February 1, 2012

Better Looking Lips Through Revlon's Colorburst Lip Butter

I'm going to play the "mom" card here and say that lately I have longed for "easy" makeup products that perform quickly because I haven't had much time to spend on complicated makeup looks due to my kids crazy schedules, school, bday parties, and such!  Lame I know for a makeup artist to admit they want the easy way out, but it's the truth, and honesty is the best policy!!  In prances Revlon's Colorburst Lip Butters ($6) to save the day!!

{Better looking lips with Revlon Lip Butters!}

These babies have been reviewed all over the blogosphere, and have been getting rave reviews!! So of course, I was feeling left out that I hadn't had the Lip Butter experience myself, and decided to pick one up at my local WalMart while buying bananas.  I have fallen prey to following the beauty blogger crowd once again.

{My new Lip Butter shade in "creamsicle."}

This product isn't supposed to be a fussy highly pigmented lipstick (like the 2 MAC lip glosses I've worn here and here!).  It is touted as a "buttery balm that produces shiny color while also hydrating your lips."  And it does just that without looking too bare like some colored lip balms.  I loved the shade I picked out because it's so neutral that it will go with any outfit I throw on in the morning without clashing, while still making my lips look "put together," no lip liner necessary.

{My hydrated feeling lips with just the right amount of natural looking color.}

I only bought one of these babies because honestly, money is tight and I'm the one to blame because I've recently made one too many makeup purchases since my birthday and the credit card is officially on fire - about to burst into flames!  But if you want to see what a few of the other shades in this line look like on an actual person (no color swatches on arms here!), check out these posts from a couple of my trusted and favorite beauty bloggers:

  • Michelle from Lipstick Rules, who shows the "peach parfait" color which is the shade Emma Stone is wearing in Revlon's ad campaign, along with some others.
  • Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog, who sports the "cotton candy" shade along with some other current drugstore lip color products I might have to pick up at WalMart...darnit!!
Have you jumped on the Lip Butter bandwagon?? What do you think about them?


Alison M said...

I did a post awhile back with two of them. I love them because they make me feel colorful and hydrated without feeling overly made up. Perfect to stash in the purse for on-the-go.

Arianne said...

This shade looks perfect for you! :) So beautiful.

Priss said...

I LOVE THESE LIP BUTTERS! they are so awesome. My favorite one is Peach Parfait.. its the ultimate color to throw on when you need something that will go with anything that you have on. Try that one next, trust me, you'll love it!


Love lip butters! I worked on a fabulous formula a few years ago and have been hooked ever since. Also love the Revlon one :) xoxo

Samyukta ISimplyLoveMakeUp said...

wow u like them too... everyone seems to be going GAGA over them :)

JennySue said...

@Alison- I will need to check your review of them out then! I agree, they are a good stash for my car console!
@Arianne- thanks girly.
@Priss- I know I know, I need the peach parfait for one with a bit more color!! Don't tempt me!
@Alternativewife- what a fun job to work on makeup products?! that's so neat you were able to do that! what a dream...
@Samyutka- everyone loves them, everyone. haven't seen a bad review on them yet!

Michelle (LipstickRules) said...

Yay! I love it all! I want more as you know. What will you pick up next?

Kim Simon said...

This blog is great source of information which is very useful for me. Thank you very much.


Mrs. Becky Henderson said...

I bought one today in "pink truffle" == fabulous!

SilhouetteScreams said...

I can't wait to try these when I get off my no-buy! But for now I'm living vicariously through everyone's blog posts :)