July 31, 2011

Flower Power Nails

My flower power pinkie fingernail- pretty cute and unexpected huh??

I'm a huge girly girl and I love flowers.  What girl doesn't??  Flowers make me happy because of their scent and their color.  Having fresh flowers around the house is one of those inexpensive luxuries that makes a house a home and adds a lovely comfy feel.  No need for elaborate arrangements bought from a pricey florist, my local grocery store makes them just fine and dandy!

Here is my most recent peach rose flower purchase from my local Kroger- 2 dozen roses for $5.99, no joke. I lucked out bc they had too large of a shipment come in and needed to get rid of these things.

In continuing with the flower theme, comes my new manicure.  I picked up some of Sally Hansens Salon effects polish strips in "girl flower" print ($8.50).  I've been wanting to try these things for a long time but had a hard time shelling out the money for them knowing I wouldn't get multiple uses out of it. 

The directions and tools that came with these strips were a bit intimidating. 
My usual nail polish doesn't come with instructions!

My Lady Gaga monster gesture...ha! Actually, just wanted to show off the two flower nails.

My 4 of 10 nails with the flower print.  Reason below.

But the fact that these things are immediately dry makes it worth the price and there is no waiting at all once they are applied!!  This is probably my favorite attribute of these things aside from the really cool flower print.

The reason I ended up with only 4 of my 10 nails is this.  The nail strips come in vacuum sealed packages.  I opened up one of the two packages just to check out the strips and make sure my tiny nail beds were going to work with them.  So then I just left the opened package out on my bathroom counter overnight until I wanted to apply them the next day.  Well, these things are like REAL polish, so my one package I opened, dried up and were useless the next day.  Basically 4 bucks down the drain.  So I was only able to use the 2nd package and had to be choosy with which ones would fit my nail beds.  I actually like the random nails picked bc it didn't feel too over done.  Unlike Katy Perry's intricately designed nails for the Smurf movie premiere where every single nail had a Smurf on it!! Of course Katy can do no wrong in my opinion- she pushes the envelope and is always over the top and I love it.

Even though I'm bummed I couldn't use all of these nail strips, I like the way the 4 turned out and it was much more simple to apply than I thought it would be.  And so far I'm on day 3 of wearing them and no signs of them coming off yet! Woo hoo!!!  There are so many different types of designs of these things, that you will never have boring nails as long as they are available.  I will definitely be trying more of these things out in the future!

Have you tried the Sally Hansen real nail polish strips or would you?? What do you think about prints on the nails- too cool or too much??!

July 28, 2011

Grey Shadows Brighten My Day

It started off cloudy today, which honestly was the deciding factor in my eye shadow choice.  Yes, it was that simple.  I can get makeup inspiration from anything:)

And don't think grey shadow is boring or depressing.  Oh contraire mon fraire!!  Just the opposite, especially for dark brown eyed girls like me.  Greys, charcoals, and silvers actually make brown eyes sparkle!

My products + techniques used to create this look were:

1.  MAC "blanc type" eye shadow (matte ivory- $14.50) all over the lid.

2.  Bobbi Brown "slate" eye shadow (medium matte grey - $20).  Used in the crease and along lower lash line. One of my very favorite grey shadows that has a warmness about it, with almost a hint of brown to it.  MAC "print" is also another great grey option with a hint of shimmer to it.

3.  Wet n Wild H20 Proof liquid liner in color "smokey" (charcoal - $4) along the upper lash line winged out slightly. This stuff rocks my face off - seriously, it doesn't come off!! I put this liner on at 8:45am this morning, and these pictures were taken around 8pm at night. Awesome staying power.

I also knew that I was going to get my hair color bumped with a little red again today (here's my blog from the first time I got it switched from black to red) so that also helped brighten my cloudy day!! What girl doesn't look forward to a little relaxing time in the hair chair??!

I'm loving how the deep red auburn color has finally turned out!

Julia Roberts with her deep red hair and grey shadow combo!

See how her brown eyes pop with this combo!  You can check out other "red" hot celeb heads here from MarieClaire.com.

