January 22, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day

It has been raining here ALL weekend, and I'm honestly quite tired of it.  Cold and dreary does not do good things for my psyche and for some reason I can't seem to get motivated to do anything but sit in our new very large and cushy recliner and watch endless amounts of Bravo.

I was actually enjoying our weirdly mild January temperatures of 60's and sunny we experienced a few days ago.  Oh, how quickly things can change though huh??  So in honor of this wet stuff and trying to look on the bright side, here are some things that get me through the idea of being stuck inside this weekend...

1.  These braid ideas are the cutest hairdo's to sport in rainy weather.

2.  This is my all time fave food combo to eat during the cold winter months.

3.  Wearing these rubber boots would make me welcome wet weather.

4.  These beauty products and tricks will help you beat the winter chill.

5.  Tori Spelling is a jack of all trades and I love her more now than I did during the 90210 years.

How do you pass the time on rainy weekends when you are stuck inside??  Do you welcome the wet stuff or are you like me and wish for it to come again another day??


Ally Garner said...

It's been cold & dreary here in Charlotte as well. So I gave myself a serene day. After church with the husband I left for power yoga, then a massage & facial, book shopping at B&N with some hot chai, and lastly a mani-pedi. And Jeff is cooking dinner tonight. Best. Day. Ever.

So agree - love Tori Spelling so much more than her 90210 days. What an amazing talent she is! Speaking of amazing talents, I mentioned you on my Blog Lovin' series today ;) http://is.gd/Lc1iNs

Happy Sunday, doll!

beautybabbler said...

Rainy, dreary days are great for curling up with a book. During today's dreary day, I spent a lot of time online. I'm thinking of having a nice cup of hot chocolate tonight while I watch Once Upon a Time

natasha {schue love} said...

We've had snow all weekend so I totally hear you! Sometimes it's nice just to lay low and enjoy it! :)

Samyukta ISimplyLoveMakeUp said...

i dont take to rains very well... they almost have a depressing effect on me, which is why I try to cheer myself up with either a romantic comedy or a Mills and Boons novel with steaming cups of hot tea :)

JennySue said...

@Ally- wow, your day sounded lovely despite the rain!! That's what I like to hear! And thank you thank you for the glowing highlight of my blog- you're the best!
@beautybabbler- love love Once Upon A Time!!
@Natasha-I think I'd take snow over my cold rain- atleast snow is pretty to look at;) Enjoy it!
@Samyutka-I agree, I take rain pretty hard too and try my best to make the most of it. I unfortunately am not much of a reader- just magazines;)

Confessions of a Beautyholic said...

It's cold and rainy where I am too. Last nite there was a massive thunderstorm! I always curl up to the Law and Order marathons in between massive cleaning when it's like this!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

It is raining here right now. I usually like to read, shop online, or diddle daddle around the house. It's worse when it's cold. LOL Have a wonderful week.


Kim Simon said...

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