September 30, 2011

Beauty Tips For Busy Moms

All moms are busy, point blank.  Whether you work at home caring for your children or you go out to work to provide a lifestyle that cares for your family, stay at home and women who work outside the home, are both equally busy.

I found this sign on and I want to live by this.  
My house is not dirty by choice but sometimes there is no time for housekeeping.
But for the most part, I  have really happy kiddos despite the messes!!

I hate the debate, so this is me squelching it by saying ALL MOMS ARE BUSY IN THEIR OWN SPECIAL HECTIC WAY, and we shouldn't waste our time comparing ourselves to other moms (or people in general)!!  It's a tough life lesson to abide by to not compare yourself or your children, but I promise, it's an energy drain, so don't do it and make the best of your situation and love the life you live.

So for all you busy moms out there, here are my top beauty tips for your everyday hectic schedules:

#1.  Thanks must go out to my friend/neighbor who I have to give credit to for this one- thanks Abbey!  If you are female (you don't even have to be a mom) you probably love to make "lists."  So why not make your list right in front of the mirror you look into every morning!!

I make them all day everyday so I don't forget anything, because there's a lot for me to forget with my business, 3 kids, a hubby schedule, etc.  So just get a dry erase marker and write away on your vanity mirror!  It comes off super easy with just water and a paper towel!  This eliminates any need for annoying pieces of paper flying around the house and while you're using your other beauty tips below, you can see right in front of you what's on your agenda for the day!

#2.  When in doubt or a bad hair day, pull hair back into a slicked-back-super-tight-ponytail for an instantly chic pulled together look.  I like to do a low placed part and if I have time, I wrap a strand of hair around the elastic.

 This is also a good hair-do for when you have dirty hair (this is a blog for busy moms and who has time to wash their hair everyday??) it actually works better that way!  I apply a bit of water to the hair before slicking it back, and then I spray the heck out of it with hair spray.  Long dangle earrings are also an easy way to instantly spruce up your face without the makeup!

#3.  Or, if you have shorter hair, just add some cutesy bobby pins with bling or design, and pull back any annoying bangs or pieces for some added flair.  I like my champagne colored rhinestone bobby pins, but I know the new Target Missoni ones are all the cheapy rage right now!

#4.  To make your skin look its best in an instant, skip three steps for glowing skin by making your own tinted moisturizer with a liquid bronzer mixed into it!  One step- with your moisturizer, bronzer, and foundation all in one!! 

This is a bright lip color day!  
This is also an old pic, so it has some extra steps in it not mentioned in my #5 tip. 

#5.  If you must pick only three beauty products to apply (you know I can't imagine anything less than!)- make it concealer (click here for my best tips on how to apply), mascara, and lip color.  Lips can either be sheer if you're wanting to look more natural and fresh faced.  Or, they can be your wow factor on your face because it's the only feature you have time to put color on!  Lip color is a mood pleaser for me- it definitely shows if I'm feeling spunky that day (bright wow lips) or I am just wanting to make it through the day (sheer and fuss free!).  
 I know I know, it sounds like I'm cheating on my own tips since the pic above has lots of extra makeup involved (liner, blush, foundation, etc) but I wanted to showcase that a super bright lip can be distracting from other parts of the face that might not get as much attention;-)

I hope everyone has a super busy but beautiful day filled with fun activities that don't involve dirty laundry, piles of dishes, cranky bosses, cranky children, un-vacuumed floors, you get the pretty picture:-)

How do you stay feeling beautiful during those few precious moments you have to get ready?? Please share!!

September 29, 2011

Mad For Mod Eyeliner

There is a Maybelline ad out right now that has a model who looks like a modern take on 60's icon Twiggy for their Eyestudio Master drama cream pencil ($6).  I've been so attracted to this look since I've seen it in all of my fall fashion magazines, that I just had to give it a try- despite the fact this is NOT an everyday carpool mom look;-)

Twiggy look a like...

The real Twiggy.

Dark black liner rimming the eyes is very distinctly retro mod looking.  So I could probably work this look for Halloween since it's sooo dramatic, but then I'd have to lose around 30 pounds to pull off the real Twiggy look, and dye my hair blonde, and chop it off....okay, maybe not a good Halloween choice for me-ha!!  Luckily, with this look, I did very minimal makeup on the rest of my face because the eyes are where the attention should be.

So moving on, here is how I recreated this bold black eye makeup look with a few easy steps (and no, I did not use the Maybelline liner for this).

