June 27, 2011

How To Get Sparkly Eyes

"The eyes are the window to the soul."

I once read a stat that 35% of women get complimented most on their eyes. Whenever I work with a client, I always want to gravitate towards their eyes and wanting to play them up more than any other facial feature.

So I want to share with you my favorite tips for putting that twinkle in your eye!  And of course, one of my favorite celebrity examples is the fabulous mom/model/mogul, Heidi Klum. I feel like every picture I see of this woman, I am immediately drawn to her eyes because she always looks so happy and they always look front and center.

 Her eye makeup above, is very similar to a bridesmaid I worked on over a year ago, below, check out my blog here regarding this look.

JennySue Makeup job over a year ago.  Look how her eyes sparkle!!

Here are my fave steps to making your peepers shine like Heidi's: 

1.  Put the heaviest concentration of color right near the upper or lower lash line, or both!  In these cases, a black liner is applied on the top of the lash line and on the lower inner lash line.  Make sure it's waterproof though if using it on the inner waterline so it doesn't smudge.  And if you want added oomph, use an intensely bright color like I did here.

2.  Use some shimmer in the tear duct area.  I applied some Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals "nude beach" eye shimmer ($13) which is my go to product for subtly shimmery eyes!  It's warm and shimmery and can be used wet or dry. Love it!

3.  Add the color gold somewhere. Gold is one of those universal colors that I find picks up flecks of color in hazel, green, and brown eyes.  And for blue eyed gals, it just accentuates that color by contrast.  Notice how Heidi and the bridesmaid above both have gold along their lower lash line.  I used the same Bare Escentuals brand in color "true gold."

4.  Lots of mascara.  Now I'm not saying Tammy Faye Baker it, because that can be distracting.  But I do think the longer and darker the lashes, the more they accentuate your overall eye color.  Just make sure it's separated and not clumpy!! Cover Girl's Lash Blast Volume is my fave product here that doesn't clump at all!!

How do you get your eyes to sparkle?? What products and tips am I missing out on?

June 25, 2011

My New Auburn Locks

Well I did it, I took the plunge and went for a shade of red in my locks...and I LOVE IT!!

This has been a huge hair trend (going red!) in Hollywood, think Drew Barrymore and Emma Stone (below), but it's something I've actually wanted to do for a really long time.

Emma Stone's perfect auburn hue!

I've never had the urge to go blonde or cut my hair really short, so red was really the only option for doing something different.

Let me rewind.  I first tried to do this on my own with some box color...big mistake.  I always dye it a black/brown shade which is close to my natural color, but obviously going an un-natural shade should be left to the professionals.  I was left with a bright candy red scalp and normal looking ends. Not the auburn shade I was going for.

My Before.
Hard to see, but the scalp was red, ends not so much.

I went to my trusted hairstylist Lyric at Republic Salon, and she fixed me up with the gorgeous shade I had envisioned.

My After.  3.5 hrs later!! 
That's what happens when your stylist has to do corrective color bc you
tried to go red in your own bathroom.

She used a technique called a "soap cap" which apparently helps remove unwanted color quickly and isn't as invasive as bleaching my hair out completely.  I thanked her for not ruining the integrity of my hair by using this technique- it still ended up staying shiny and not feeling straw-like.  Thank you Lyric for such a fabulous job!!

So now with my new fun ginger shade, I am having fun with makeup.  I am having to add a bit of red pencil to my brows to pull in the new hair shade.  This new hair color makes me feel more spunky, hence my lime green shadow look below.

Bobbi Brown shadow in "Macha Green" and "Day Glow"

Cheek color is Bobbi Brown's Rose Quartz Shimmer Brick.

I wish my hair looked as red in these pics, but at least you can still see the warmth.

So what do you think of my new red do??  If you've ever worn red hair, what are some good makeup color suggestions?

June 23, 2011

Universally Great Makeup Products

I had the pleasure of working with a really sweet and beautiful bridal trio last weekend-  a bride, her sister, and their mother.

And as you can see from this picture, these three share similar gorgeous traits!!  

I always enjoy working with siblings and family members.  It's fun to see when I work with each face, what specific features that are shared by all.  In this case, these three women shared wonderful skin and bright eyes!

The bride Katie- she was ethereal perfection! 
Wish you could see the whole dress- it was soft and flowy and extremely flattering.

I found it interesting that as much as I cater different products to each individual face, I used 4 specific products that universally worked for all 3 ladies:

1.  Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume waterproof mascara in black. ($6)  I ALWAYS use waterproof mascara on bridal parties- ALWAYS.  Everyone sheds a tear, and I never believe otherwise.  I always like to err on the side of caution.

