at their selection- it was major.}
 {Back at Bloomingdale’s, I scored a major steal on this chunky rose gold chain link bracelet. I had just read about this look in my InStyle magazine. Check!!}
So to all of you thinking of visiting and shopping in Chicago- make sure to sign up for a small discount offered at the local Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s for their out of town guests.  It basically helps offset the huge sales tax in the city I wasn’t used to;-)  Every little bit helps.
For me, Christmas came early with all of the goodies I was able to get myself.  I know Christmas is a time for giving, not receiving, but I had to make a small exception for my first trip to Chicago.  And I bought stuff for other family members while I was there!!  This is the place to go for retail therapy for sure.  
What are you hoping Santa puts under the tree for you this year in terms of accessories or makeup??