March 30, 2011

How I Wear The Colorful Eyeliner Trend

I have seen the vivid and colorful eyeliner trend all over my fashion magazines.  So of course, I had to give this look a try on myself.  This striking trend is actually super easy to pull off since I kept the rest of my makeup very simple.  This look was seen with slight variations on the Spring 2011 runway shows from Derek Lam to Christian Dior.  So apparently, this is one HOT look!

Christian Dior model on left.  Derek Lam model on right.  
I like it with the muted lips personally.

Keys to making this look work:

1.  Keep the line thick and winged but only on the upper lash line.  It makes more of a statement!  And makes it easier to reproduce since you don't have to mess with any color on the lower lash line.

2.  Lots of mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

3.  Keep the rest of your eye bed makeup neutral so as not to compete with your bright liner.  I used a matte ivory all over with a super light taupe color in the crease.

4.  Use a colored liquid liner ( I have on Mark's Metalliner in "blue chrome") with a matching bright shadow on top to set it and give it more of a punch (I used Bobbi Brown's bright palette color "bluebell").

My main products used for this look.

5.  Keep the cheeks and lips lighter than the eye so they don't overpower (unlike the Dior look- cool for runway, not everyday life!).  I have on Lady Gaga's MAC Viva Glam Gaga which is a white based pink lipstick.

What other spring makeup trends have you seen that you want to try out OR want me to re-create for you??  Let me know!!

March 28, 2011

Someone Has Found The Fountain Of Youth

I don't know what the likes of  Halle BerryDemi Moore, and Monica Bellucci are doing, drinking, consuming, or slathering on to stay looking so freaking young looking, but I want IT, whatever IT is!!

Demi Moore, Age 48

Halle Berry- Age 44

Monica Bellucci- Age 47

I have been kind of obsessing over growing old gracefully these days and making sure that I'm taking care of myself in the best way possible (eating better than usual, attempting to exercise every now and then, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, you get the drill!).  And of course, I'm always trying out new anti-aging products in skin care and cosmetics, as well as trying out all sorts of anti-aging techniques with my makeup.

These women look ah-mazing for being in their 40's!!  I don't know many 20 and 30 somethings that look this great.  I'm all for getting better with age- like a fine wine, correct??  I love that it seems from the outside at least, that these women are embracing getting older and looking mighty good doing it.

I left my camera at my in-laws so all personal pics are being taken with my cell phone, which
I don't love, but you make do with what you got right??

This is my high and tight ponytail that makes me feel young again!!  
Don't ponytails scream youth??

Here are a couple makeup tips and products that are helping me find the fountain of youth:

1.  Great glycolic peel at home.  I was fortunate enough to get a ton of samples of Natura Bisse's Glyco Extreme Peel, ($235) and gave one dose a try last night for the first time.  And man did this stuff make my skin feel like silk! At first it did sting my skin slightly, but that went away, and after 15 minutes of leaving it on and then washing it off, it felt like I had turned over a few dead skin cells to reveal a fresher me!  This photo above was taken this morning after I used the peel last night.  I didn't feel I needed foundation bc my skin felt so awesome- and my ponytail was tight as you-know-what, so I felt like I had a mini face lift! Ha!!

2.  Great HD Foundation.  Make Up For Ever Professional HD foundation has been claimed the fountain of youth by many bc of their new HD Un-Retouched ad campaign showing their models without ANY retouching.  This brand is phenomenal, and I use their HD finishing powder on everyone, and so I want to try out this foundation to see if it lives up to the hype. It's medium to full coverage and has lots of moisturizing agents in it so that you get a youthful dewy look-  not an old ashy flat one.  I'm sure it will- if they're brave enough to not retouch their ad photos, it must be killer stuff- because EVERYONE retouches their cosmetic ads!!

3.  Great Mascara.  My girlfriend told me about a Mary Kay mascara, that I just HAD to have (thanks Laney, you were right)!  It's called Ultimate Mascara ($15) and it truly delivers the ultimate lashes!  Those are mine shown above- another cell phone photo, not too bad though!  I think when a woman has thick luscious lashes, it makes you feel flirtier and in turn, more youthful!  Nothing is girlier or prettier than a bunch of batting lashes.  That's why celebs always have falsies applied!!  But this stuff is good for those of us that don't have time for false lash application everyday.