2.  Stila Eyeshadow Pan in color "Kitten." ($18)  If you notice, this champagne shimmer color was used in each of their tear duct area to make the eyes have that natural looking sparkle.

3.  Stila Kajal Eyeliner in "Topaz." ($18) I used this soft flesh colored pencil on everyones inner lower waterline to make the whites of their eyes whiter and open up their eyes to make them appear brighter.

4.  Nars Blush in "Orgasm." ($27)  I'm sure you are all bored with how much I mention this product and color, but it truly works on 95% of the faces I work with.  This is peachy pink perfection!

Like I said, I don't usually use the same products on multiple people in a wedding party, but in this case, these related women were able to pull off the same products!!   

Have YOU ever used any of these products- what do you think of them?

June 21, 2011

The Colors of Summer :: Coral And Green

I have been super into the color combination of coral and green lately.

I have always thought that CORAL was a breezy and fresh version of pink that most people can pull off, and of course everything is GREEN right now and in bloom because of these summer months.  I also dream of decorating one of the rooms in my house with this color combo, such as this dining room pic I found on the House Beautiful website- one of my fave inspiration sites for the home!  It's just such a bright and cheery combination!

So I treated myself to a super duper coral colored lipstick, Maybelline's ColorSensational "Coral Crush" ($6) and paired it with my NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in "Lime" ($4.50)  The result is a fresh faced summer look that is easy to pull off in the application department, as well as the wearable department! 
Disclaimer :: I wish this lipstick showed up as bright in these pics as it does in person, but it still looks very punchy.  But just imagine it being about two times as bright as it looks here!!

The complete breezy look.

 One big thick swipe of the lime pencil used ONLY on the lower lashline.
I used Stila "Oasis" shadow pan on the upper lid.

My new love, Coral Crush, on the lips.  Reminds me of a popsicle color!

I didn't use any blush with this look- only Snow Bunny Bronzer by Too Faced Cosmetics.

What are some of your favorite summer color combinations for makeup??

June 19, 2011

Dads Are Important

"Life doesn't come with an instruction book-
that's why we have fathers."
(From the book "A Father's Book of Wisdom")

My kids two grandfather's and their daddy celebrating Father's Day!  

This Father's Day weekend has been extremely special!  It was my husband's birthday on Saturday and then we got to celebrate Father's Day with both grandfathers!  Me and the kids presented Scott with a brand new grill for his birthday/Father's Day combination.

This is my best Vanna White impression.

I completely agree with the saying I found up top in that my own father has taught me tons in my 33 years of life, and I didn't realize how truly smart he was until I had my own children!! (Sorry dad it took me so long to figure that out!)

Me with my dad and my daughter.  
I hope she learns as much from her daddy as I did from mine!

My dad taught me:
  •  there is never ANY reason someone should bounce a check -he's a CPA- and I never have!  
  • He also told me there was no excuse that I shouldn't be able to graduate from college in 4 years if I studied  hard enough and made good use of my time there- I graduated in exactly 4 years.  
  • He always made sure I used the best manners possible around my elders and never expected anything less than the best of me.  Who wants to be around someone that's rude and acts like they have no upbringing?? 

At times I found it hard to live up to these great expectations as a child and teenager, but once I became adult in the real world, I realized how him being hard on me at times has resulted in me being a better person.

Of course there have been times I know I've done things my dad hasn't been so proud of (um, my tattoo and a few other events that we will keep between us!), but through it all he has exercised the quote from Mother Theresa...
"If you judge people, you have no time to love them."

Through all the rough and tumble times, my dad has always loved me through them and I deeply appreciate that kind of love.

My kids blowing out the bday candles with their daddy.

I can already see that my husband is following in the footsteps of my wonderful father and his dad too. He is setting a great example for our boys of why it's important to treat their mother like a queen (yes, he is very good to me!), he is constantly putting his family first, and treasures every second with us, and it's obvious.  

Dad's are important.  Anyone can be a father, but it takes a special and involved person to be a DAD.  Happy Father's Day to all the DAD'S out there!!!  Enjoy your special day!!

June 15, 2011

My Top 4 Makeup Mistakes

This is going to be pretty cut and dry.  If I had to narrow it down, here would be my Top 4 makeup No No's.

1.  NOT wearing blush.  I know lots of women are scared of blush, but don't be.  You should be more scared by NOT wearing it because it's much scarier to have dull lifeless cheeks.  When in doubt, wear a peachy/pink shade like the extremely popular Nar's "orgasm" blush ($27) which works for almost EVERY skin tone- seriously.  A little bit of color goes a long way!!

Naturally beautiful Sofia Vergara looks much more fresh faced
with some cheek color added!