Products used:
Kat Von D Tattoo liquid liner in Trooper
Basic charcoal colored eyeliner pencil by Palladio
Very Black mascara by Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume
White eye pencil by NYX
MAC lipglass in Underage

Started off with my normal winged eyeliner on top with my white eyeliner drawn 
along lower waterline (inner rim of lower lash line.)  This was to get me started in my 
comfort zone!

Second, I drew a stencil (practice round!) around my eyes before adding the liquid liner.
This was basically so I could trace back over the regular eyeliner once I was comfortable with how it 

Lastly, I took my black Kat Von D liner and retraced over the charcoal liner. I made sure to wing on the outside corners of the eye and draw a pointed tip at the inner corner of the eye that connected the upper and lower lash lines into a dramatic point! 
Loaded on 3 coats of mascara top and bottom (think Twiggy)

The finished look.  No blush and a light light pink lip gloss to complete it.

What do you think of the mod eye liner look? Should it stay in the 60's or be brought back to the present?! Could I wear this to pick up my 3 and 5 year old from school?? Ha!!!!!

September 27, 2011

Wine With Everything

Wine seems to be a constant theme around my home these days.  Wine colored lipsticks and shadows, whining 3 and 5 year olds, and wine in mommy's glass after a long week!

{Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in "Wine Not" in matte formula ($5)}

Deep wine colored lips definitely scream a rich and luscious look for fall.  After my Scarlet Johannson inspiration from D&G here and seeing this wine colored print shirt and snakeskin clutch from Nina Ricci from the fall 2011 runways here, I decided to sport my very own bold wine look.  I've also been reading a lot about Revlon's Bordeaux "In The Snow" lip gloss palette that will be coming out soon, from, and has been getting rave reviews!  The wine theme is everywhere, it's everywhere!!

The keys to pulling this bordeaux mouth off:  

1.  Keep everything else super simple- from eyes, to skin, to cheeks.  I'm only wearing L'Oreals Hip studio secrets shadow duo in "darling" which is a champagne and bronze duo.  No eyeliner, and mascara only worn on upper lashes.  I'm wearing bronzer, no blush.

2.  Apply a layer of foundation or a concealer all over your mouth to create a smooth even colored blank canvas so that the dark lip color will end up being most vibrant.

{Rihanna working the wine colored lips from}
For you darker skinned lovely ladies, Iman's "Black Brandy" would be a faboo option to try.

3.  For a more sophisticated and finished look, add lip liner, I did.  If you want more of a fresh faced and youthful look, just swipe this color on straight from the tube and rub it in with your finger, and blot for more of a stained look.


I must say, I feel very grown up and mature with just a couple swipes of this color!!  And if you are feeling very bold with your wine colored mouth, you could add a fun swipe of color to your lids such as a teal or navy liner- the perfect color combination!!  Just check out this beautiful room of this color combo if you need some visual reassurance!

Will you be wearing wine this fall- or just drinking a lovely pinot noir??  

September 25, 2011

Bye Bye To Summer

I can officially say good bye to summer now that my beach weekend is over.  The hubby and I just spent a much needed few days in Grayton Beach, FL with some of our bestie couple friends.  The blog obviously got put on the back burner a bit because I totally and completely took the chance to relax- which meant minimal computer time.

One of the corn hole boards we played with.  I got OBSESSED with this game!  
We played it all day long.

To describe the weather as anything less than perfect would be rude- it was perfection!!  And so was the crystal blue water and white soft sand, I thought I had been transported to the Caribbean!  I thought I would share with you how I officially sent off summer.

The view from my beach chair.  Pretty relaxing huh?

 My husband actually caught this fish, I just got to reel it in and get my picture made with it!

Me and my girlfriend working the kayaks in the ocean. I can't believe how sporty I look in these past two photos! Very un-JennySue like, but I loved every minute of it!

 I'm going to preface this picture by saying, I did NOT eat this, but one of our guy friends did, and it just amazed me.
  It was called the Stinkey's Stew- and was basically a huge pot of random seafood.  It looked like 
the crab wanted to crawl out of the bowl!

Me and the hubby at dinner- the night of the Stinkey Stew;-)  
Nothing says a beach vacation like a good seafood dinner!

This pretty mermaid lady was one of the pieces of artwork in the bathroom at the home we stayed in.
I just loved her, she was so cute and greeted me every time I went to put on my makeup!

 No vacation is complete without one wild night of dancing!  We all headed to a small local dive bar after dinner and danced the night away on our last night there.  
As you can see, I was loving the live saxophone player- he was so cool.

