January 30, 2011

My Birthday Details!!

Well today is my "birf-day" and I am the big double 3's- 33- and it feels pretty darn good.

Turning 30 felt like a big deal and it was mixed with, "omg I'm out of my young 20's, but, omg some of the sexiest women in Hollywood are way over 30 even 40 (um, Halley Berry & Heidi Klum)."  So now that I'm comfortably past the 30 point, I am just looking to embrace getting older.  

And by embracing, I mean:

  • wearing more fabulous accessories (like my silver/gold/rhinestone rose ring!) 
  • experimenting with all sorts of makeup and embracing what false lashes (shown above!) can do for a fading lash line
  • not dwelling on what my looks or body used to look like 10 years ago, but how I can make it better this coming year.  
  • most importantly, soaking up every moment with my 3 little ones because they are growing up soooo fast (just like me!), that I blink my false lashes and they're going to be 16!!  

And so, my sweet and romantic husband presented me with this really sweet card this morning....

Sweet and sappy huh??! Hahahaha!  This card is very him- he's not afraid to get me a Christmas card when it's Mother's Day- he's quite the jokester.

Just thought I would share some of my birthday weekend details with all of you!  Last night me and my folks- whose birthdays also fall within the same week as mine (my mom went into labor with me on her birthday and had me the following day!)- and my hubby and in-laws, all went to a birthday dinner at La Dolce Vita for some yummy Italian food.

This was my bday dinner face- I added some Revlon Intensifying false lashes for some flair!

We cracked open a bottle of 1993 Dom Perignon to enjoy before we headed out to dinner- nothing says  birthdays like champagne!!  I don't think I've ever drank something this $$ before!

Me and my hubby strolling to dinner in downtown Athens!

Me and my pops enjoying celebrating our birthdays together!  Handsome fellow isnt' he;-)

My mom, dad, and me all blowing out our birthday candles and making wishes for the coming year.  And no, I can't tell you what I wished for or it won't come true;-)

This morning my sweet boys presented me with two little t-shirts they picked out themselves, a black Beetles one and a Hot Wheels one (bc my 2.5 yr old Walker is literally obsessed with these cars).  I decided to sport the Hot Wheels one since it's a lovely 70 degrees here in Athens GA and the weather called for short sleeves.  Not sure I can remember the last time I celebrated a birthday in January where it was this warm- but I'll take it!!

I'm loving this retro looking pink Hot Wheels shirt.  Who knew a 2.5 yr old could have such cool taste??

In honor of the pink tee, I decided to match it with some pink makeup.  Pink eyes, cheeks, and lips!  I went all out.  

 The eyes are 2 shades of pink and 2 shades of purple from my Tarte the Jewelry Box collection.  The cheeks are Too Faced Snow Bunny bronzer.  The lips are a combo of MAC's lipglass in "Underage" and one of the Tarte hot pink lip glosses in the Jewelry Box.

I always tout how much I love the color pink on a female face because it screams youthful to me.  So since I figured I could use a triple dose of youthful while turning 33, I decided to use a lot of this happy color!!!

And now for a slightly random addition to this birthday blog.  My name is Jennifer (contrary to popular belief that it's JennySue- will blog later on why I named my makeup business this!) and I found an interesting statistic in my InStyle magazine that had to do with my name.  They hosted a study through SportsIllustrated.com on which celeb "Jennifer" that men found the most attractive and who would be their ultimate dream date.
The choices were:  Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Garner, and Jennifer Aniston.  Can you guess who the big winner was between all of them??  My hubby chose Jennifer Garner (she would have been my choice were I a guy!) but the majority (41%) chose....

Jennifer Aniston!!  
And the great thing is, she's the oldest of the bunch, being a foxy 42!!  This confirms that my 33rd birthday isn't looking so bad and I am actually looking forward to many years to come!!

January 29, 2011

Household Items That Double As Beauty Items

I have been madly cleaning my house today.  This happens every once in awhile when the clutter just gets to be too much- or when I have family coming to visit, such as this weekend!!  And as I ran around from room to room in my house, I realized how many different ways I use common household items in my everyday beauty routine!