2.  Wearing concealer that it too light for your skin tone.  It's the age old issue called "raccoon eyes", and it ain't pretty.  I almost think your dark circles would be better than what poor Taraji Henson is experiencing here.  Concealer that is more than 2-3 shades lighter than your natural skin tone is just going to make matters worse and make those circles stand out more and look plain funny.  

When concealing circles, try a yellow based concealer that neutralizes purple/red/brown
under eye circles.  Try Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage ($27)- the ultimate concealer duo to get those pesky circles covered every time.

3.  Going brown on your lipstick shade.  Lots of women think brown is a safe shade when choosing a lip color, but in my opinion, nothing is more aging than brown lips.  Here is a prime example of an extremely pretty model wearing brown lipstick, and it looks horrible even on her!  If you must pick a brown lipstick, please make sure it's got a rose/gold/pinky base to it to add some much needed healthy color.  
Check out my fave brown based lipgloss from L'Oreal Infallible's line with a hint of gold that I wear HERE.    * also notice no cheek color in this photo below (makeup mistake #1), and she sure could have used it!*

Pretty model, ugly brown lipstick.

4.  Over-plucked brows.  Pamela Anderson- nuff said, right??  If you end up over plucking, at least make the effort to fill them in ever so slightly with a brow pencil or colored brow wax.  Thicker brows look more youthful- pencil thin brows look very old and tired.

Miss Pam's brows look not so natural w that skinny arch.  
Such a naturally pretty woman should at least have some brows to show for it!

Speaking of no no's- here is JennySue Makeup at a very young age dressed up for Halloween (thanks mom for digging this up and sharing with me!!).  Don't ask me what I was supposed to be- it looks like a very large makeup mistake/punk rock wannabe look!  I certainly wasn't shy on the blush at least and wore some nice pink lipstick!  

I've always wanted a reason to wear tons of makeup at an early age...I can only imagine what was going thru my mind at the moment.  But my pose shows you that it's all about the confidence, and I look pretty confident that this makeup looks spot on- ha!!  "Makeup mistakes, what makeup mistakes??!"

June 12, 2011

I'm Impressed With NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker

I'm in a winged eye liner frenzy these days.  This is a look I'm rocking at least 4 out of 7 days a week at least.

I love getting this look with liquid liners instead of pencils too.  I've been wearing Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner constantly because it creates the thinnest of thin lines.

Well, I've found a cheaper alternative to my tattoo liner.  KVD's liner runs $18 bucks, but NYX's Super Skinny eye Marker runs only $9.  And it creates the exact same super skinny line for half the price!  The only difference I notice is that the KVD tip slightly gives more, meaning it's not quite as stiff as the NYX one, but the line it creates is the same thickness.

Here's my comparison picture I drew on a magazine cover.  
The top one is the KVD one and bottom is the NYX.

The Super Skinny Marker from NYX.

The only bummer about this product, is that the NYX only comes in carbon black, NO other color options, boo, sniff.  But the KVD liner comes in 5 very cool and wearable colors.  

A new little trick I've been doing with my super pointy NYX marker is to make DOTS in my lower lash line to create a slightly thicker looking lashes without actually drawing an obvious line.  With a pointy fine tip like this product has, it's super easy to do and makes a subtle impact of a fatter lash line at the base.

After my little dots are made in the lower lash line- subtle!

This idea of using liquid liner to create dots and a fatter lash line would also work along the upper lashes too if you're too scared of a winged look.  The dots are pretty mistake proof.

I would definitely recommend this NYX product to anyone wanting a new thin liquid liner- and at 9 bucks, it's a steal!

June 10, 2011

Concert Eyes

I have two new obsessions.  Josh Groban (musician/singer) and Pinterest (website).

Me at the Josh Groban concert in Atlanta Wednesday night.  
He made an appearance in the center of the arena where I was sitting, that's why I look so happy!

Actually, Josh is not a new obsession, I've been a big fan with a HEALTHY obsession of him for years!  He just came out with a new tour, "Straight To You", so that's why he's new again-it's been 4 yrs since I went to his last ATL concert! His fans are called Grobanites, and yes, I would consider myself one- he has the voice of an angel.  My husband is completely comfortable with this.

Onto non-celeb interests,  Pinterest is a website that connects people through images they love.  And it is starting to take up way too much of my free time, and ya'll know I  have very little free time on my hands with 3 kids, a dog, a husband, a makeup business, a blog, household chores/maintenance, you get my drift (thanks Erin of LuxeandLace for introducing me- I think!! Ha!!).  So Pinterest helped me with my concert eyes inspiration bc I found this beautiful photo below and decided to recreate it for my big night out with my girlfriends and our moms (yes, each one of us brought our moms along- Josh is loved by all ages!)

