January 30, 2012

Birthdays Are A Blessing

Today is my birthday, and I have finally come to realize that they are a blessing.  Yes each year older comes with challenges (hello crows feet creeping up, thinning hair, stiff grey hairs I have to pull out every other day, and forgetting where I placed my keys!), but now I'm able to see my birthday as more of a blessing because celebrating another year, means I'm being granted the opportunity to make this year better than the one before!!

{This is the surprise birthday party decor of my dreams!
Lots of balloons and candles- hubby take note!}

Now there was a time when I thought birthdays were depressing.  It started after I hit the big 22 and I thought that all of the "big" fun birthday moments were gone forever and I was going to have nothing to look forward to but getting old.  By "big fun" moments, I mean like turning 16 (being able to drive), turning 18 (knowing you have the right to vote), and then the obvious 21 (you were finally old enough to legally drink champagne on your birthday).  Luckily, with age has come a bit of wisdom, plus I have my precious children and wonderful husband to thank for allowing me to see the birthday glass half full and that I have so much to look forward to!


{Zodia sign - Aquarius - the water bearer.}

I love looking into zodiac signs and reading horoscopes.  I'm an Aquarius and always enjoy reading different versions of my water bearer sign as well as reading about the Chinese calendar, which celebrates the year of the horse (1978).  If you share my sign, here are some characteristics about us:

  • true people persons who value friendships
  • creative and imaginative
  • we are stubborn in our opinions
  • our greatest enemy is "boredom"
  • are ruled by our circulatory systems which means we are prone to circulatory problems such as varicose veins (this shocked me, bc I struggled with terrible varicose veins during 2 of my 3 pregnancies! Had no idea I had my sign to thank for that!
  • being exciting and extroverted
  • vivid and animated
  • the Horse is the life of the party at any he attends
  • entertains friends and strangers alike with humor and appeal

{Fellow fun Aquarian Rihanna!}
Thanks to celebuzz.com, I found this in depth list of fellow Hollywood Aquarians.
Some of the major players include Justin Timberlake, Oprah Winfrey, John Travolta, 
Rihanna, and Jennifer Aniston just to name a few.
Not a bad group to be associated with huh??
And for this birthday, my hubby and the kids are allowing me to create my very own custom Nike kicks on their Nikeid website.  This is going to be sooo much fun to create a personalized pair of tennis shoes...and yes, they might just end up saying JennySue Makeup on them...I'm sure they will make an appearance on my site once I receive them!!

Do you welcome each birthday or dread getting older?? What is your sign and do you follow its characteristics?


Claire said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! i have to admit i too felt like after 22 it was similar. though i didn't dread 30 as much as i thought i would because i was pregnant. and now i'm staring at 35 but still cool with it because i'm having my 3rd child and i'm really content with where i am. i feel like with age you sort of become more comfortable with yourself!


Samyukta ISimplyLoveMakeUp said...

WOW! Many Happy Returns of the Day Jen... May you be blessed with more joy and hope with each passing day :)

Ally Garner said...

Happy Birthday sweet Jen! Hope your next year is filled with abundant blessings!

Cannot wait to see your custom Kicks - how cool!

I'm a Taurus, which I thinks means I'm supposed to be extremely stubborn. Check ;)

Hope you had a terrific Birthday celebration with your family!

JennySue said...

@claire- thanks so very much for the bday comment- and i totally agree with the becoming more comfortable in your own skin as you age. congrats on the 3rd baby- i have 3 myself, it makes for a fun and crazy household!!
@samyukta-thanks girly for the bday blessings!
@ally- yes taurus tends to be a stubborn sign, but that quality can also be seen as tenacity right??!! excited for my kicks, will def share soon. thanks for the bday comment!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Happy Birthday! Birthday's are definitely meant to be celebrated and I'm so glad you are enjoying it.

Marisa said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! I hope it was as fabulous as you are!! I'm coming up on my 30th in May (also another stubborn Taurus:)) and am having very mixed emotions about it... lol

JennySue said...

@Kim & @Marisa- thanks so very much for the belated birthday wishes!! Marisa, don't be scared of 30- it only gets better and better:)

Kim Simon said...

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beautylogicblog said...

Happy belated bday gorgeous! love your blog too.