So have Halle, Demi, and Monica found the fountain of youth??  I'm not positive, but I know they're doing something right.  What are your best kept secrets and products for staying looking youthful? 

March 26, 2011

Bold And The Beautiful Makeup

Spring time is definitely getting me into full on color mode when it comes to makeup and accessories.  Winter time had me in a brown, black and grey rut, but with the warmer temps rising, I'm truly feeling bright, bold, and punchy colors in every way possible!  Just wanted to share with you a couple different makeup looks I've worn recently that felt very springy along with a couple new product purchases.

Quickest way to brighten up your face-wear a bold colored scarf!!

 Here are some bold and beautiful ideas on how to brighten up your face. And as always, all completely wearable.  You know I have 3 kids, so even though I'm experimental with makeup, I don't want to walk around town looking like a drag queen or clown (no offense to either professions!!).

1st Look- Flower Power- or- Katy Perry Grammy Face!  
Products used: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "lime"
MAC Wonder Woman "army of amazons" green mascara
Bobbi Brown Brights Palette- "ultra violet, orchid, periwinkle"
Estee Lauder Blush in "tender petal"
MAC Wonder Woman  "Emancipation" lipglass

I love the addition of MAC's green mascara, it made the lime green outline on my 
top and bottom lash line even more obvious- leaf-like;-) Leaves, of the flower, get it??

After I did this look on myself, I remember seeing this similar color combo on Katy Perry
at the Grammy's.  Hers is much more bold and out there, but I like mine a bit more
toned down for everyday wear!  

Since the eyes are kind of out there, I chose to do a very soft pink cheek
with light goldy/pink lip gloss. No harsh liners on my eyes or lips.

Close up view of my flower power look.  My lavender lids (petals) with my
green outline (leaves) makes for a bold eye look but without looking harsh.

2nd Look - Watercolors

Products used:  L'Oreal Lavender Smokes eyeshadow quad
Napoleon Perdis shadow color disc in #92- used as blush
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss in "let's jam"
Target watercolor scarf

This is me showing off my new fave bold watercolor scarf from Target. 
It literally has every color in the rainbow and matches all of my solid
clothes in my closet!  I tried to link this scarf but couldn't find it available online,
but it is from this season and is only $12.99!!

One of the 3 new L'oreal eyeshadow quads I have bought. 
These quads all have such complementary colors brought together in one palette.
How I used it:
I used the champage and taupe mixed together from lash to right above the crease.
Then mixed the lavender and purple together and swept just inside the crease.
Used the darkest purple on top of my black eyeliner. 

Overall look- turned out slightly blurry, but you get the idea of the bright makeup
all around!  The bright fushia lips make it.  The VS gloss I used is no longer available, but they do carry 
a similar product in their Perfect Lipstick line in either "vino" or "hot spot" ($12)

I'm going to be so into watercolor prints now for spring, 
I searched the print name on and this is what it came up with,
a dress I would die for...

It's by Blumarine and is a body hugging knit dress that would be perfect for any warm 
weather parties or get togethers.  Now if only I had an extra $1,500 laying around;-)

So be bold, be experimental, and be beautiful!  Now is the time for full- on color ladies!!

March 23, 2011

My 2011 Spring Fashion And Makeup Basics

Now that our weather down here in Georgia is sticking around the 70 degree mark, I'm getting my spring fashion, accessory, & makeup basics in order.  Here are some old spring favorites and some new purchases I've made for one of my favorite seasons! 

Lipstick Queen in Medieval, used as lip color and blush (oldie but goodie)-click on
this link to read interview I had with creator Poppy King!!
Maybelline Cool Effect Shadow & Liner in Chill the Champagne (new purchase!)
Door knocker earrings, mine by Jessica Simpson (oldie but goodie)

 Amazing how good this Lipstick Queen lipstick looks on my lips as well as for my cheeks!
A lovely red that looks sheer enough for Spring.  I've been using this color for over 3 years.

My door knocker earrings that add a bit of rock n roll, okay, maybe hip hop, to any outfit.
If they're good enough for Kim K (below), they're certainly good enough for JennySue!

This shadow liner is easy breezy to use and looks best with a primer underneath.
I rimmed my whole eye in this champagne color which is a good complement
to the sheer red lips and cheeks.