Nothing like some complimentary eye shadows and fresh hair color to lift the clouds away!!

What are some great grey shadow colors that have brightened your day before?

How To Paint Baby Girl Toes

I have just experienced what it's really like to have a baby girl. Yes, she is almost a year old and I've gotten to enjoy all of the girly things like clothing, bows, nursery decor, baby dolls, etc.  But nothing has compared to the joy I felt when I painted Vivian's toe nails for the first time.

Please do not think me shallow, but this is a big moment for a makeup artist who loooves all types of beauty products (that includes, face, hair, and nails!) and has raised two little boys before her!!  My boys won't let me touch their toes with nail polish, believe me, I've tried.  My boys aren't trendsetters (yet!) like Gwen Stefani's little boy Kingston who I've seen sporting some nail color on his toes here!

Aren't these little purple piggies the cutest??

Since I had my Viv, I've been waiting for the chance to put polish on her bc I've always thought there's nothing cuter on a baby girl than painted digits!!  I thought this was going to be a more difficult task than it was, bc she is ALL over the place and never still unless she's sleeping.  Fortunately, I think toes are easier than finger nails will be.

But I found the perfect recipe for baby toe painting- strap her in her beloved highchair to keep her busy by feeding her while I worked on the toes!!!

Viv grabbing her newly painted toes- 
she was very intrigued once she saw the finished product!

Since there is a tray over her feet, she couldn't really tell what I was doing which made her not so interested in the nail painting!  This literally took all of 5 minutes bc let's face it- those nails need one dot of polish to cover those tiny things.  I used:

1.  Sally Hansens Insta-Dri Nailpolish in color Pronto Purple ($5).  The reason I used this is bc I had bought two colors in this formula, one was a shade of red, blogged about here, and it was super fast drying and you only needed one coat.  I'd been on the look for a specifically kid friendly nail polish but only found this water based one on Rickysnyc.com site called Hopscotch.  And honestly I didn't want to have to order a polish and wait on it to arrive, I wanted to paint them now!!

2.  Face Secrets Cotton Tip Applicators ($2.50).  These were great for the one big "oops" I had- one of her middle toes got more purple paint than necessary.  They have dual tips, with one of them being super pointy so I could use it to get precisely around that itty bitty toe nail.  I love these things, they are a wonderful cheap beauty tool.

3.  Publix non-acetone polish remover.  No real reason for using this brand- just got the job done of removing my mess up.

I have a feeling Vivian's toe nail beds will never be bare again.

July 26, 2011

JennySue Makeup Product Review :: Cilea Eyelash Growth Stimulator

Long, lush, sultry, fat, look-at-me lashes are what most women strive for when they apply their mascara.  There is just something very feminine feeling about lengthy beautiful lashes!!  And there has been a slew of new mascaras and lash technology rolling out to the masses to try and give us all false-y looking lashes without the falsies.

Actual tube and wand applicator for Cilea Lash.  Love the shiny silver & pink tube!

So when I was sent a tube of the eyelash growth stimulator, Cilea, for consideration, I was thrilled.  Of course the first thing I thought was, "I hope this product ends up making my lashes look Kim Kardashian-like!" Which means I'd like for them to grow long enough to where they almost touch my eyebrows...insert lash inspiration Kim below.

This is a 2009 pic of Kim K, but the lashes still ring true in 2011.

No pressure there for this product huh??!  But as you all know from reading my blog, I'm pretty realistic when it comes to beauty products and I would put no such pressure on this product.

Ever since Latisse came out on the market (a prescription lash serum which makes lashes grow) I've been really intrigued with the idea of lash enhancement without the use of synthetic falsies and lash glue.

My BEFORE Cilea picture- on June 6th

Here was my chance to experience that lash enhancement :
1. without a prescription
2. with no hardcore side effects (I've heard horror stories about Latisse burning eyes, itching like crazy, etc)
3. and if I want to buy it for myself, it's only $69.95- which is 50% less than a Latisse prescription.

My AFTER Cilea pictures on July 6th- exactly 30 days later

My mascara applied (one coat) to my new natural lashes;-)

Here is what I experienced with this lash stimulator.

