Funny Ladies Are Prettier

I’m completely comfortable in admitting that I have a “girl crush” on one of the latest leading lady comedians out there in Hollywood right now…Sofia Vergara!

{Sofia Vergara as the sexy (& funny) spokeswoman of Pepsi.  
Makes me rethink my love of Coke if Pepsi would make me look this good!!}
“Modern Family” is one of mine and my husband’s favorite comedy shows to watch together as a couple, and it doesn’t hurt that he would probably also agree with this crush-worthy funny lady.  Sofia Vergara is a riot in this sitcom and shows that pretty women (she’s 39- go girl!!) can also be pretty funny!  Who says female comedians have to conform to the baggy mom jeans, bad hair, and the no makeup look??
I find it even more attractive when a good looking lady doesn’t take herself too seriously.  I would consider the friends that I like to be around the most, are probably the ones with the best sense of humor, see the glass half-full most of the time, are quick witted, and might drop a not so lady-like word every now and then.  There’s nothing very pretty about a humorless chick who is all business-like all the time.
Here’s a personal breakdown of some other of my current favorite Hollywood comedians who combine good looks with a good sense of humor!
 {Rose Byrne}
She was the meanie backstabbing friend in the hit movie “Bridesmaids,” but was really funny doing it!  I honestly wouldn’t look at this girl and think that she could be funny bc I found very few images of her smiling, but after seeing this movie, she’s definitely got a funnybone!  And this pic makes me want to wear blackberry stained lips right now!!
 {Reese Witherspoon}

I have loved almost every single movie this hilarious woman has been in.  She is a mom of two, southern gal like me!, and a super successful actress.  Even though she’s done some serious films, I like her ten times better in her comedies.  Her cuteness just shines through!!
{Zooey Deschenal}
I love Zooey’s new hit TV show “New Girl” and she has a super good singing voice.  She also is a spokeswoman for the cosmetic line, Rimmel London, which supports the fact that you can be a good business woman while also being funny and pretty, all at the same time!  Even though I feel like the cosmetics industry sometimes takes themselves too seriously (how many cosmetic ads can you see where a model is doing the serious fish face??), it’s refreshing to see Rimmel taking on a funny lady like Zooey.
{Julia Roberts}
Julia has been around awhile, um, “Mystic Pizza”, but she still is one of my favorite comedic actresses.  “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and “Pretty Woman” rank as two of my all time fave movies and she happens to be the star of both!  With hilarious acting chops, ridiculously thick and shiny hair, a toothy smile, another Georgia gal (love these southern belles!), and being a mom of 3 on top of it all, she gets my vote for best all around!
Now back to Sofia, if she can nab a spot hanging in the same commercial with uber hottie David Beckham, you know that it’s true, FUNNY LADIES ARE PRETTIER!!  
Who are your fave Hollywood comedians right now??