Here's a list of some things around my house that double as beauty helpers:

1.  Household item:  Short drinking glass and mirrored Target bathroom cup.
     Beauty use:  Qtip, cotton squares, and makeup brush holder.  I use Qtips like they're going out of style and don't want the cheap blue/white box sitting out on my counter, so this glass is a perfect way to keep them at my fingertips while looking pretty and decorative.  I also keep my personal brushes standing upright in this mirrored glass cup from Target so the bristles don't get squished in a makeup bag or in my bathroom drawer.

2.  Household item: Refrigerator.
     Beauty use:  Storing eye cream to decrease puffy eyes.  There is nothing that feels better than applying your eye cream when it's nice and cool (or smelling like Trix yogurt right??! ha!).  It's known that the cooler the temperature of a product can help decrease any "puffy eye" look you might wake up with due to a long night with a sickly infant (my recent issue!) or a long night with Miss Cosmopolitan.  I've also read that your common mayonnaise is good for your hair, but honestly can't bring myself to try that one.  I don't want to smell like a sub sandwich- no matter how good it works to hydrate my hair!!

3.  Household item:  Your pillow.
     Beauty use:  Looking better to others.  This is a nifty link I found regarding a study done that was printed in the prestigious British Medical Journal, about how getting more sleep (over 8 hrs) actually makes you appear better looking to others. Check out the article to see what conditions these people were put under before put to this test.  This is probably the easiest beauty tip you could implement...unless you have very small children like me;-) Maybe I will look younger once my kids hit 13 or older!!

4.  Household item:  Old fashion and beauty magazines.
     Beauty use:  Shoe trees for tall boots.  Ok, so this isn't really "beauty" but it's fashion related! Magazines roll up to the perfect size to fit down in the inside of a boot to help keep their shape.  I have lots of boots, so buying $$ shoe trees for all of my pairs is not an option.  Of course I would like to be able to keep all of my boots in their big boxes, but my closet won't allow me to take up all of that space.  Storing my boots vertically also is a space creator.

5.  Household item:  Johnson's Baby Oil and broken bronzer.
     Beauty use:  Make a body shimmer.  I am forever breaking bronzers and not knowing what to do with them, so this makes me feel better than throwing them out.  I placed my broken bronzer (only works well with a super shimmery bronzer - flat/matte bronzers aren't as pretty in my opinion for this) in an old sample container then added some of my baby's baby oil to it and mixed it up until it made a pretty fluid shimmer oil.  This is pretty added to the collar bone area.

6.  Household item:  Dryer sheets.
     Beauty use:  Smoother hair.  I love the way my dryer sheets smell for my laundry (Gain Island Fresh, mmm), so I don't mind stroking this over my hair to keep it from flying away during these winter days.  This is a quick way to calm down static electricity hair before you walk out the door- it is temporary, but it does work.

7.  Household item:  Kitchen utensil trays.
     Beauty use:  Makeup tray divider.  I bought these metal kitchen utensil trays from Wal Mart for like 10 bucks and placed them in my bathroom drawers to put my makeup in.  It helps me separate each category (like pencils, mascaras, shadows, etc) so I can easily find what I'm looking for when I open up my drawer.  And they're easy to wipe off or throw in the dishwasher when they get dirty.

Amazing how many ways you can save by not buying things specifically made for your beauty routine huh?!!

What are some of your favorite household beauty tricks?? I want to hear!!                                                       

January 26, 2011

The Basics Of Disney Princess Makeup

I think it's safe to say that almost EVERY little girl dreams of being a Disney Princess at some point in time.

Whether it be while playing dress up as a small child, or becoming one in a dance recital, or even just daydreaming about it while watching a Disney movie.  There are lots of princesses to relate to these days, from blonde Cinderella to raven haired Mulan.

What got my thinking about this blog title was that we took our boys to meet up with some friends in Atlanta to see JM Barrie's Peter Pan at the threesixty theater and my favorite character ended up being Tinkerbell, of course (not really a princess, but fairies are just as lovely right??).  If you live in or around the Atlanta area, and have kids 5 or over,  you should make a trip into see this play.

