April 28, 2011

Ombre Eye Makeup

I don't know if the word ombre actually can be associated with eye makeup, but I'm going to pretend that it does! I've been so into the idea of "ombre" hair on all the celebs these days, but I'm too chicken to try it on myself (you can check out my previous blog on this hair trend). Sooo I decided to make it work for makeup!

Random fact - The real definition of ombre says that it was an 18th century card game...so go figure how we made it describe a style of hair and makeup!! Ha!

{My ombre eyes done in a blue color palette.}
I took a color palette of blues and greys, and decided to go from bright blue (the darkest) and extend it to a more subdued color- my grey (the lighter end.)  I used my Stila color wheel I got over Christmas, and with my 3 brushes am showing you the 3 shades I used for my look. 

{Turq, baby blue, and smokey blue grey.}

This look is good for those that don't understand the contouring within the crease of the eye.  You don't really need any separation of colors bc you eventually just blend them all together.   Here's my step by step showing you one eye without the ombre look in the beginning and one eye already done with the look:

 {Ombre technique finished on right eye.}

{Typically how I usually do my eye makeup.}

{Close up of ombre eye.  Blue liner is by mark cosmetics metalliner- in Blue Chrome.}

{Showing the graduation of color on the ombre eye.  Bright blues lead to subtle blue grey.}

{Finished product on both eyes.}

{Keeping the rest of the makeup subtle so focus is on the eye!}

My blush is by Sonia Kashuk in "Melon", and lips by Nars in "Turkish Delight."

Would you try this trend on your eyes or hair or both??

April 26, 2011

Best Celebrity Makeover :: Kelly Osbourne

I am obsessed with the idea of makeovers...period.  I love makeover shows (helllooo, How Do I Look? on the Style channel anyone??), I love the idea of changing someone's mousy brown hair into flame thrower red, I love introducing a plain Jane to the world of red lipstick and black liquid liner, I love the thought of being able to transform someone into a better version of their original self and giving them the confidence that comes from a really great makeover.

The biggest makeover sensation that I've seen in recent years is coming from Miss Kelly Osbourne- daughter of famed metal rock God Ozzy Osbourne.  I'm sure you've heard of this family.

Just to get right to it- here is a BEFORE and an AFTER.  This is truly one of the most fantastically shocking makeovers I've ever seen...are you ready??

BEFORE- Scary.

AFTER- Sensational!!
Yes, this is the same girl.  Ah-mazing huh??

Isn't her new look exquisite??  Not only has Kelly transformed herself on the outside, but I've read in numerous articles that she has also done quite a makeover on the inside by quitting a nasty drug habit and starting an exercise routine.  She has also started a stint on Fashion Police with mean queen Joan Rivers (albeit hilarious and so truthful!) which is one of my new fave shows to watch to catch up on the latest celeb fashions hits and misses.

Lately Miss Osbourne is always a hit in my book.  Here is a small timeline of how her looks have evolved.  I think she might beat out chameleons such as Madonna and Lady Gaga for the record of most different looks and hair color changes!!

Goth Kelly.  Why pink shadow and red lips shouldn't be worn together.

Kelly with dad Ozzy.  I actually don't mind this asymmetrical hair cut.  She pulls it off.

Kelly's pink bob and major winged liner.  Not sure if this is her real hair dyed, or a wig??

Kelly goes auburn hair and no makeup.

Platinum blonde with distracting flower head piece! But getting better.

Getting it right with the bright statement lips and form fitting dress.
Did she read my Cherries in the Snow blog for this inspiration?? HA!

This last photo of Kelly is GORGEOUS- I'm not sure she could have done anything better. 
Hair-perfect, makeup- flawless, and clothing is classy!!

Aren't makeovers fun?? What celeb do you think deserves "Best Celebrity Makeover" title??

April 24, 2011

Easter Is Important

Me and the fam in our Easter best!

I hope everyone had a very Hoppy Easter!!! It was a GORGEOUS day here in Georgia- the perfect weather for such a joyous holiday!

