Best Skin Care Picks For 2012

I switch up my skin care products about as often as I switch up my favorite lipstick.  I just love trying new stuff and feel like my skin gets bored when I use the same old product time after time (it’s never actually spoken to me, but I speak for the way it feels;-)).  Quite a few of you have asked me to let you know exactly what products and methods I use to take care of my skin, so I figured I would let you in on what I’m currently loving!!

{ I’m pretty old fashioned in that I use a washcloth
 along with my cleanser to get my face squeaky clean!}

The photo above is me bare faced with only chapstick applied (ok, maybe my eyebrows are done, but that’s it!!) after my morning regime.  Which is kinda scary to share with you what JennySue Makeup reeallly looks like without the paint and spackle, but I’m here to be honest with my understanding followers;-)  First of all, I do love the way a washcloth feels when removing my makeup.  Even though I’ve read conflicting reports that you should only use your fingertips/hands so as not to put too much wear and tear on the skin, I still use one.  All I know is I feel a deeper clean with a cloth, and I’ll just promise to use it gently- ha!

{My current everyday & night products used.}

Before I get into what I use, I must admit that I owe a lot of my good skin gratitude to good genes. My mother has very pretty skin, always has, and currently has less wrinkles than I do- and she is almost 30 years older than me!  No fair, but I’m happy for her…kinda. “Love you mom” if you’re reading:-)

But to keep up what God and mom gave me, here’s what I’m using for maintenance…

Daytime:  I rotate between 3 moisturizers every 3 days.

1. L’Oreal Revitalift Clinical Repair Laser Treatment Repair moisturizer with SPF 20.  This daytime moisturizer has retinol as an active ingredient which is known to be one of the best ways to fight the signs of aging.  And it has SPF which is critical during the daytime and when you’ve got retinol on your skin, it’s a must so your skin doesn’t burn.

2.  Jergens Natural Glow Healthy Complexion moisturizer.  This is a very gradual self tanner for the face that also doubles as a daily moisturizer. I love using this stuff especially during the winter months to give my pale pasty skin a subtle healthy glow which is why I switch out using it every 3 days to keep up the color.  And it doesn’t have an obnoxious smell which I like!

{When applying ALL moisturizers, don’t forget about your neck!! It ages quicker than you face, so you must pay attention to it when it comes to SPF and hydration!}

3.  Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30.  This product has a soy complex that is good for evening skin tone, protects against both UVA and UVB rays, and has light diffusing particles that give your skin a radiant glow on its own.

4. Softlips Cherry lip protectant with SPF 20.  I know it’s like I’m beating a dead horse, but SPF should even be applied on your lips to protect them.  The sun is evil when it comes to aging all parts of our face!


1.  Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser.  I find I really only need to wash my face at night, because it’s not really getting dirty while I sleep over night on my clean pillow case!  I’ve been using this for over a month now and love love the way my skin feels after I’ve used it.  Granted, I don’t break out a lot, but I’ve only had one blemish issue since using this.  It has an awesome tingling sensation after using it, which makes me feel super clean!

2.  Lancome Absolue Premium Replenishing Eye Cream.  I use an eye cream every night to try to scare away the crows feet.  I like keeping this one in my refrigerator because it’s a great cold treat for that delicate eye skin!

3.  Avon Reversalist Night Renewal Cream. I have fairly dry skin, so I need lots of good hydration for night time.  This one does the trick and I usually feel like my skin looks slightly reborn the next morning after using this.

4.  St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub.  I like to use this exfoliator about 3 times a week after my cleanser to slough off the dead skin.  I’ve used almost all of the St. Ives products, and really like their scrubs and find them to be very gentle.

Whew, when I write all of this down, it seems like a lot of a maintenance huh??!!  But I feel like your face is kind of like taking care of an expensive car (ie, premium gasoline, regular oil changes, wash and waxing it!).  The better you treat it, the better it will perform.

What products are a must for your skin care regime??