December 29, 2011

Best Skin Care Picks For 2012

I switch up my skin care products about as often as I switch up my favorite lipstick.  I just love trying new stuff and feel like my skin gets bored when I use the same old product time after time (it's never actually spoken to me, but I speak for the way it feels;-)).  Quite a few of you have asked me to let you know exactly what products and methods I use to take care of my skin, so I figured I would let you in on what I'm currently loving!!

{ I'm pretty old fashioned in that I use a washcloth
 along with my cleanser to get my face squeaky clean!}

The photo above is me bare faced with only chapstick applied (ok, maybe my eyebrows are done, but that's it!!) after my morning regime.  Which is kinda scary to share with you what JennySue Makeup reeallly looks like without the paint and spackle, but I'm here to be honest with my understanding followers;-)  First of all, I do love the way a washcloth feels when removing my makeup.  Even though I've read conflicting reports that you should only use your fingertips/hands so as not to put too much wear and tear on the skin, I still use one.  All I know is I feel a deeper clean with a cloth, and I'll just promise to use it gently- ha!

{My current everyday & night products used.}

Before I get into what I use, I must admit that I owe a lot of my good skin gratitude to good genes. My mother has very pretty skin, always has, and currently has less wrinkles than I do- and she is almost 30 years older than me!  No fair, but I'm happy for her...kinda. "Love you mom" if you're reading:-)

But to keep up what God and mom gave me, here's what I'm using for maintenance...

Daytime:  I rotate between 3 moisturizers every 3 days.

1. L'Oreal Revitalift Clinical Repair Laser Treatment Repair moisturizer with SPF 20.  This daytime moisturizer has retinol as an active ingredient which is known to be one of the best ways to fight the signs of aging.  And it has SPF which is critical during the daytime and when you've got retinol on your skin, it's a must so your skin doesn't burn.

2.  Jergens Natural Glow Healthy Complexion moisturizer.  This is a very gradual self tanner for the face that also doubles as a daily moisturizer. I love using this stuff especially during the winter months to give my pale pasty skin a subtle healthy glow which is why I switch out using it every 3 days to keep up the color.  And it doesn't have an obnoxious smell which I like!

{When applying ALL moisturizers, don't forget about your neck!! It ages quicker than you face, so you must pay attention to it when it comes to SPF and hydration!}

3.  Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30.  This product has a soy complex that is good for evening skin tone, protects against both UVA and UVB rays, and has light diffusing particles that give your skin a radiant glow on its own.

4. Softlips Cherry lip protectant with SPF 20.  I know it's like I'm beating a dead horse, but SPF should even be applied on your lips to protect them.  The sun is evil when it comes to aging all parts of our face!


1.  Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser.  I find I really only need to wash my face at night, because it's not really getting dirty while I sleep over night on my clean pillow case!  I've been using this for over a month now and love love the way my skin feels after I've used it.  Granted, I don't break out a lot, but I've only had one blemish issue since using this.  It has an awesome tingling sensation after using it, which makes me feel super clean!

2.  Lancome Absolue Premium Replenishing Eye Cream.  I use an eye cream every night to try to scare away the crows feet.  I like keeping this one in my refrigerator because it's a great cold treat for that delicate eye skin!

3.  Avon Reversalist Night Renewal Cream. I have fairly dry skin, so I need lots of good hydration for night time.  This one does the trick and I usually feel like my skin looks slightly reborn the next morning after using this.

4.  St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub.  I like to use this exfoliator about 3 times a week after my cleanser to slough off the dead skin.  I've used almost all of the St. Ives products, and really like their scrubs and find them to be very gentle.

Whew, when I write all of this down, it seems like a lot of a maintenance huh??!!  But I feel like your face is kind of like taking care of an expensive car (ie, premium gasoline, regular oil changes, wash and waxing it!).  The better you treat it, the better it will perform.

What products are a must for your skin care regime??

December 27, 2011

Christmas In Chicago Finale

I know I have spread these posts out about my fabulous trip to Chicago, but I just can't get enough of looking back through all of the photos of the fun things we did and saw!   So here are some of the places I shopped, along with favorite photos for you to see what a wonderful and vibrant city this is!