Me and my boys in front of the Atlanta World of Coke after seeing Peter Pan-notice the gigantic lollipop needed to get them out of there with no fits!!

It is so cool visually, because the circular tent that is set up literally has a 360 screen projected that makes you feel like you are flying with Peter and Tinker- so very cool.   But I do put in there 5 yrs or older, bc we took our 2.5 yr old as well, and had to bail at intermission bc of someone getting ants in their pants and talking very loudly about "needing a snack!"

So when thinking through which princess I liked the most or related too, I noticed there being a common theme among their makeup (cartoon makeup!) looks.  Granted, these characters are created to relate to young girls, so it is smart of the artist that creates them to keep their look simple. Is it strange that I am noticing such details about a cartoon??  Anyway, moving on.

I picked Jasmine from Aladdin as my fave princess and look to copy for the day.  

She has much deeper skin tone than me, but she's got the black hair and brown eyes, so I went with that;-)  After checking out a couple other photos of other princesses I notice a common theme of these ladies.

Here are the very basics of Disney Princess makeup:

1.  They all have flawless skin- Ha!- obviously- why would Disney put zits on these chicks??  So this means I used my MAC Prep and Prime skin primer before applying my Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse then put my Makeup For Ever HD Finishing powder on top of it all for a flawless look.

2.  They all wear neutral skin toned shadow and black eyeliner.  Some with thicker eyeliner than others, but all have a thin strip of it on the upper lashes.  For Jasmine's look, her liner is way more winged and exaggerated than the other princesses.  So for hers, I did a brown pencil first (easier to draw with) as my stencil, then went over it with my Kat Von D Tattoo liner, then pressed black shadow on top of it.  Shadow is by Too Faced Cosmetics, Teddy Bear and Heaven Duo.

Finished eyeliner look.
1st step using a brown liner as a stencil before applying black liquid liner.

Black liner on top of the brown before the black shadow was put over it all to soften the line.

3.  They all wear light pink or bronze blush, worn high on the cheeks. I used Estee Lauder "Tender Petal" blush and Palladio's Mosaic bronzer in "spice."

See- Belle and Mulan both have light pink blush with soft pink lips!!

4.  They all wear pink or neutral lip gloss.  The darkest lips I've seen were on Snow White, with a toned down red version.  I used one lipstick from my newly created lip palette of worn down lipsticks, so I don't know the exact color, but on top of the lipstick, I used L'Oreal's Infallible lip gloss in Dulce De Leche- one of my fave bronze lip glosses.

Now you can start noticing the cartoon makeup jobs on all the Disney princesses like me!! I know it's kind of random, but that's how my mind thinks, "always makeup always makeup always makeup!!"  At least this look was an easy one.

Who was your favorite Disney princess and why?? I'd love to know I'm not alone in my fascination with this group of ladies!!

January 24, 2011

What To Do With Your Old Lipsticks

Ever since our house got flooded, and all of our belongings got shifted around and dug up, I am finding all sorts of treasures and then all sorts of things that are trash!!  

But of course when it comes to makeup items, I have a hard time trashing ANYTHING!!

I always think, "Weeell, I should keep that dark muddy brown lipstick bc maybe that color will come back in style??"  Ha!! Well, dark brown maybe not, but I have noticed how many almost worn down almost gone lipstick shades that I have that I know I love, but the tubes are taking up too much space.  It is time for a clean out and to make the best use of my space!!

So I had the best idea on how to save my beloved lipstick colors while also creating more space in my bathroom drawers.

What you will need:

1.  A plastic watercolor palette from a hobby/art store place like Michaels or Hobby Lobby (Mine is from Michaels and was about $18).  Make sure it has a cover or lid so that you can keep the lip colors from drying out and that it has multiple small sections for you to put multiple colors in.  I like this one bc it also has two large spots I can mix different shades in in the center. Check out very top photo above for inside looksy.