I love Easter bc of the obvious commercialized reasons: chocolate hollow bunnies, candy of every sort, plastic egg hunts, marshmallow Peeps, the chance to wear your Sunday best clothes, and of course the famous Easter bunny visits!

My crew after E.B. (easter bunny!) visited them this morning!

But today, the family and I made it to church (it's been awhile since baby Vivian was born to be quite honest!) and I was truly struck by the sermon about the true importance of this sacred day.  I won't go on and on about the resurrection day (I am definitely NO preacher by any means), but I certainly have a renewed appreciation for Easter and the true meaning behind it.  My husband and I have luckily found a church here in Athens that we LOVE, Athens Church, and if you have any interest in hearing and watching the sermon that we experienced today, you can click on this link here and click on the "Easter Celebration"- I am completely amazed by technology these days by the way!!  

Jack so proud of his egg findings!

Walker in his Bunny shirt and basket o eggs!

So these past couple days of the Easter celebrating have been very fun!  I just had to share some super cute photos of some events we had this Saturday (egg hunt at our house) and Sunday (getting dolled up for church).

Me and Viv during the traditional Easter egg hunt!

I wish I had gotten a closer shot of my smokey eye during the egg hunt bc the silver/black combination turned out fantastic! Yes, of course I wore smokey eyes for a kids egg hunt-why not?!  I used Too Faced Cosmetics Smoky Eye Palette ($35) for this look- one of my fave eye products that you can create multiple colorful smokey looks from.

For Easter Sunday I ended up working a gold and navy rimmed eye.  It was bold and bright!  I got the inspiration from my silk dress and its print.  The blue was used from the Too Faced palette shown to the right and the gold was from a big Stila palette I got for Christmas.

This was easy.  Just applied the orangey-gold color from lash line to right above crease.  Then lined
the upper and inner lower lash line with navy blue liner, then smudged it with a matching
blue shadow on top.

This dress is where I got the color scheme idea for my eyes (notice the orange and blues)!  
But more importantly, how sweet and beautiful does Miss Viv look in her pastel pink??!!

Me posing with my little ones.  
Poor Viv is taking the poking and prodding from her brother's in stride!

I hope your Easter was wonderful, fun, colorful, and special.  But more importantly, that the meaning of the day rang true in your celebrations!!

April 21, 2011

Athens Fashion Week - 25 Most Stylish Event

Get ready people, this is a looong one!!  But I have lots to share and some good pics and info about a fun event I got to go to Tuesday night.  You've been warned...

As you all know and have probably gathered from following my blog, I am a mom of 3 first, makeup artist second.  As much as I love makeup and getting all dolled up and dressed up, it sometimes takes a back seat to keeping my kids happy and healthy and alive!!! Ha!!

Me with my oldest at his tball game before I headed out to a fashionable event!
It was tough keeping the hair and makeup to stay put during the hot afternoon sun and all 
the yelling and screaming I was doing for my boy!

I'm definitely not one of those mothers who I feel has "let myself go" after having children, quite the opposite.  I work harder than ever to keep from looking like a tired and haggard mother of 3 under 5.  I certainly don't put my kids before this maintenance, however, keeping myself still feeling youthful and hip makes me better able to handle my day with these little ones- it's a self confidence thing.

I do feel better in stacked wedges and a cute outfit than gym shorts and no makeup;-)

Case in point, my newest purchase shown above, these Vera Wang shoes from Kohls that make me feel like a celebrity and the nude color goes with everything!!  They look extremely similar to these 
Brian Atwoods ($600 big ones!) I've seen Victoria Beckham wear before!

I realize everyone is different in what they're comfortable in, and I just happen to be more comfortable in full makeup and uncomfortable sky high shoes- beauty is pain right??!!