{The iconic Chicago theater sign}

So I promise I will get back to postings about makeup and such (the bread and butter of this site!) after I share these last few pics of our trip with you.  This city is a must visit if you are looking for fun, excitement, nice people, and the cleanest big city I've ever come across!!  Oh, and if it looks like you see me in the same coat, hat, and scarf in almost every picture, it's because I packed light (gasp!!) and decided to just wear the same outwear everyday.  Looking back, I wish I had switched it up and packed another coat, but what can you do.  I was being practical;-)

 {Our first stop, Gino's East for legendary deep dish pizza.  It did not disappoint.}

 {This was hands down the BEST pizza I've ever eaten.  I was miserable afterwards because of how rich and enormous our pie was, but it was worth the misery;-)}

 {Under the "bean" at Millenium Park.  Not sure of the significance of this thing, but it was cool.}

{My best Marilyn Monroe pose}

 {Our boutique style hotel, The James Hotel, which was an awesome location to anything and everything we could have wanted to see and do!  These old school suitcases greeted us in the lobby.}

{We got upgraded to a suite-yippee!! Loved the minimalistic interior, because it was a break from my chaotic and cluttered home back in Georgia!}

 {The magnifying mirror in our bathroom was a huge bonus.  I could have spent hours doing my makeup and plucking my brows in that thing...and I did;-)}

{Our first night to dinner at Sushi Samba.  A lighter fare was much needed after eat deep dish pizza!
I've gotten lots of compliments on my bright blue pants, which you can find similar ones here.  Mine were from TJMaxx though- lots cheaper!!}

 {This was at the top of my husband's list of must places to visit- Wrigley Field.}

 {Looking up towards the 95th floor of the John Hancock building where we were headed for a cocktail.  I must admit, I was honestly nervous.}

 {Once we got to the top, the view of the city was ah-mazing to say the least.  You could see for miles, and miles, and miles...}

 {Acting goofy at the ChristKindl Market in Chicago.  It was a German outdoor Christmas market where you can shop for unique gifts and drink German beer at the same time!!}

{Met up with our friends Colleen and Andy, who are local and recently engaged!!, at the market.  
They were our ultimate tour guides and filled us in on everything Chicago related. You can tell by the jackets that they knew more about how to dress for extreme cold as compared to mine and Scott's wimpy jackets!!}

{A little bit of history we had to walk in and see.
The famous Drake Hotel constructed in 1920}

{The entrance walking up to the lobby in the Drake with some fabulous Christmas decor!}

Alas, all good things had to come to an end and we had to head back home.  We had such a wonderful time and will definitely be going back soon I hope!  But as much as I love getting away, I also love getting back home to my children.

{Right before we took off on our flight to Chicago, I found a lonely pacifier stuck in the bottom of the purse I was carrying, which reminded me of my little ones back home! I was sad and we hadn't even left Atlanta yet!!}

Maybe next time I visit Chicago, I will make a point to visit in warmer weather so that I won't get stuck wearing the same outerwear in all of my photos to remember my trip by;-)

December 25, 2011

The Reason For The Season

I admit to being guilty of getting waaay too caught up in all of the Christmas hullaballoo - such as buying enough presents (probably more than is necessary), decorating my house with as many lights as possible, indulging in too many treats and spirits, and designing the perfect family photo card to send off to friends and family.  But luckily my all time favorite Christmas decoration is a daily remainder of the real reason for this season...


Don't get me wrong,  I love all of the magic of the big man in red and seeing how excited my kids get when they talk about their list and what they hope to see under the tree tomorrow morning.  However, my hope is that every year we celebrate Christmas, that my children and myself included, will understand and remember the true meaning of why we are lucky enough to celebrate this month.  The birth of the baby Jesus is the main part of Christmas and should always be our central focus- not how many gifts are wrapped under the tree.  

