December 25, 2011

The Reason For The Season

I admit to being guilty of getting waaay too caught up in all of the Christmas hullaballoo - such as buying enough presents (probably more than is necessary), decorating my house with as many lights as possible, indulging in too many treats and spirits, and designing the perfect family photo card to send off to friends and family.  But luckily my all time favorite Christmas decoration is a daily remainder of the real reason for this season...


Don't get me wrong,  I love all of the magic of the big man in red and seeing how excited my kids get when they talk about their list and what they hope to see under the tree tomorrow morning.  However, my hope is that every year we celebrate Christmas, that my children and myself included, will understand and remember the true meaning of why we are lucky enough to celebrate this month.  The birth of the baby Jesus is the main part of Christmas and should always be our central focus- not how many gifts are wrapped under the tree.  

I find it so fitting that this event is so special because it's about the birth of a baby.  And after having 3 of my own, there is truly nothing more amazing and inspiring than a child being born.  Tonight my family enjoyed a huge meal together (not the usual peanut butter and jelly!!) and watched old videos of our kids when they were younger which reminded me to appreciate how quickly babies grow up and to enjoy each and every moment, no matter how small, because time flies by!!! It's about to be another new year, and I am truly grateful for all of my blessings that 2011 brought.  But for now, I'm going to enjoy tomorrow morning, Christmas morning, and thank God for my own children and his son Jesus, who is the real reason we get to celebrate this season.  

A Very Merry Christmas To Everyone!!!!  


Fash Boulevard said...

adore this. the nativity scene is beyond stunning and such a great reminder of what the holiday's are all about. thanks for sharing, love and thanks for all your sweet comments. they always make my day. i hope you and your family had a truly wonderful weekend. xo

Ricardo MiƱana said...

Hello my best wishes for these dates as indicated
and for the new year arrives that your wishes are met
Happy New Year 2012!.
A hug.

Elle Sees said...

merry christmas to you, my dear! did you get ice today?

Jen said...

Such a great reminder of the real reasons for celebrating this time of year.

Hope you and your family had a great Christmas!

JennySue said...

@FashBlvd, @Ricardo, @Elle, & @Jen- glad you all enjoyed my reminder for the real reason behind this wonderful and meaningful month of December! And a happy new year to you all!!