Black skinny denim pants- mine by Levi Strauss (new purchase)
Brown wedged espadrilles- mine by Jessica Simpson (new purchase)
Vneck white tee- boys tee from Target (oldie but goodie)
White leather bag- mine from Carlos Santana (new purchase)
Straw fedora hat- mine from Target (oldie but goodie)

My collection of must have goodies displayed on my spring issue of V magazine with Britney Spears
on the front.  This yellow mag is the sign of spring!

It's okay to mix black and brown!!  Loving the crisp look of adding a white tee to
to my black skinny jeans and brown espadrilles.

This is an older photo of cool girl Megan Fox, but I just looove the way she mixed
super high espadrilles with beat up jeans and a tank and boyfriend cardigan.
Maybe the cardigan should be added to my "list"!

My son was itching to be a part of the overall look- he's my best accessory...
 along with my new white bag:-)

Loving that this bag can be worn two ways:
across my body, which is convenient for carting a baby on my hip,
as well as worn on the shoulder, when it's just me and my hubby!

So now that I've shared my fashion and makeup must-haves for the warmer weather, what trends or basics are you seeing this spring that shouldn't be missed??

check out my son wanting to get in on the outfit

March 21, 2011

My 5 Year Old Keeps Me Looking Young

Me and my BIG 5 year old son Jack!!

It has been a nutty crazy weekend as we have been celebrating my first born's 5th birthday this weekend!!  I still cannot believe as each year flies by, that I have been lucky enough to have been blessed with this little guy each and every year.  I wore my sparkly sleeve t-shirt in honor of his big day- nothing says birthday party like sequins right??

I love this pic of my LITTLE almost 2 year old son Jack- where did this little munchkin go??

I like to credit my son, as well as my other two angels (almost 3 years old and 7 months), for keeping me looking youthful.  Most would find that puzzling, as children tend to be, shall we say, a lot of work, tiring, exhausting, challenging, you get the idea.  So how can they make JennySue feel younger?? Well, I don't necessarily always feel younger, but I definitely think that having little people around tend to make me WANT to look younger/better/well rested!!  I want my kids to be proud of their mom and grow up realizing how important it is to take care of yourself and that appearance and good grooming is unfortunately/or fortunately (however you look at it), a big deal in terms of how people perceive you.

I know some will think this vain and say, "well you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover" or "looks aren't what make a person and you shouldn't put things like looks on a pedestal."  And I don't.  But I do believe that putting your best face forward and how I present myself with hair and clothes, is a pretty spot on representation of myself and I want my kids to feel the same way about representing themselves.  It's more about confidence than anything and I want their individuality to always shine through.

This is me and Jack while I was prego with #3, he chose our red glasses as his fave!!

I've said this in the past on my blog, but I feel that for me as a mom of 3, I can tackle my days better when I feel like I look my best.  And that requires a lot of paint and spackle!!  So that's me on my soap box and that's why I have enjoyed doing this blog, so that I can share my makeup tips for those that don't have kids but still want to put their best face forward, and for those tired but happy moms who don't want to look like tired moms;-)

My makeup attempts at not looking like a tired mom of 3!!

My piece of advice for today for ANYONE that doesn't want to look tired- college students to the over worked mothers of the world, the best way to combat a tired face is to get flawless skin.

My 3 types of products of the moment to get that fresh faced look like I achieved above:

1.  Skin primer.  Cover Girl & Olay's Simply Ageless Serum Primer ($14) is a great makeup base to apply before your foundation or powder that helps with skin's texture and tone.  Primer just makes all the other skin products perform that much better.

2.  Concealer.  Always apply concealer AFTER foundation to get better coverage.  And don't forget to apply it to any dark age spots or blemishes to create a smoother looking complexion.  Avon's Anew Age-Transforming Concealer is a good inexpensive alternative ($10) that helps diffuse fine lines.

3.  Highlighting powder.  Use a highlighting powder to do just that, highlight your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose to get a youthful looking glow that looks like it's coming from 8 hours worth of sleep!  Try MAC's Mineralize skin finish powder in soft and gentle ($28).

Thank you Jack for inspiring your mama to stay young!!

March 16, 2011

JennySue Makeup Product Review :: Cellnique Skin Care Products

I think I can make a blanket statement and say that ALL women would like to have more beautiful, tight, blemish free, smoother skin.  Clear and flawless skin allows the rest of your facial features to shine through as well as making whatever makeup you are wearing (or NOT wearing!) look even better.