I find it so fitting that this event is so special because it's about the birth of a baby.  And after having 3 of my own, there is truly nothing more amazing and inspiring than a child being born.  Tonight my family enjoyed a huge meal together (not the usual peanut butter and jelly!!) and watched old videos of our kids when they were younger which reminded me to appreciate how quickly babies grow up and to enjoy each and every moment, no matter how small, because time flies by!!! It's about to be another new year, and I am truly grateful for all of my blessings that 2011 brought.  But for now, I'm going to enjoy tomorrow morning, Christmas morning, and thank God for my own children and his son Jesus, who is the real reason we get to celebrate this season.  

A Very Merry Christmas To Everyone!!!!  

December 23, 2011

Jingle Bells And Green Fingernails

My Christmas spirit is in full force!!!  With only two days away, I want to soak in all of the "sights" and "sounds" of this wonderful and joyous season before it's all over.

{My holiday inspired manicure!}

I have added to the "sights" by decking my nails out in the traditional red and green.  I decided to add one accent nail on each hand in holly berry red to the rest of my garland colored ones.  This turned out so merry and bright, I just looove this holiday manicure!!  I like choosing different accent nails by the way instead of repeating on both hands (I did one on my middle finger, the other one done on the ring finger).

{Rimmel London's "Camoflauge" and OPI's "I'm really not a waitress"}

And to add to the "sounds" of the season, I just had to share with all of you a video that my talented hubby put together that I will want to watch every Christmas (and Valentines, Easter, birthday- pretty much every day it's that good!).  He put together this video to the tune of my kids favorite Christmas song, Glee's version of "We Need A Little Christmas" because this video is all about our kids and things they've done this month.  Of course it includes their visit to see the big man in red, which went just as we had expected with Miss Vivian - let's just say she wasn't a big fan;-)  

I hope you all enjoyed this glimpse of me and my family and why I find that Christmas is that much more fun with my little elves around!!!  AND, "Merry Christmas, Ice Cream!" to everyone.

December 20, 2011

Christmas Came Early In Chicago

I have sooo many pictures I took of our recent Chicago trip, that I figure I will have to break them up so as not to bore anyone to tears with the massive amount of photos.  And a majority of those photos consist of me shopping, shopping, and more shopping!  It's Chicago- that's what this city does best!!

{Me in front of the gi-normous Bloomingdale's tree! My over exaggerated smile shows how 
excited I was to be shopping til I dropped!}

{Trumpets welcoming Macy's shoppers...and me!!}

So I figured I would just share with you a few of the purchases I made for myself while on the trip.  And of course a couple of them had to be makeup related;-)

{My Bobbi Brown ultra thin eyeliner brush and Topshop lipstick}

{The point of these bristles on this brush are divine.  They are so finely tapered to help apply regular shadow powder or gel eye liner to give you a super thin line!}

{My Topshop lipstick in "confession" that is super moisturizing and nourishing.}

As I was checking out the makeup available in Topshop, one of the employees told me that their makeup is manufactured in the same factory as MAC cosmetics...hmmm, not sure if this was true or not, but sounds good;-)  The prices were actually really good, and very similar to MAC's.  And for those of you not familiar with Topshop, they are a UK based retailer with cutting edge style since 1964,  and there are only 2 currently in the U.S., the second one is in NYC.

{Me spending lots of time in front of the Topshop makeup collection.  
And of course I chose a lipstick, because who can resist a new lipstick??}

{My lightweight black wooden saints bracelet I added to the brown one I already owned.  I also continued with the religious theme by buying the huge gold cross earrings up top as well.  Topshop had a major cross theme going in the store which seems to be a hot Hollywood trend as well.}

{Just a small taste of the shoe section in Topshop.  Are you kidding me, need I say more?? I was awestruck at their selection- it was major.}

 {Back at Bloomingdale's, I scored a major steal on this chunky rose gold chain link bracelet. I had just read about this look in my InStyle magazine. Check!!}

So to all of you thinking of visiting and shopping in Chicago- make sure to sign up for a small discount offered at the local Macy's and Bloomingdale's for their out of town guests.  It basically helps offset the huge sales tax in the city I wasn't used to;-)  Every little bit helps.

