DiorShow Iconic Mascara Is Disappointing

I don’t ever like to bad mouth companie’s products because I know they are probably the culmination of someone’s hard work and ideas.  However, as a beauty blogger of cosmetic products, and a woman/mother whose hard earned dollar must be spent wisely, I feel I have to be honest about much hyped products and as to whether they actually deserve the hype.  In walks another Dior mascara…

{My sad and disappointed face over my $$ DiorShow Iconic mascara}
DiorShow gets lots of love in all of the fashion and beauty mags and over the internet.  I’ve bought Blackout and the original DiorShow, and were just kinda ho-hum about them both.  But I’m a sucker for marketing and Sephora employees who “urge” me to try another one, the DiorShow Iconic in waterproof.  I mean, its got the word iconic in it which basically means “representative of art”- so why wouldn’t I want my lashes to look like art??!  Unfortunately for my 30 bucks with tax, it did not perform any better than my favorite drugstore mascara (ah hem, Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume).
{My BEFORE any mascara picture}
{My AFTER DiorShow Iconic picture- 2 layers applied.  After 7 hours of wear as well}
{Close up of the wand in case you were wondering}
My overall take and rating of this expensive mascara.  I would give it a 6.5 out of 10.  
  • For $28 bucks a tube, I expect great things.  This gave me mediocre things.  
  • The only saving grace about it, is that due to its waterproof nature, it kept my lashes curled and did not smudge during the day.  
  • Other than that, it actually did slightly clump (which they taught doesn’t happen due to nature of the brush design) and 
  • Did not really lengthen or fatten my lashes, just made them blacker.

So what do you think about the much hyped Dior mascaras??  Am I crazy and do my lashes just dis-like Dior- or do you find drugstore mascara trumps Dior?? Sound off lash ladies!!