February 18, 2012

Do You Apply Makeup In The Car?

I often wonder how many woman actually apply their makeup from START to FINISH while IN the car.  I just did a major makeup application (even for myself) yesterday for a super fun experience (details to come later!) and did lots of touchups in my car along the way.  But only while I was in complete standstill traffic,  I promise, and they were only touchups.

{What better way to check out your makeup than with an iPhone photo??  Photos don't lie!}

I could never ever ever do my personal makeup in the car from start to finish because...

  • A. the motion would give me crooked eye liner, 
  • B. the lighting is tricky, 
  • C. my kids in the backseat would distract me, and 
  • D. my cup holder isn't big enough to hold my makeup brushes and my travel makeup case is too big to sit in the passenger seat.  
All I was able to do on the way into Atlanta was reapply my lip liner and gloss like 40 times and swipe on my MakeUp Forever HD Finishing powder to keep my skin as matte as possible.  Because I'm sure I was getting shiny in my car, sitting, with the air conditioner blowing. Ha!!  But I've heard a few of my friends say that they can put on a full face of makeup on their way to work in the morning.

Question is, how good can that full face actually look when applying in a moving vehicle??

How many of you have the skills to do your makeup from start to finish in the car?  Or do you just do the occasional touch ups at a red light like I do?


beautybabbler said...

I think the most I apply in a car is lip balm or gloss. I might have used an oil blotting sheet a time or two as well. I wouldn't attempt much more than that.

Ally Garner said...

No way. I would look like a clown if I applied my makeup on in the car. Even if my husband is driving, the most I can do is reapply lipgloss & use a compact. God bless the Ladies that can though - clearly they've got better skills than me :)

PBunnieP said...

I do my makeup on the bus sometimes, I'll do eyeshadow and blush and then wait for a red light to quickly do eyeliner and curl my lashes. It's all about the timing, hahaha.

Samyukta ISimplyLoveMakeUp said...

hahahahah interesting question! I am a purely no touch up girl and i need my bathroom light for doing make-up.... :P

JennySue said...

@beautybabbler- that seems like a pretty safe car regime:)
@ally- i agree, even as a passenger, my skills are lacking in a moving vehicle!
@pbunnie- that is super impressive that you can do liner and curl lashes on a bus!! you must have mad makeup skills. thanks for sharing!
@samyutka-i hear that, bathroom lights typically work better for me than random sun rays and shadows in a car!

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