For me, Christmas came early with all of the goodies I was able to get myself.  I know Christmas is a time for giving, not receiving, but I had to make a small exception for my first trip to Chicago.  And I bought stuff for other family members while I was there!!  This is the place to go for retail therapy for sure.  

What are you hoping Santa puts under the tree for you this year in terms of accessories or makeup??

Bye Bye Chicago

My Chicago getaway has almost come to an end and I must say it has been a dream trip that I am sad to see come to an end. We have tried to squeeze in as much shopping (which is ridiculous, in a good way!, dining, and sightseeing as possible in the few days we've been here.

This picture shows my street view looking towards the top of the John Hancock building, which I was a bit nervous about traveling to the top of. Everyone we talked to said this was a must sight to see, so I knew there was no backing out despite my fear of heights.

Once we reached the 95th floor of this building, I was relieved and in awe of the view. It was stunning how far you could see and we enjoyed a cocktail at the Signature Room while resting up from a busy day of shopping til we dropped!!

A more in depth picture blog of this wonderful city to come once we are safely back home. This is a place I know we will definitely be visiting again.

Have you ever been to Chicago? What did you think and what were your favorite sights to see??

December 16, 2011

Weekend Getaway

{Carrie and Mr. Big traveling in style}

The hubby and I are taking a much needed getaway this coming weekend to the "windy city" of Chicago...insert a big, "Woo Hoo!!!"  As much as I love and adore my 3 munchkins, I also love my husband and love spending time with him where we can actually get in two words without someone asking us to fill up their sippy cup or change their diaper.

I've been packing for this short weekend for a few days now (which I detest packing by the way because I'm a horrible decision maker when it comes to what clothes to wear)  and hope that I'm prepared for the much colder weather up north.  I say this because just today, I had my sons wearing shorts to school because my car thermometer read 76 degrees while we listened to Christmas music.

{Nothing like Christmas music during upper 70's weather}

I'm excited to fly to a city I've never been to before, experience actual cold Christmas-like weather, and overall, just relax!!  I would love the idea of being able to travel and look as fabulous as Carrie and Big above, but let's face it, they're TV characters, and NOBODY looks that put together while traveling.  I actually have one small red suitcase packed to the max and plan on wearing a pony tail and cargo pants on the plane.  But in my mind, I'll be in high heeled Louboutins with my hubby carrying my multiple Louis Vuitton bags...

How do you travel?? In style, or by comfort??

December 14, 2011

Angel Face

What's the best way to get an angel-like face??  Good skin care and highlighting products!!   Here are some current products to help you get that angelic glow...without the help of Victoria's Secret;-)

{A real Victoria's Secret angel, Candice, and her "glow"}

{Me, a wanna-be angel, with my glow attempt}

Highlighting products only perform to the best of their ability on nice smooth skin, and here are some products to help with that:

1.  Clarisonic Pro Jaguar Skin Cleansing System ($129).  This is a travel size version of the original with a super cute jaguar print- because who wouldn't want to feel fabulous and catty while cleansing their skin??

2.  Ole Henriksen Sugar Glow face scrub ($38). It has pomegranate, pumpkin, and honey, whose main objective is to give you a smoother and brighter skin tone.  Mmmm, what yummier combination could you ask for??

 {My glow placement is down the bridge of the nose, upper cheekbones, and top of upper lip}

{I place my highlighter in a C shape around both eyes, 
right above the cheekbones and around to the brow bone}

3.  Becca Cosmetics Loose Shimmer Powder in mermaid ($20).  This is what I used on my face for that angelic glow.  Its particles are so micro fine, you really can't apply too much;-)  Glow baby glow!!

4.  Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand in pearl ($32).  This helps to conceal some mild discoloration while leaving a dewy glow to the skin.  Halo- angels- makes sense huh??

5.  Lorac 3D Liquid Lustre ($16).  This liquid can be added over your shadows or worn pretty much anywhere on the face you want to impart an ultra bright white shimmer!!