  • In a 30 day trial of using it every day (ok, maybe I skipped a couple days here and there, but was vigilant for the most part) I would give this stuff a 7 out of 10.  
  • I don't have any other lash growth serum to compare it to, but from what I experienced, YES, my lashes did become a bit darker, thicker, and the slightest bit longer.  
  • To be honest, I would have been a bit freaked out if they had started growing like mad, it just wouldn't seem right.  But I believe this stuff did boost the volume of my natural lashes more than anything.
  • I did feel slight itching every now and then around my eyes, but it wasn't unbearable and was fleeting.
  • It was easy to apply, just a swipe across the base of your lash line like you would apply a liquid liner, onto clean makeup free eyes.  I used it on the upper and lower lashes every night before hitting my pillow.
  • I feel it made more of an impact on my lower lashes than upper.
I am definitely going to keep up the use of this product.  Because like any other enhancement beauty product, the results will fade and go away if you don't continue using it!!

**FOR MY JENNYSUE MAKEUP FANS- You can get a 30% discount off the purchase of your very own tube of Cilea Lash.  Just visit www.cilealash.com and then at checkout, simply type in the word "JENNY" to receive your 30% discount. Offer expires on 8/1/2012 **

What are your thoughts on lash enhancing products- have you tried one or would you be willing to give one a try?? 

This product was sent to me for consideration by Cilea of PureSuasion, Inc. and I was not paid for this review.  All views are my own.

July 23, 2011

Back To Reality

This was my life two days ago while at the beach - dining with the hubby at a nice restaurant drinking wine and champagne and eating delicious rich desserts....

How relaxed do I look??  This was the most amazing dinner at Tomasso on Kiawah Island.

Beautiful sunny golf course background at Turtle Point.  
Once again, I'm super relaxed!

Me and our awesome server Duwhyte, who was from Jamaica and brought
that relaxing island feeling to our meal experience!!  
He looks much cooler throwing up the peace sign than I do!! Ha!!

And now this is my life as of today back here at home- back to parenting the kids with no help from the grandparents we spent a whole week with, cleaning up the messy rooms, and probably doing laundry for the next 3 days...

I couldn't believe my eyes when I woke up to my boys room this morning.
Clothes literally exploding out of their travel bags and stuff everywhere!!

So yep, no more fine dining on golf courses and laying on the beach for hours!!  All good things must come to an end but in some small way, I need a vacation from my vacation if that makes any sense.  Maybe all of this laundry will be therapeutic and bring me back to my comfortable reality....

July 19, 2011

Vacationing With Kids Is A Beautiful Challenge

If you read my previous blog, I let you in on the fact that we're on vacation at the beach (Kiawah Island,SC- one of our fave vacation spots w kids!) with our children and both sets of grandparents which is lovely.  However the house we have rented for the week has no WiFi.  I didn't think this would bug me, but the fact that I CAN'T blog from the house is more annoying than if I didn't WANT to.  Catch my drift??

So where there's a will, there's a way!! I will blog!  I'm starting to find that blogging is therapeutic and  a way for me to go ahead and capture the fun moments in my life in pictures and words.  

Me enjoying the cool morning air (and palm trees) and some wireless Internet!
I wish I had this type of beautiful background to blog in every day.

My husband and I found a cutesy little coffee shop right outside of the island where we could take a small breakfast break to be sans kiddos, enjoy a cup of jo, (one of my very favorite blogs that happened to go along with our activity of drinking coffee- you will get hooked on this interesting mommy blogger) and where they have WiFi- woo hoo!!!

We got everyone looking at the camera- small victories!!

This is a nice morning getaway because while my children have had a blast here at the beach so far, I can tell you, even though we're on vacation, children can still be a challenge.  Vacations to them don't mean a break from temper tantrums, the "I wanna ____",  and sleeping in. No no no, quite the opposite, they become almost more needy when in a new location!  My littlest muffin has decided she wants to wake at 6:30am EVERY morning- seems she doesn't realize this is VACATION- you're supposed to sleep in - apparently not.  I guess she's super excited to get to the beach and enjoy eating some more sand...insert pictures of my beach bunny Vivian below.