So I was shocked and honored when I got invited as an honoree at the kickoff party to Athens Fashion Week, to the 25 Most Stylish People in the Classic City event!!  See my invitation below.
*BTW- Kim Zolciak from the Real Housewives of Atlanta is going to be in Athens tonight as part of Athens Fashion Week!! If you're in the area, buy tickets to support the 4-H Foundation and see Kim and her baby bump!!*

It just warmed my heart to know that someone out there thought this mom of 3 has kept up her style despite my busy hectic play date and kiddie filled days!!  It was a most humbling gesture.  This event was held at the hippest boutique here in Athens, Flirt Fashions, (they also sell their fab clothing selection online- check it out!) with a most fabulous and fun group of stylish people attending.

Me with Ashley, the owner of Flirt Fashions. She and her hubby threw a rockin' party!!

So I'm going to just share with you a bunch of pics of everyone I met at the event a couple nights ago.  It was exciting to meet all these different people and hear about all the great and stylish entrepreneurs the city of Athens has to offer.  In case you're interested in finding out more about them and their businesses, I was able to link most of their websites.  Keep in mind, right before I attended this event, I had been at my son's tball game, then literally had to do a quick change in a local restaurant bathroom before making it to the party on time!!  You gotta do what you gotta do to balance motherhood and a social life right?!!

Me and the hubby at the 25 Most Stylish Event.  
First time I've ever been asked to be photographed before entering a party!  
I obviously don't know how to pose for one of these things bc my purse is sticking out from behind Scott's back!! Ha!

This was my full outfit for the party with some budget pieces thrown in.  
I list the pieces at the end of the blog.

Two fabulously glowing ladies I met- Brooke and Julie, the creators of
 True Glow Mobile Spray Tanning.
I needed their services that night!!  You ladies were so much fun and I look forward to getting a healthy and safe spray tan from you soon.  Their site is www.yourtrueglow.com.

Me and Andrea, owner of Mint Hair Salon.  I have a champagne induced smile going on!!  
Wish you could see her hot pink Dior shoes she had on- FAB!  She's also a mom of 2- see, being a mom doesn't mean you have to lose your cool factor!

This is Emily, a professor at UGA, whose TXMI class I spoke at a month ago.  Isn't she the most 
beautiful teacher you've ever seen?? My husband said he wished he had had teachers like that when
he was in college! Ha!  Loved her peacock earrings- obsessed with feathered earrings.

This is me with one of the sweet ladies of Heery's Clothes Closet in downtown Athens.  
She told me their doors have been open since 1959!!!  
How's that for showing that their buying skills have stood the test of time! 

This is Corey McCants who is the event planner for Athens Fashion Week- and he has his own 
company and website.  The guy can do it all and was so gracious!!!

By the end of the night, I was putting on DJ Mays headphones!! 
He was so nice and was mixing great tunes during the whole party.

So there was my mommy's big night out!! I had a blast getting all dressed up and meeting lots of new and interesting folks.

Oh, and here is a list of what I wore out to the event- it was a good mix of hip lines and budget lines- I DO have to leave money to buy diapers...

Black flouncy cami by Target, my own gold bolero type necklace, creamy lace skirt by Free People, patent leather pumps by Vera Wang for Kohls, black clutch by Hobo International, and big vintage topaz cocktail ring on loan from my mother in law!

April 19, 2011

3rd Annual "Mommy & Me" Mini Makeup And Photography Session

It's that time of year again and I am teaming up with wonderful child and family photographer, Abbey Lindsey, of Dylan Blue Photography to offer our "3rd Annual Mommy & Me" mini makeup and photo session next month, on May 22nd.

Us moms are always behind the camera when it comes to photographing our little ones, but we're never actually in those sweet pictures! Well here's your chance to actually be in them, WITH your kiddos!  We've had such a positive response to this event over the past couple of years and have held one in an Atlanta, GA and two in Athens, that we kept getting requests to do another one! And what better time than before Mother's Day! (hint hint to any Dad's out there that want to impress your wife with a  wonderful and timeless gift!).  This is also open to expectant mothers (hey, the baby is in there isn't it!!), grown mother and daughter duos, grandmothers and granddaughters, etc.

Abbey and I have enjoyed doing this so much because:
1. we both love love children (she has two of her own, I have three!) and
2. we love seeing the sheer joy on the moms after they've been pampered by getting their makeup done by me, and when they see how easily their children react to Abbey (she has mad baby/toddler skills at making them smile!!) and the photographic memories she is able to capture.

