Which Is More Important To You – Hair or Makeup??

I’m sure you all can probably guess my answer on about which is personally more important for me – Hair or Makeup.  And yes, you’re probably right to assume I would choose makeup because there are very few days I go without a stitch of the stuff.  I can probably can count on one hand since leaving college how many times I’ve been completely bare faced!!

{My latest lilac lip color obsession- MAC’s Cremesheen Glass in “narcissus.” 
Plus my brush set I got for Christmas from Sephora.}
{But, we can’t forget about the hair, even with a hat on!}
But in all honesty, asking me to pick one or the other is like asking me to choose my favorite child, and that’s just not cool to put me on the spot because I have three and that just wouldn’t be fair -ha!! However, even if I end up putting my hair in a messy bun, quick pony tail, or throwing a cute hat on top of dirty hair, I’m thinking about a way to make the two gel together for the most put together look I can. Lately I’ve been obsessed with keeping my hair color looking like the day I got it done here so there’s definitely no truth in saying I don’t care about my hair!!  
In my opinion, hair and makeup should be a cohesive look, because if one is a hot mess and there’s been no attention paid to it, then it distracts from the other one that you took more time on or had done professionally.  Prime example, Emma Stone, (who I actually mimicked hair color here because I loved her pulled together look!) recently looked like she chose to put time into one without time into the other at the People’s Choice Awards- ah hem, professional makeup, and I hope to goodness no professional stylist did the hair.
{Fresh faced smokey eye with flawless skin + flat bed hair, literally.}
Please no nasty comments about my opinion on Emma, because I do truly think she has great style, this look just didn’t cut it for me!!
So what’s more important to you on a daily basis?? Hair or Makeup??