Yes, this is the surprised look of eating sand and it not tasting as good as it looked.

We have a few more days to go of our vacation so maybe she'll give us a break with the early morning wakings...maybe.  We will continue to try and wear her out at the beach which hopefully will result in longer naps and nights!!

My attempt at keeping Viv busy on the beach.

How I'm making my life easier on the beach.  We bought an all purpose Dora beach blanket from Target that actually repels sand really well for the baby to play on! A must for anyone wanting to be on the sand with a baby but doesn't want their hands in the sand which end up in their mouth! Genius buy on my part for only 10 bucks.  And even though actually laying on the beach and reading isn't an option, bc I'm constantly running after somebody, I like to keep my my beach look classic and put together.  I do this with a clean tight pony tail, big fake diamond studs (bc I don't own real ones!), and big black glasses with black bikini.  Not too fussy, just right.

My father n law with my 3 kids.  
Take a grandparent along on your vacation if you can, it definitely makes life easier!

I'm excited to share a look into our vacation with pictures so far, because my father in law took most of these pics with his nice fancy camera so the quality is much better than what you're used to on my blog!

My 3 beautiful angels.  Just had to share these close ups of each.  I like that we captured happy vacation faces rather than melt down modes, which we have definitely already seen and experienced!

My oldest Jack.  This is his determined face to hit the waves!

My middle son Walker.  He loves to dig in the sand, and dig, and dig.

My youngest, lady Vivian.  Sun hat with chin strap compliments of Old Navy.  
There is no cuter accessory than a baby in a hat, that will actually stay on in the beach wind!

Scott with his boys.  Love this picture because of the sheer joy on all 3 faces.

My tangerine and hot pink alternating nails.  Great beach colored combination.

My dad, me, and my daughter.  Can you see the family resemblance??

Love this silhouette pic of my daughter's very first experience with the beach.  
She's just gotten the hang of crawling and loved the feel of this sand.This was taken the first night we arrived (same night she also ate the sand!).

 We took a night to drive into the city of Charleston to visit with my cousin.
This is at Taco Boy which has a killer patio, food, and skinny pineapple margaritas!
A definite must visit if you like yummy mexican food.
They had a fried corn on the cob with feta cheese, TO DIE FOR!

Me with my beautiful cousin Katie.  This was the first time she met her 2nd cuz Vivian!
We enjoyed getting to visit with her since we don't live near each other anymore.

We have over 400 pictures taken so far and the week is not even over yet!  But when you've got 3 little ones and a super nice camera to capture these moments on, why not take a ton!!  I want to remember every single bit of this vacation because like all vacations, it feels like they are over before they even get started.

July 18, 2011

Vacationing Without WiFi

My blogging has been on a roll this month until my much needed vacation started.
Luckily, or unlucky depending on how you look at it, the lovely home we've rented for the week doesn't have wireless internet.  So anything tech wise, I have to use my cell, which isn't always that convenient- I actually love the feel of a true keyboard. 
Amazing how I had these grand plans to relax and do very little Facebook, twittering, and blogging, but when it gets down to it, I actually miss all of that and crave it. Wierd.
So I will strive for a happy medium and do a couple short blogs VIA my phone to get me through the week.  In the meantime, I must go lather up the kids with sunscreen, pack up the cooler, and stroll to the beach with a good old fashion magazine...all things that don't require WiFi!!

July 15, 2011

My Beach Beauty Essentials

Countdown is on for my beach vacation.  The hubby and I are taking our 3 kids to Kiawah Island, SC (I've been going to this location since I was around 10 yrs old- it's wonderful, not super crowded and very laid back!  All attributes you like the older you get;-).  You might be thinking, "Well that doesn't really sound like a vacation if you're taking your kids with you- you'll just be doing the same daily things with them, just in a different location!"

But this is realllly going to be a vacation, because not only are we going with one set of grandparents, but we're taking BOTH sets of grandparents with us (that equals 4 sets of extra hands), BRILLIANT.

Here's a peak at the makeup essentials I plan on packing up to help me put together my beach face...

