Skin Care Like An Expert

I have had 2 facials in my life- Gasp!! Yes, this makeup artist who is infatuated with faces, has only had 2 facials in her lifetime, but I am happy to say that I just added a 3rd one to the tally.  I really should do this more often because it was one of the most relaxing treatments I’ve ever received!! And my dry winter ridden skin thanked me afterward.

{Me relaxing on the table getting a steam bath for my face- this pic turned out so cool!}
For all of my Athens GA followers, you MUST take a trip over to Urban Sanctuary for a facial treat!  This spa has it all – from the most relaxing and serene decor, to an incredibly talented and friendly staff, treatments of all sorts for women AND men, and wonderful products from soaps, to makeup, to all sorts of eco friendly and organic skin care products imaginable.  
I am going to share a few pictures via Instagram that I took during my experience there while I list what my esthetician extraordinaire, Kristen Harold, said are her top 5 skin care tips and descriptions for achieving your best skin.  Thanks Kristen for educating and relaxing me at the same time.
{Enjoying a warm neck pillow and tea before my treatment began- not a bad start!}
Skin tip #1.  Keep it Simple.  
Don’t feel like you have to use 7 products to achieve major skin benefits.  If you buy 7 and get overwhelmed, then chances are you won’t use them.  So basically, don’t get suckered into those high pressured sales pitches at the department store makeup counters where they try and sell you every product in their line!!
Skin tip #2.  Cleanse Daily.
Cleansing is essential even if you don’t wear makeup.  There are all sorts of yucky things in the air and environment around you, which can land in your pores, which in turn makes them appear larger.  That is why you should clean your face every single day!!  And per Kristen, please don’t use your body bar soap on your face, find a cleanser specifically for your skin type.
{The peaceful waiting area.}
Skin tip #3.  Moisturize daily.
Your choice of moisturizers is even more important than the cleanser you use because it stays on the skin throughout the day.  Make sure to get one appropriate for your skin type (yes even you oily girls need moisturizer, oil production isn’t hydrating!!) and you may even need to change it when the seasons change.  Make sure that daytime moisturizer has an SPF in it too!
She said that if you want to take your skin care routine to the next level, to incorporate these next two steps.
Skin tip #4.  Exfoliate weekly.
Once again, find an exfoliator that is correct for your skin type whether it be a scrub or a chemical exfoliator.  Use light pressure to apply a scrub with, that is all that is needed to let the product do its job.
I purchased one of their best selling scrubs at the spa by Sukiface.  It is an exfoliate foaming cleanser w lemongrass and natural sugar and it smells so completely yummy when I’m using it, I seriously wouldn’t mind eating it!!  But it also makes the surface of my skin smooth as silk.
{Urban Sanctuary’s beauty and skin care products available for every skin type and need imaginable!}
Skin tip #5.  Mask weekly.
Masks can be purifying, hydrating, firming, soothing, etc, whatever your need is.  When I went in for my facial, my need was for hydrating bc my skin gets so dry and parched feeling in the winter.  She used a Naturopathica Seaweed mask on me that was to hydrate and soothe my skin, and she also added a bit of clay for a clarifying effect.  Use a mask 1-3 times a week depending on what your skin can handle, but know that this extra step will help catapult your skin to clarity.  This is the step that I honestly never do, but am going to work hard to implement at least once a week!

{This face that greeted me sums up how I felt after I left – happy and zen-like!}

Two friends with combined 25 years experience in the spa industry, Alan McArthur and Candice Courcy, started this spa with a vision of a beautiful place where people could spend an afternoon or even an hour to unwind and find total Sanctuary.  Thanks to them for providing this mom of 3 with just that kind of relaxing experience!!  I urge all of you, if you live in the Athens or even Atlanta area, make a trip into this spa, you won’t regret it!
Do you ever treat yourself to facials or other spa treatments?  Which ones are your favorite?