Cellnique's Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion on left, Contour Reversal Cream on right

So of course I was super thrilled when the skin care experts at Cellnique  contacted me to become a part of their blogging community and allowed me to try out some of their great skin care products to see what I thought!  Cellnique focuses on their Cx formulation which combines the power of biological active ingredients, natural plant extracts and antioxidants with a bio-delivery system that offers the best performance for immediate and visible results for various skin issues.  How's that for trying to achieve your best skin ever??!

If I could pick my perfect skin, it would be like my 6 month old daughter's!!  

Here's to erasing 32 1/2 years!!

They asked me what my skin type was and what skin problems I wanted to combat before they sent me some products and here's what I said:

  • normal to dry skin that feels tight during the winter
  • getting deep forehead wrinkles as well as fine lines around my eyes

I want to share some before and after pics because I feel that pictures say more than words. 

CAUTION- And don't be scared- this is me with NO makeup on except for in my after photos I chose to put on a swipe of mascara, because after looking at my before pictures, I couldn't stand not to;-)   After around 3 weeks of using these two products, Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion (I used as an all over moisturizer) & Contour Reversal Cream (I used just on problem line areas like around eyes and forehead), here was my experience with them. 

My 3 weeks BEFORE Cellnique products.
No major skin discoloration, but everything can be improved upon!

My 3 weeks AFTER Cellnique prodoucts.
I feel my skin overall looks brighter and clearer!

AFTER up close eye photo- I didn't do an up close Before, 
but this shows how few eye lines I have now! Pretty impressed.

AFTER nose and mouth shot- this is where I typically have a lot of redness but
it seems to not be as obvious in this photo after comparing it to my very first 
Before photo.

What I liked about these products besides that they did give fairly immediate although subtle results (I mean what can you expect in only 3 weeks??) was their smell and textures.  Smells were little to none, and the smell I did get from them was clean and almost aloe-like.  And both product's textures were smooth and silky and soaked right into my skin and had no taste (which I find some powerful creams have a nasty taste to them if they get too close to your mouth- yuck!!).

So would I purchase products from this company again for any other skin problems that might arise??  YES and YES.  Having good clear skin is key to feeling good and looking good, and makeup and concealers can only hide so much. Skin care products that work is where it starts.

So here is the fun part!!  This is your chance to try out the Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion in a 3ml size to my first 50 readers that register on their website and enter the following to receive the sample:

1.  complete registration form
2.  where did you hear about us? of course!!
3.  company- your blog's url (if any- but if you do, you could land a chance to do a product review)

Huge thanks to Cellnique for allowing me this opportunity, I am a big fan of yours now!!  

Check them out on Facebook as well for some great skin product updates and offers.

March 13, 2011

I Sleep Better Thanks To Modern Mom Website

I am a proud, mother of 3 beautiful children under the age of 5.  I mention them a lot and show them in my blog quite a bit, and that's because 1.  I'm proud of them and  2. they all like to be in front of the camera;-)  And they keep things interesting!

My cutey middle child opening up my new pillow sent to me
 thru the Modern Mom website!

As beautiful and wonderful as my kiddos are, they are exhausting, point blank.  I don't feel bad saying this, because I speak the truth, and I never feel guilty when I am speaking the truth!  I am outnumbered everyday because there is 1 of me and 3 of them, simple math.  Finding websites that help me get a handle on this mommy thing are a must to keep my sanity and to realize I'm not alone.  However, these mommy websites MUST also provide me a bit of beauty (and yes, there is a makeup mention at the end of this blog if you could care less about mommy stuff!!), celeb gossip, and overall fun information to keep my attention- because being a mom doesn't define me, but it is certainly a part of what makes me who I am today.

So I came across the Modern Mom website and became a fan/follower instantly.  Celeb mom Brooke Burke (picture on the right- who looks that good prego??)was honestly a big draw (she's their spokesperson so to speak) bc I love her on Dancing With The Stars and she has 4 kids- so she's a valid spokesperson if she's keeping up with 4 tiny humans, and looking as good as she does!

Right when I signed up to become a Modern Mom, I filled out a survey and one of the questions was to see if I wanted to try out certain products when they came available...for free! Um, yeah, who wouldn't want to try out stuff for free?? So a couple weeks ago I got notified from Modern Mom, that I was being sent a 300 thread count down Side Sleeper Pillow from (how did they know I sleep on my side?? I don't know, still puzzled by that one).  Sleep is one thing that is very precious to me and helps me function and keep up with my wild bunch, so this pillow has been a dream- literally.