2.  A small knife or something to dig the old lipstick out of the tube then to apply/squish into the sections in the palette.

3.  A lip brush and your favorite clear lip gloss.  The easiest and cleanest way for me to use these left over colors is with a lip brush- mine is from Stila ($24).  I also liked adding a small clear lip gloss by Too Faced - Mirror Mirror  ($16) -that I can't wear alone (bc my lips are super pale and I always need a hint of color) to all of my favorite lipsticks to make them a bit more sheer.

4.  Your finger- use your fingers to apply these lipsticks as blush too!!!   I was heading out to get my kids from school and was already using my new lip gloss I created from the palette, when I decided to try one of the other lipsticks from my palette as a blush.

And look how fabulous this turned out!! Just the right amount of shimmer and color for a casual look.  

So just when you thought you were going to have to toss that stubby leftover favorite lipstick color- think again!!! Save it, and scrape it into a new container.  And use it two ways- for lips and cheeks!  

January 22, 2011

Turning Negatives Into Positives

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend so far- to say the least.  In a nutshell, (and I'm nooot going to elaborate and bore you with the details) my family and I got home from dinner Thursday night, to find our downstairs toilet had overflowed and ran for over an hour and half and flooded about 1/4 of our downstairs.  Nice.
Our flooring in our hallway all torn up.  Destruction chic! Ha!

Actually not nice, gross and destructive.  This is the 2nd time in two years we've been thru this, so we know what to expect with the clean up and all.  Our poor children are basically having to live in our bonus room upstairs now bc all of the area downstairs is torn up with fans drying out the water damage.  They are taking this strange experience in stride though!

But, my husband and I are trying to turn this negative into a positive.   So we've been acting kind of nutty around the kids and thinking out of the box on how to entertain everyone since the TV has been disconnected.  And let me tell you, this takes a lot of creativity when you have 3 small children and no tube.

Vivian - AKA Jem!

Soooo, with all of our belongings that have been shuffled around and dug up from the water damage, we found a random hot pink wig.  Not sure why I have this honestly, but I decided to put it to good use.  My daughter Vivian was the happy recipient of donning this Jem and The Holograms type wig!! This was over breakfast mind you, but we all got a huge kick out of it. She seemed to be at peace with this look.

I used to be a huge fan of this 80's cartoon- what girl of the 80's wasn't??  If you didn't have the opportunity to watch this cartoon, check out the rockin theme song to Jem and the Holograms above.  And if you're not familiar with this show, Jem was the lead singer of the band the Holograms, and she had pink hair- I was infatuated with this look around 8 yrs old.

Think Gwen Stefani in her pink hair days:-)  Wait, maybe she wasn't the pioneer of pink hair- it was Jem!!

Speaking of 80's, we also decided to get the kids out of the house and take them glow in the dark bowling.  

The boys waiting patiently for their "pink" ball.  Yes, they chose the color pink.

My 3 boys enjoying getting out of the house!

If you've never done this, it's actually really fun.  The music is super duper loud and the lights are off, and everyone wearing any sort of white, glows like crazy.  My boys were big fans of this activity and Vivian didn't seem to mind the loud tunes either.  It was nice to have something fun to do inside since this really cold weather is no fun in my opinion.

My new hair color and my sweet smiley daughter.

This shot is of my daughter and I at the bowling alley listening to some Britney Spears I think over the loud speakers!  I don't love that my hair is covering one eye, kinda wierd, but Viv's face is too cute and it does show off my new hair color.  I used L'Oreal Feria at home hair color in "black" a few days ago and really like how it turned out.  New shiny hair color puts me in a great mood;-)

Despite the inside of our house being in complete shambles, I think my whole family is really taking all of this in stride.  No one was hurt, no meaningful personal belongings ruined, so in my eyes, it's a win win situation.  We are getting some reaallly good family time by being all squished together in our upstairs bonus room for the next week or two while it is all repaired.  I think we are all starting to appreciate the togetherness and realizing how little we really need in order to be happy.

January 21, 2011

I Got Listed As A "Top 40 Makeup Artist Blogger!"