{My overall beach face look.  Natural enough without looking too made up.}

1.  My Hold Me makeup bag.  The must-have beginning essential. You can check out my original posting on why I love this makeup bag for traveling HERE.

2.  Skin.  Sonia Kashuk's radiant tinted moisturizer w SPF 15 in color beige- perfect bc it's sheer with just enough coverage, and the SPF is key since I will be in the sun a lot.  MAC's bronzing powder in color refined golden, for an extra boost of color since getting a tan on my face shouldn't be an option, I don't want wrinkles and sun spots!  La Roche Posay daily moisturizing cream with sunscreen- my skin is super dry so I need extra moisture in addition to my tinted moisturizer and this stuff has won all types of awards due to its ingredients.

3.  Eyes.  L'Oreal Voluminous mascara- the waterproof version of course.  Stila eye shadow in color Oasis- a great sunny golden color.  Wet n Wild's H20 proof liquid liner in color smokey- to boost my look a little for when we go out to dinners.

4.  Cheeks + Lips.  Tarte eco-cheek natural cheek stain- my fave peachy cheek color with a hint of shimmer bc I don't like wearing powder formulas when on the beach, doesn't seem natural. Avon's healthy makeup lip cream with SPF 15 color pink charm- I love that I get a little color, hydrating jojoba oil, and the SPF addition on my lips bc so often the lips get left out of the SPF application.

{Don't forget the feet need decorating too!}

And to round out my look (not including the huge amount of clothing left to pack) I got some plastic silver glitter flip flops from Old Navy to sport around the sand in.  I know flip flops are a dime a dozen, but these mold sooo well to my foot (super comfy) and I will be able to just spray them off with water to get annoying sand off.  And they come in gold, silver, blue, and pink sparkle- what girl wouldn't want to walk around with some extra foot bling??!

What products are a must have for you when you hit the surf and sand??

July 12, 2011

The Power Of Brows

Eye brows can make or break a face in my opinion.  And if they're super thin and over plucked/waxed, well you've just ruined your face.  Get ready ladies, this is a picture heavy blog bc I looove to focus on eye brows!!

These are models from Oscar de la Renta's Resort 2012 collection, wearing an exaggerated brow paired with bold red lips and not much other makeup.  
See my before and after brow impersonation of this look at bottom of blog!

I know what I said up top sounds harsh, but history shows that some of the most beautiful women ever to grace the big screen had thick strong brows like...

Sophia Loren

Elizabeth Taylor

and Audrey Hepburn.

I fell into the mistake of over plucking my brows as a teenager in high school, just because that was the thing.  Big mistake.  I look back at pics of that time in my life and think, "What were you thinking??"  The good thing is, hair typically grows back, but not my brows, they stayed gone after years and years of over plucking.  But luckily, cosmetic companies make all sorts of brow treatments, pencils, colored waxes, and pens, everyone can draw their brows back in if they need too!!

After seeing the pictures of the models from the Oscar de la Renta show with their over drawn brows and dark red lips paired, I had to try it out to show you all the effect of how bold brows can transform a face and make the eyes more noticeable.  I truly believe brows are the framework of the face!

Here are my before brows (with my normal look which is still slightly drawn in!) and after brows and red lips for added punch...

My NORMAL/BEFORE brows with only brown/black pencil drawn in small wispy strokes.

My AFTER brows, which were drawn in thicker with the same pencil, but colored in with
colored brow wax from Sonia Kashuk's Arch Alert Brow Kit ($10).
I blended the dark reddish color with the dark brown.

BEFORE normal brows.

AFTER bold brows!
Look how much more my eyes pop even when they don't have any
other different eye makeup on!

Modern day star with MAJOR brows- actress Camilla Belle.
I am obsessed with the brows, lips, the hair, all of it.

Now of course these brows are exaggerated, and I probably wouldn't go out many places with them being this obvious, but this goes to show you how a stronger brow does ramp up a face.  And of course red lipstick doesn't hurt either;-)  Brows and red lips make for an eye catching combination!

How do you feel about major brows?? Do you believe bigger is better or do you like a brow that fades into the face?? Sound off!!