JennySue Makeup Product Review :: Dermablend Professional Smooth Indulgence Concealer

Let’s FACE it, EVERYONE over the age of 21 could benefit from a little concealer, EVERYONE.  I have worked with a whole bunch of ladies who think that just using their foundation or powder is good enough for covering problem spots.  I say, no way!  Concealer is a more concentrated and usually thicker formula of makeup whose prime objective is to cover up problem spots such as dark circles, veins, red spots, discoloration, pimples, etc.  There is power in concealer.

{My new Dermablend compared to my old fave Simply Ageless to show size comparison.
Both are .3oz}

Once you take a look at the following piece of evidence, you will never doubt the effectiveness of concealer again.  Ever since I saw this video ad for Dermablend’s full leg and body cover makeup featuring Rick Genest (the human skull tattoo guy from Lady Gaga’s Born This Way video), I’ve been wanting to try this company’s concealing products.

But since I don’t have severe issues or tattoos I want to cover up, I didn’t want to invest in the $27 dollar leg and body cover up, so I bought their Smooth Indulgence Concealer.  This $21 formula has an SPF of 20, is hydrating, has a matte finish, and is for light to moderate skin issues.  I’m pretty impressed with this stuff so I thought I would show you in pictures how it turns out.

*Note, in the following pics, I already have my foundation and other makeup applied.  Concealer should always go on after your foundation anyway.*

 {My BEFORE under eye shot}

 {I apply 3 tiny drops of this concealer, bc it is SUPER concentrated-little goes a long way!}

{My AFTER shot with Dermablend applied}
To be honest, the first time I used this concealer, I wasn’t totally blown away because I was was still trying to get over the fact I had paid over $20 for it (kind of like my Touche Eclat experience).  But after a  few uses, I really think this concealer deserves some accolades.  I would give it a 9 out of 10, mainly because I like how very little of it you need to use, blendability, and its ability to stay put.
{Overall AFTER shot}
{I’d like my concealer to help me look as fresh faced as my 5 year old!}
Have you ever used any Dermablend products or concealers?  What do you think?  How important is concealer to your everyday routine?