My little princess Vivian resting on my new fluffy pillow!!  She was a big fan.

Pillows are personal, and everyone has different opinions on what is sleep worthy.  I can't believe I'm getting this excited about a pillow, but it has seriously made me enjoy going to bed more than ever.  It's fat, thick, luxurious, and my head sinks right into it.  This is my chance to say thank you so very much to this ModernMom website and I'm a big fan of theirs- I check it out daily.

And now that I sleep like a rock thanks to my new pillow (and my daughter sleeping through the night!), I don't need as much concealer to look like I've had my beauty sleep!  However, I've also found a new blush by MAC, Fleur Power ($19.50), that instantly gives me radiantly pinky peach cheeks like my sweet baby!

This is the perfect coral/pink shade that is a universally flattering color on most skin tones (except for super dark complexions) and I am loving how alive and healthy it makes me look.

The perfect shade of blush + the perfect pillow = a well rested and refreshed looking JennySue!!

How important is your pillow and your blush- any favorites you can share??

March 11, 2011

BeautiControl Has Control Over Lip Gloss

I am lucky enough to get sent makeup and skin care products all the time, and sometimes they impress me,  and sometimes they fall short.  To clarify a common misconception some people have when I post reviews, I DO NOT get paid by any of the companies that send me products (advertising is different).  So I am completely honest at all times with my reviews and I am not swayed by money when it comes to my opinions.  However, you will rarely see awful or mean reviews, because if I get sent something for free, and hate it, I'm of the mind set, "if you don't  have anything nice to say, don't say it all."  I just won't do a post on it;-)

So I was contacted a few weeks ago by a loyal follower and fellow Bulldawg (code for University of Georgia grad!) who is a rep for a cosmetic and skincare line I had never heard of (oh shame on me!!) called BeautiControl.  Miss Dionitia thought I needed to know about BeautiControl's line of Lip Shimmers ($14) so she so graciously sent me 4 fabulous shades to try out.

From left to right:  Kiss me pink, Blushing coral, Copper cutie, Plum gorgeous

After trying out all 4 colors, I thought that now I must share these with all of you!

Why I like these lip shimmers:

1.  They smell yum yum, almost like a vanilla cupcake!
2.  The colors are very shimmery- duh, they're called lip shimmers- but really, each has a bit of sparkle in them.  Notice shimmer on far right picture- this is the Blushing Coral color.
3.  They have good staying power.  Now they're not an all day lip gloss, but a couple hours I'd say.
4.  They make my lips tingle ever so slightly when applied, which makes me think my lips look plumper- could be mental, but I'll take a mental lip plumper!
5.  Only downside for some is that they are slightly sticky.  But for me, I don't care bc as long as it looks great, it can be as gloopy as it needs to, but the wind will definitely make your hair stick to your lips when wearing these! Ha!

Here are some pictures of each color applied separately for you to see firsthand:

Kiss Me Pink

Blushing Coral

Copper Cutie.  This is the only one I wish I had changed blushes with- it was too red based to be wearing this pink blush with. But oh well!!

Plum Gorgeous- Yes this one is!

This is a 30 year old company and they were also used at Fashion Week back in the fall of 2010- who knew??!!  But at least now I have thanks to a fellow makeup lover and business woman!  You have to be a self promoter if you want others to find out about your brand, and that's what Miss Dionitia did, and I'm thankful she did.

And speaking of business women, I just had to share some pictures of a presentation and talk I gave earlier this week on the UGA campus at Dawson Hall, which hosts the Family and Consumer Science majors.  I spoke to an energetic group of ladies taking an Entrepreneurial Merchandising class focusing on the whole concept of becoming an E-Trepreneur!  What a relevant class to be offering in today's world.  Big thanks to Emily for giving me this opportunity to meet with all of these women!

Me in the center with all these future fashion and beauty leaders!!

I discussed my career as a beauty blogger and a freelance makeup artist and how I run both businesses.  I wish all of these future business women the best of luck!  And if you are looking into a college that offers a wonderful curriculum involving fashion merchandising, UGA's Family and Consumer Science department is really a stellar place to consider- JennySue graduated from there!!