{Can you see my halo??}

Hark the Herald angels sing!!!  What do you angels use for halo-like skin??

December 12, 2011

JennySue Makeup Product Review :: Dermablend Professional Smooth Indulgence Concealer

Let's FACE it, EVERYONE over the age of 21 could benefit from a little concealer, EVERYONE.  I have worked with a whole bunch of ladies who think that just using their foundation or powder is good enough for covering problem spots.  I say, no way!  Concealer is a more concentrated and usually thicker formula of makeup whose prime objective is to cover up problem spots such as dark circles, veins, red spots, discoloration, pimples, etc.  There is power in concealer.

{My new Dermablend compared to my old fave Simply Ageless to show size comparison.
Both are .3oz}

Once you take a look at the following piece of evidence, you will never doubt the effectiveness of concealer again.  Ever since I saw this video ad for Dermablend's full leg and body cover makeup featuring Rick Genest (the human skull tattoo guy from Lady Gaga's Born This Way video), I've been wanting to try this company's concealing products.

But since I don't have severe issues or tattoos I want to cover up, I didn't want to invest in the $27 dollar leg and body cover up, so I bought their Smooth Indulgence Concealer.  This $21 formula has an SPF of 20, is hydrating, has a matte finish, and is for light to moderate skin issues.  I'm pretty impressed with this stuff so I thought I would show you in pictures how it turns out.

*Note, in the following pics, I already have my foundation and other makeup applied.  Concealer should always go on after your foundation anyway.*

 {My BEFORE under eye shot}

 {I apply 3 tiny drops of this concealer, bc it is SUPER concentrated-little goes a long way!}

{My AFTER shot with Dermablend applied}

To be honest, the first time I used this concealer, I wasn't totally blown away because I was was still trying to get over the fact I had paid over $20 for it (kind of like my Touche Eclat experience).  But after a  few uses, I really think this concealer deserves some accolades.  I would give it a 9 out of 10, mainly because I like how very little of it you need to use, blendability, and its ability to stay put.

{Overall AFTER shot}

{I'd like my concealer to help me look as fresh faced as my 5 year old!}

Have you ever used any Dermablend products or concealers?  What do you think?  How important is concealer to your everyday routine?

December 11, 2011

Hot Chocolate Eyes

In keeping with the cold weather and holiday theme for this month, I decided to wear one of the most simple, but "hottest" eye makeup looks out there...a smokey dark brown eye. I like to label them my "hot chocolate eyes."

{Chocolate or coffee eyes- both are warm and give caffeine boosts!}

Here are the main products I used to stir up my "sweet" look.  Don't you just love all of my play on words???!

{Deep brown colors with a bit of sugar colored shimmer!}

1.  Bare Minerals liner shadow in "coffee bean"
2.  Lancome Le Crayon Khol in "black coffee"
3.  Bare Minerals eye shimmer in "nude beach"
4.  L'Oreal Voluminous False Lashes in "black"

{Showing the difference between lining the inner rim- right eye, and keeping it bare- left eye}

I did use the bare minerals loose powder as my overall brown shadow, even though it was labeled a "liner".  Loose powders can get a bit messy, but I liked how this super deep tobacco leaf color turned out and how rich the pigment was.  I used it from lash to crease, then along the lower lash line on top of the Lancome eye liner.  This kohl eyeliner is one of the best dark brown colors out there and smudges great, especially on the inner waterline where you need a super soft pencil that delivers deep color.  

I like the addition of adding the dark liner on the inner rim because it makes this look much "hotter!"

{Brown on brown is a perfectly easy match!}

{mark pro gloss in plumping shine in "spice" on lips}

If I could pick ONE shadow product that would do just as good of a job (possibly better) in creating hot chocolate eyes with many different choices of chocolate-y goodness,  it would be the follow up to Urban Decay's super popular originial Naked Palette, the Naked2 Palette!!  My Christmas would be complete if this was all I received- seriously.  

Have you gotten your hands on the Naked2 Palette yet?  What do you think of it??