3 Reason Why I Will Watch The SuperBowl

I love college football.  I am a University of Georgia grad, which means we are a part of the SEC, which means it’s almost sacrilegious not to like going to football games – goooo dawgs, sic em, woof woof woof!  I like NFL football, emphasis on “like.”  The NFL just doesn’t do much for me because I don’t have a close connection with them like I do my Alma mater.  It’s just a bunch of overpaid dudes running around tossing a ball and tackling each other.  My two boys do that for free everyday!! Ha!

However, Sunday I will be taking part in the watching of the Super Bowl XLVI for 3 reasons…

{#1. Tom Brady}  
Unfortunately he will probably be sweaty, have a helmet on, with black paint under his eyes, and that’s okay.  I will keep this vision of him in my mind.  At least he’ll be wearing tight pants.  
{#2.  David Beckham for H&M}
The Super Bowl is all about the commercials for me.  I usually miss some of the good ones because my 3 kids are running around like crazy people with the rest of their buddies while us adults try to pay attention to what’s going on.  However, since I know this David Beckham underwear ad for H&M is going to be airing, I will make sure to be as present to the tube as possible- even if someone is crying and screaming for a snack!!  Wow, I’m starting to sound like a desperate housewife aren’t I????

(#3.  The Food}
My mouth is watering right now- doesn’t this pull apart bread look sinful??!!  The recipe for this cheddar bacon ranch pull  looks hard, but sounds so easy, I think even I could pull this off!  Half the fun of Super Bowl is eating delicious foods without the guilt, right?? 
I really don’t care who wins, but I guess if I had to choose it’d be Tom Brady’s Patriots- for obvious eye candy reasons.  I’m just looking forward to having a reason to get together with my friends, eat and drink yummy stuff, and look at guys in tight pants…Beckham included in that. 
Are you going to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday?  What’s your favorite part of this all American tradition??