Me with the girls at our night of dancing.  I was sporting a strapless maxi dress (that literally cost $17), which has been one of my staple looks this summer.

But now that I've been able to enjoy my beach weekend, I can now start looking forward to fall weather and clothing!! I'm packing up the swimsuits and bringing out the sweaters.  Luckily,  I can keep sporting my fave maxi dress look, I just need it to have long sleeves!  I saw this one by Elizabeth and James in one of my InStyle magazines, and if I had over $600 bucks, I would totally buy this one. So bo-ho chic.

I also want to pair my fall clothing with some vampy dark lipstick like I've seen Scarlett Johannson wearing in the Dolce & Gabbana makeup ads.  If you've never checked out the D&G makeup website, you should.  It is crazy cool and the graphics are so neat- the lipsticks are 3 dimensional and spin around!!  Ultimate luxury cosmetics.

Isn't this gorgeous??  These lips scream fall forward!!

How are you saying bye-bye to summer and hello to fall?? What trends in makeup and wardrobe are you looking forward to? 

September 21, 2011

Blush Is The New Lipstick

I've recently been reading about how powder blush can actually be applied to the lips to create a more matte finish which is a popular lip look right now.  If this surprises you that I've never tried this before, and I've been doing makeup artistry for 10 years, well then I'm sorry to shock you.  But better late than never right??!!  Goes to show you there's always something new to learn in every craft!

Beware- Extreme CLOSE UP!!
My all time favorite blush, Nars "Orgasm" shown it can also be used as my lipstick!!

So yesterday and today I've given this novel idea of using blush as lipstick a try, and I must say, I'm loving the outcome.  However, I didn't realize that using a similar shade of blush on top of a similar shade of lipstick actually creates better staying power as well!!  Huge bonus!

Here are some photos from the last two days of me getting double use out of my cheek color and how I got it to stick.

Sorry for another extreme close up, but I wanted you to see how well the blush shows up on your lips and how true the color can actually be.

1.  I started with a slightly tacky base by using one of the lipglosses that came in my tarte jewelry box and just applied an ever so sheer swipe of it across my bare lips with my finger.  I used a similar but lighter version of a coral base that wouldn't fight with the Nars blush shade.

2.  This is a before picture of the first day I tried blush as lipstick with a really bright fuschia pink color.  This is just so you can see how much difference the blush made in the next picture!  I have on a really light pink gloss from the tarte box again here.

3.  This is my after shot with blush shown.  Crazy how this transformed my lip color right??

4.  I love how matte this lip look turned out bc the blush has zero shimmer in it, unlike the Nars Orgasm which is filled with shimmer.  So two very different looks.  Another extreme closeup for your viewing pleasure...ha!!!

5.  I applied both blushes with my pinky finger to my lips.  I swirled my finger around the color pot and then pressed the blush into my lips- no swirling or swiping on the lips, press press.  I blotted with one sheet of tissue, then added a second layer of blush.  If you check out my pinky finger here, you can see how stained it got!  This created true staying power!!

The good news is about using your blush as lipstick, is that you can use your blushes with or without shimmer to create a really neat and polished matte effect while also creating a longer lasting lip color.  I still considered the Nars blush that had shimmer to look matte-like because it wasn't glossy like a real lip gloss.  I also loved how the blush didn't taste powdery or funny on my lips like I thought it would bc the light layer of real lipstick or gloss you use should keep the powder soaked in.

*Note, if you use a gloss, don't use a sticky or high gloss, use more of a satin finish one.  A lipstick would probobly be better honestly.*

So how many of you have already tried this insider tip that took me 10 years to try out??  Do you like the  look and are you loving the matte lips trend seen lately??

September 19, 2011

Bright Colors Make Sense For Fall

I have never been afraid of bright colors, whether it comes to clothing or makeup.  Color in my home, wardrobe, and makeup, makes my life feel more fun!  And who doesn't ultimately want to have some fun in life??!

Although there are some days when black or grey are the only colors that will do, (maybe I ate too much spaghetti and garlic bread the night before and need to hide behind a black tee!!) as whole, bright colors make me happier than dark ones.  And this upcoming fall season is bringing forth all sorts of bright options to this southern girl.

Muppets for OPI.  Brilliant, funny, and bright puppets make for great inspiration.

My first bright inspiration is from the nail polish company OPI and their Muppets collection due out this November.  Specifically, the "Rainbow" glitter formula is at the top of my list because of its, well, rainbow colored glitter combination! It looks like it will be a party for my fingernails!!  And you know from my Miss Piggy blog that I'm a big fan of these puppets!  But the "warm and fozzie" color (shimmery copper) gets top billing for most fun name!

