January 17, 2012

Bringing Neon Back

NEON shades are not just an ancient trend of the 80's anymore.  These bright look-at-me shades were seen all over New York fashion week for the spring 2012 collections as "highlighted" here and ways to wear it here,  as well as filtering into the makeup category with Bobbi Brown introducing her Neons and Nudes collection.  So of course I had to try my hand at this born again shade, by easily wearing it on my lips and in my accessories!

{MAC's Pro Longwear Lipglass in "full speed ahead" $18.50. 
As bright as it looks here, it's even more shocking in person!}

{This stuff is sti-iii-cky, but has the highest gloss effect ever!}

The KEY to pulling this shade off right now, is to NOT overdo it.  I wore my highlighter colored lipgloss alone, no harsh lip liner, and with minimal color on my eyes and cheeks so that the focus was just on my mouth.  I finally got a hold of that Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy lip treatment ($25) I have read so much about, and it has not disappointed.  Yes, it was pricey, but after a couple uses, I am sold on why it's gotten so much press.  It contains ultra nourishing and age delaying ingredients that truly make my lips feel so hydrated, full, smooth, and overall yummy!!  It creates a smooth base for me to wear my gloss on top of, but I'm afraid I'm going to get hooked on this expensive stuff and not be able to go back to my old $2 chapstick!!  Yikes!!

{My two lip products that produce neon lights lips!}

{How can you not smile wearing lipcolor this bright??}

I think in addition to a shocking lip, picking out neon fashion accessories, like belts, shoes, and handbags, is also a very easy way to sport this of the moment shade if you aren't brave enough to wear neon clothing like these celebs below.  

{These bold fashion statements were all courtesy of Michael Kors. Obviously, if you don't have 
a rockin body like these ladies, probably best to leave the neon dresses on the hanger.}

So since I'm not in the market for a neon dress, I recently purchased this green hobo handbag by Bodhi that is the perfect bright addition to all of my dull winter outfits for now and will work on into spring.  Yes, it's obnoxious, and yes it's green, but it's sooo much fun!!  AND, I got it for a huge steal at my local TJMaxx (luv luv luv this retailer for affordable high end designer labels) as opposed to its original price tag of $248...try 40 bucks!! Holla!!!

{I applied 2 layers of Scotch Guard to this puppy so stains won't ruin the neon effect!}

So will you be "bringing neon back" this spring or do you think it should be left back in the 80's with Debbie Gibson??  (and if you have no idea who Debbie Gibson is, then you have officially made me feel old;)-ha!)


Confessions of a Beautyholic said...

Oooh Love the way you did the lips! I'm not really a fan of neon on the eyes, but on the lips I think it can look great! Also now I'm gonna have to go get that Sugar treatment!

Jacqui MacNeill (Escents Aromatherapy Essential Oils) said...

I wouldn't normally go for that bright a pink for myself but it sure looks nice on you! :)

Tracy@Beauty Reflections said...

Nooooooo, only in my dreams, as real as it may seem.
it was only in my dreams .... :)
LOVE the neon lips!

The Peach said...

Love the neon and nude look! That Bobbie Brown collection looks great! Score on the handbag!

BlueVanilla said...

So cute! Love the neon bag! To answer you lipstick color question on my last post...its MAC Ruby Woo! One of my faves!

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JennySue said...

@confessions- i think neon on the eyes is hard to pull off, whereas lips are a lot easier! love the sugar treatment, i think there's something addictive in it to where you can't live without applying it- uh oh

@Jacqui- thank you! it's a fun color for sure!

@tracy- you are hi-larious, i was singing along the tune as i read your comment-thanks for not making me feel old and crusty!

@peach-yes, i believe the handbag was a huge score for sure!

@bluevanilla- i knew it must be a mac lip color!! and ruby woo is the one red i don't own!! thanks so much for the comment and following up, i truly appreciate it!

Marissa said...

I am loving the neon trend! I'm not brave enough to try it anywhere other than accessories and nail polish yet. xoxo Marissa


Emma said...

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Annie said...

Love the bright lips!

The Other Side of Gray

Ally Garner said...

Oh I love the pink lip!! I may have to try that shade. i've been eyeing Bobbi Brown's latest nudes & neons collection & saw her work magic on the Today show the other day. I never thought I'd like the trend, but after seeing her & your MAC lips, I'm sold! I got the Fresh Sugar in my stocking for Christmas and you're right - it's amazeballs! You look beautiful, doll!

Veronika said...

thanks for visiting my blog :) love that lip clor! :)

Ivana said...

I´m in love with neon colors, especially with the neon pink! You lipgloss looks simply perfect!

xx Ivana

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JennySue said...

@marissa- nail polish is a fab idea and way to wear the neon trend! great idea!
@ally- thanks girl- yes, amazeballs def describes the fresh sugar lip treatment-ha!
@veronika- no problem, love your blog!!
@ivana- thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the compliment!

Kim Simon said...

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Lubna said...

Love the neon bag! To answer you lipstick color question on my last post...its MAC Ruby Woo! One of my faves!essay writers