Jingle Bells And Green Fingernails

My Christmas spirit is in full force!!!  With only two days away, I want to soak in all of the “sights” and “sounds” of this wonderful and joyous season before it’s all over.

{My holiday inspired manicure!}

I have added to the “sights” by decking my nails out in the traditional red and green.  I decided to add one accent nail on each hand in holly berry red to the rest of my garland colored ones.  This turned out so merry and bright, I just looove this holiday manicure!!  I like choosing different accent nails by the way instead of repeating on both hands (I did one on my middle finger, the other one done on the ring finger).

{Rimmel London’s “Camoflauge” and OPI’s “I’m really not a waitress”}
And to add to the “sounds” of the season, I just had to share with all of you a video that my talented hubby put together that I will want to watch every Christmas (and Valentines, Easter, birthday- pretty much every day it’s that good!).  He put together this video to the tune of my kids favorite Christmas song, Glee’s version of “We Need A Little Christmas” because this video is all about our kids and things they’ve done this month.  Of course it includes their visit to see the big man in red, which went just as we had expected with Miss Vivian – let’s just say she wasn’t a big fan;-)  
I hope you all enjoyed this glimpse of me and my family and why I find that Christmas is that much more fun with my little elves around!!!  AND, “Merry Christmas, Ice Cream!” to everyone.