Image from Refinery29- verrrry cool site for up to the minute news on everything 
from coast to coast.

My second color inspiration comes in the form of bright pants for fall! Seen all over the 2011 fall fashion runways were magenta pink, cobalt blue, sunshine yellow colored pants of all shapes and sizes.  My personal fave are red pants and I am on a mission to find the perfect cherry red pair.  No dull reds allowed!

The most colorful woman out there right now- Nicki Minaj.  
This picture is priceless of her sitting next to her polar opposite in style, Anna Wintour.

My third color inspiration is a combo between wanting to own the newest rage in lip glosses, (that is a combo of the brightest barbie pink plus hot neon pink you can imagine), and wanting to wear color like the talented and fearless Nicki Minaj.  I don't want to wear actual colored pom poms as a shirt, but I would like to be able to carry off super bright clothing with such ease and confidence! Maybe if I could rap like a mad woman, it would help-ha!!!

One of the hottest pink lip colors I've seen-  Stila's "giggle" luxe gloss.

Stila's lip enamel luxe gloss in "giggle" was seen on the Betsey Johnson runway show for Spring 2012 and is a hot pink commodity that is nearly impossible to find right now (even though it was introduced in 2009).  I'm not giving up on this shade though, because it looks like so much fun, I would need very minimal makeup to make this lip color work.  I think it would "work" for me all by itself!!

It's obvious I'm on a color bandwagon, because I also found this amazing kitchen on Pinterest that has me lusting for the courage to paint my next kitchen hot pink.

Not only is the kitchen pink, but there's a girly chandelier- ULTIMATE GLAMOUR!!

Are you feeling summer-type brights for Fall 2012, or are you more into the seasonal (typical!) fall colors??

September 17, 2011

Angelina's Sexy Signature Eye Makeup

There is no denying that Angelina Jolie is a sexy lady, point blank.    Any lady that is raising 6 kids, has a fab film career, is a philanthropist, sports tattoos with meaning, and roped in a smokin' hot husband-Brad Pitt (not as smokin as mine, but close;-), is someone to be reckoned with.

Photo from

Angelina always has a makeup look that is completely recognizable.  It's always about the eyes for her.  Obviously her lips are what people talk about the most, but since they're so "obvious" she usually downplays them by keeping them light and playing up her eyes with a sexy smokey look!  That's my personal take on how she applies her makeup-just a guess.

My best Angie serious stare.  I don't do well being serious, but this is one of my better attempts;-)

In order to get the sexy Angelina eyes that she is so famous for, here is how I accomplish the look:

 Use a super black eye liner pencil and line the entire rim of the eye, upper and lower.  When doing the upper lash line, make sure to do the "tight" line and get up underneath the inner rim.  It feels funny and kind of gives me the heebie jeebies when I do it, but the payoff is huge.  
Really makes the lash line look full.

 Choose a medium colored taupe shadow for lash line to crease (slight shimmer is helpful), and a dark espresso type brown for the actual crease and to create a sideways >.  I used 2 colors from my Too Faced Natural Eye Palette- velvet revolver and sexpresso.  Y'all know I can't do a makeup
look without using at least one color from this palette.  I heart it.

I used a very light pink blush because I can't go without blush-ever.  Looks like Angie might have only used bronzer to sculpt her cheekbones.  See 4 pics below for this.

This might seem a bit much, but after penciling the upper and lower lash lines, I drew back over
those lines with a black liquid liner for added effect and for an extreme cat eye look.  
Being sure to flick up at the corners!

I smudged all along my upper and lower lash line with a rounded tight bristled brush with a dark
charcoal grey shadow (Smashbox Obsidian, a fave!) to make the lash lines super smokey.

To get Angelina sculpted cheekbones, take a small angled blush brush and medium bronzer
for your skin tone.  Make a "fish face" (yes, that's mine, not pretty, but gets the job done!) and stroke
the bronzer from the top of your ear right into the hollow of the cheekbone.  
Voila!  The illusion of cheekbones you never knew you had.

Lip gloss is by L'Oreal Infallible in color "blush."

I admire Angie for her signature look and knowing what works for her features.  I must say, I'm not sure I've ever seen a bad picture of this women so she's doing something right.  I wouldn't say I have a "signature" look bc I love experimenting with makeup so much that I'm usually shaking things up.  However, I might start always using liquid liner on top of my pencil liner because the staying power and wow factor was amazing!

What do you think of Mrs. Pitt's sexy eye look?  Do you have a signature look??