Me at work on beautiful model Danielle. Photo courtesy of Dylan Blue Photography

It always puts a smile on my face when I get an email from a fan/follower saying how much they have enjoyed my blog or how I have taught them something about makeup they didn't already know. Honestly, that's what makes it all worth while and that's why I do what I do- to make people happy!!  Makeup is fun stuff, why wouldn't it make one happy??

So it especially made my day to get an email as being listed among some other really great makeup blogs and artists that I already follow.  I was noticed as one of the 40 Best Makeup Artist Blogs by Web Design Schools Guide on their own blog.

Being put on a list like this with names of other makeup artists you admire can be compared to this... It's like when you get nominated for an Oscar,(yes, I am comparing this to the Oscars, I like the trophy and I've always wanted to display or receive a meaningful trophy!) and whether you win or not, you're just proud to have been in the same category as the other nominees.  For real, just proud to be nominated.   I mean, I got listed in the same breath as Mario Dedivanovic (Kim Kardashian's makeup artist, hello) and Lisa Eldridge (who has worked with the likes of Heidi Klum  & Demi Moore!) - #29 by the way-doubt my ranking means anything though.  But Holy Cow!!

So check out this link if you want to find some other great makeup blogs written by people that reeeaally get into makeup like I do and who also have a passion and knack for it.  Thanks to the people at Web Designs School Guide for noticing my hard work.  And I'd like to thank my 3 kids, my supportive husband who has always been there through good times and bad...hahaha!  I'll save my real speech for later...

January 19, 2011

Silver Eyes Like Jennifer Lopez From The 2011 Golden Globes

I was kind of infatuated with Jennifer Lopez's makeup from the Golden Globes on Sunday.  I know the whole natural and neutral look seemed to be the most popular makeup look amongst the stars, so I thought it refreshing to see someone push the makeup envelope...you can only be impressed by a taupe eyeshadow after five or so celebs.

I just loooved the metallic silver look she wore on her eyes and had to try my hand at it!!  So what better reason to try this look out than for my early birthday celebration?? There was no Brad and Angelina there, but it was a good time with some of my best and dearest friends!

Some of my favorite things I got to enjoy: sushi, baby Leland (one of my girlfriends' sweet little 7 week old supper club addition in my arms), and cupcakes!!

Me and my priceless girlfriends- and little man Leland- we made a male exception on his behalf;-)

My absolute favorite sushi- it has teriyaki chicken on top of the fried shrimp and avocado center...yuuuum.

My excited face while opening generous gifts from my friends!!

**For this look, all of the focus is on the eyes, then the lips and cheeks stay verrry low key!**

Here are the products I used to get this look:

1.  Kat Von D Love and Fury Eyeshadow Palette. ($24)  I used 4 of the 8 shadows.

  • The cream shadow in "slayer" was applied from lash line to right above my crease as a base color.
  • Then the ice blue color, "holy bible" was put on top of the cream, focusing on the inner part of the lid.  
  • "Albino" the super white shimmer color, was used inside the inner corner of my eye and along tear duct area.  
  • My crease color is "glock" and was used on the outer corner in a sideways v shape and on top of my black liquid liner.
2.  Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in "trooper" ink black ($18) used only on the upper lash line.  I winged it out and made the line thicker towards the outer corner.

3.  Mascara was by L'Oreal Voluminous in black. Two coats on top, one coat on bottom.

4.  Jennifer's cheeks looked like they almost had no blush on them (I always need SOME blush), so I just used a touch of bronzer and then my Estee Lauder Signature blush in color "tender petal." ($26)

4.  Fusion Beauty LipFusion Infatuation Lip Plumper in color "angelic" ($29) which is a most perfect light rose shimmer color, no lip liner necessary!  And it gives me the illusion of having plumper lips that I really don't have;-) Again, keeping the cheeks and lips looow key and all emphasis on the eyes.

Even though the silver is kind of out there, I felt it could be made very wearable and worn off the red carpet for my fun birthday event. What do you think??

And who was your favorite red carpet makeup look from the Golden Globes??