So if you are in the Atlanta or Athens area, don't miss out on this event next month!

Please contact Abbey at dylanbluephotography@gmail.com to reserve your time slot - hurry they go fast!!  
Hope to see you there!!

April 17, 2011

It's Been A Busy Makeup Filled Week

I feel like I am ALWAYS washing my makeup brushes and fixing my kit for the next makeup job these days...and I LOVE IT!!! I can definitely see that wedding season is finally in full swing bc the brides and bridal parties are coming out of the wood work!  The ONLY drawback to all of these makeup jobs is that I am having to miss a few of my 5 yr olds weekend t-ball games, and it literally breaks my heart.  It's his first year of being in an organized sport and I just hate missing anything that he's involved in.  Luckily, my hubby is his t-ball coach so that helps a tiny bit, but I still am dealing with some major guilt.

My 5 yr old T-ball-er!!

I mean, look how cute this little guy is in his uniform??!  Luckily, he tells me every game that I miss, that he'll "hit a home run for you mommy!"  Awwwww!!!!

So like I said, wedding season is in full swing.  Have you been watching Tori and Dean's sTORIbook Weddings on Oxygen?? If not, I am a big Tori Spelling fan (started with the Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood episodes, then actually read 2 of her 3 books- and I DON'T read, so that's a big deal!), and love that she is celebrating one of my favorite events to work- weddings!! If you're obsessed with weddings, and all of the planning that goes into them, then you'd love this show.

Unfortunately I am really bad at taking photos of the brides and b-maids I have worked with, because A. my digital camera is kind of a dinosaur and not taking great pictures lately and B. by the time I'm through with my faces, I'm too tired to even pick up a camera!

But I have done a couple weddings in the past week and wanted to share some pics I actually took the time to photograph.  Wish I could cart a professional photographer around in my back pocket at times, but my amateur skills will have to do for now;-)

Bride Kim's BEFORE shot.  Wish I looked this good before makeup!

Kim's AFTER shot on her wedding day with lots of false lashes applied!

I had the pleasure of working at Travis Salon in Atlanta, and they couldn't have been nicer or more talented!  The owner, Gary, did an amazing job on Kim's (the bride) extensions.  If you are in the market for more realistic looking hair, he's got the skills and know how!

I had to include a shot of her hair in the back- doesn't all of that hair look super natural??!  
I loved how this turned out.  It looked like she was born with this hair.

I also worked with another bride this week, Carrie, who we loaded on the lashes for!  I just love it when brides go for the falsies....

I used around 9-10 individual clumps of Ardell lashes for her lash line- these are my most favorites!

The brochure for the "Beauty Inside and Out" event, 
along with my notes on my "Mature Makeup Tips" I spoke on.

In addition to the brides I've worked with, I was honored to be asked to speak at Smokerise Baptist Church in Atlanta to a large group of ladies during their "Beauty Inside And Out" event.  I spoke on the positive influence the art of makeup can have on females and their self confidence.  I was also joined by a speaker on nutrition and yoga.  So these ladies learned how to take care of themselves on the inside, as well as the outside!  

 Each table decorated so festive with Easter accents and orchids.  
I got one of these flowers to take home to remember the event by!

 Me spreading the word about how makeup can enhance our individuality!

 Me answering some makeup questions after the event was over.

JennySue giving a quick demonstration on concealer tips.

In my speech, I focused on how God doesn't make mistakes in how we are all created, (which includes our faces and our bodies), but that we are all responsible for taking care of ourselves and enhancing our individuality.  What better way than with makeup??  I love doing talks like this and inspiring women to feel better in their own skin and taking the mystery and difficulty out of makeup.  I had so many sweet ladies come up to me afterward and tell me how much they appreciated the info I gave to them and how they were going to go home and experiment with my tricks! 

Comments like this make what I do all worth while. But I still wish I could attend every single one of my son's t-ball games!!