Photo originally from imgfave.com

This is my look and here's the steps I took to get it.  Products I used: Too Faced Natural Eye Palette (for all over lid and lash to crease color), Wet n Wild black liquid liner, Palladio Black pencil liner, Stila's Barefoot Contessa shadow pan (crease color).

*Disclaimer- Of course my photos look kind of orange for some reason-old camera, but you still get the idea.  I also did not use false lashes like the original image has which would have ramped up the look but I didn't have time for that step- I was rushing out of the door leaving the babysitter with 3 crying kiddos!!*

First layer of Honey Pot from lash to crease.

Second layer is Barefoot Contessa in the crease.

Third layer of Classic in tear duct area along with black liquid liner on upper lid, winged out.

Finished product with black eyeliner along lower inner waterline. 

Concealer and foundation applied here too- better skin!

And here are a few pics of this mama's night- we had a blast!!

Me and my girlfriends at dinner before the concert! All 3 of us are HUGE Josh fans!

This was my view of Josh from my seats- I was so shocked and excited
when his piano popped out right in
the middle of the arena where we were sitting!

 These are basically pictures to show you how actually close I was to him;-)

Yes, used to the zoom on this one.  Too bad you can't actually hear him singing!  

Me and Laney after the concert- we still look thrilled even after the show was over!

So how many of you followers are Josh Groban and Pinterest fans?? I know I can't be alone!!  Happy Friday to you all!!

June 6, 2011

Enjoying Today, Looking Forward To Tomorrow

"Happiness is not the absence of problems, 
But the ability to deal with them."

"We are constantly striving for success, fame, and comfort, 
when all we really need to be happy is someone or something
to be enthusiastic about."

I am trying to enjoy today, but it's so hot I can hardly hear myself think!!  I thought that the beginning of summer would bring a slower pace to my life now that my kids aren't in school...and I couldn't have been more wrong!  My life seems to be getting more hectic than ever...I wish I could be as relaxed as my baby girl Vivian looks in this photo below.  She might not look exactly happy, but she looks like she hasn't a care in the world!!  And that's how this mama is trying to keep it for her ;-)

At times my hectic non-stop life makes me crazy, exhausted, and cranky.  But when I really reflect on the fact that I'm getting anxious about having too many things planned and scheduled, it's ridiculous.  Ridiculous bc I do ALL of my own planning and scheduling of daily activities- it's not like I have a secretary to blame!! Just little ole me. 

JennySue doing her best Wonder Woman impersonation.  
Sometimes I feel like her (after I've accomplished EVERYTHING on my to do list!)
Sometimes I feel like she's too hard an icon to live up to!!

I should be happy and grateful that I am having to figure out how to juggle all of the:
  • makeup jobs and consults, 
  • all  of the weddings and bridal parties I work with on the weekends, 
  • all of the beauty products being sent to me by various companies who want me try out their products and then review them on my blog, 
  • all the scheduled summer camps, play dates, and swimming lessons my kids are signed up for.  

All of these things means I have wonderful clients to work with, great friends to be around, that my kids have the opportunity to mingle with others, and that companies respect my opinions I put out here on my blog that they would trust me enough to ship me their goods to try out.

What do I have to complain about??? NOTHING- and I must remind myself of that constantly. I just need to enjoy today and what it has to offer and tackle one thing at a time so as not to get overwhelmed.

With that being said, here are a couple products I've been sent that I am truly "looking forward to" sharing with all of you once I have used them for awhile to test them out- it won't be tomorrow- my schedule is too hectic...ha!!  But it will be sooner than later.

Here's a peak at what you can expect:

My Luminess Air package of goodies!!

1.  Luminess Air.  This is a makeup airbrush system that I have always wanted to try out.  The art of airbrushing has always intrigued but intimated me- even as a professional makeup artist.  This kit comes with an instructional DVD and booklet, plus different shades of foundation and even blush and shadow!! I am working hard to perfect a live video for all my followers- it'll be my first tutorial so keep a look out for it!

My bare eye lashes BEFORE Cilea.  
Can't wait to compare this pic to my AFTER in 4 weeks of use!

2.  Cilea Eyelash Growth Stimulator.  This is a cosmetic product that is designed to make your lashes stronger, longer, thicker, and healthier, without a doctors prescription like a Latisse.  I'm going to use this product for 4 weeks before I put up a blog with its results to give it a good chance at giving me luscious natural lashes!!  It's brand ambassador and VP of product development is Vicki Gunvalson of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Orange County- and you know I'm all over this reality show!!

So I'm going to enjoy today, and tomorrow, and look forward to what each crazy hectic waking moment brings me!! And be HAPPY about it!!  

How do you manage your crazy days??