Friday Focus

This whole week I’ve been very focused on blogging, answering lots of emails, contacting current and future clients about makeup jobs, too much time on my Twitter account, and overall promoting my freelance business as a bold new me to ring in the New Year.  All of this work and blog focus has led the rest of my household life to look like this in a nutshell…

{My husband thought it gross that I would admit to this, but I’m an honest mommy blogger! 
I can’t do it all.}
Contrary to how some bloggers make it look on their fancy fashion and beauty sites that their lives are all about walking down beautiful barren California streets in their un-scuffed Brian Atwoods or strolling their baby wearing Burberry around Central Park with the perfect red lip on – my life is not even close, and I’m happy to admit that.  Everyday is not shiny pink lip glosses, perfect hair, and manicured nails – verrrry far from it.  There are lots of dirty dishes, stacks of laundry at the foot of our bed, toys strewn everywhere ALL the time, and unwashed hair with too much dry shampoo in it on a daily basis.  Oh, and lots of kids crying and whining at my feet!! Ha!!
I would love for my focus to look like this today…
{It’s rare my kitchen table look this tidy and my fresh flowers are 1 day away from being laid to rest in the garbage can, so I wanted to capture this peaceful moment!}
…but alas, I must get my priorities in line today.  I’m going to get my hands in the sink and away from the beauty products and keyboard.  I have a few fun posts in the works and some cool products to review and let you know about, so keep checking back.  Blogging is taking a backseat today- except for this post 😉
Until then…have you ever wondered what the origin behind Friday the 13th is all about? (There will be 3 Friday this 13ths this year of 2012 btw). Here’s a little background on this superstitious day found in the Huffington post, if you were interested!

I plan on my Friday Focus being a lucky and productive one- what’s your focus on today??