February 22, 2012

How To Perfect The Captivating Cat Eye

The winged cat eye look is always a source of fierce beauty for me.  Nothing makes me feel more confident and beautiful than the perfect winged black liner.  It's like the best frame for my eye shape and makes me feel very Adele-like!  That girl can rock a cat eye.

{Keeping the rest of my makeup palette simple with the black liner.}

Here are my most simple techniques for accomplishing this statement eye look:

1.  Make the eye area as tight as possible but using your fingers from your non-writing hand, to gently pull the skin near your temple toward the hairline before starting your liner. This keeps the bumpy squiggly lines from happening!!

2.  Start drawing your line from the outer corner of your eye (however far out and dramatic you want the line to end up) and draw inward towards the middle of the lashline.  Then remove the tip of your liner, and start at the inner tear duct area, and draw in to connect to the first line.

3.  While doing all of this, tilt your head slightly backwards so that your eyelid lowers automatically making it easier to draw your line.

4.  I always set my liner with a matte black matching eye shadow on top of the liquid liner to give it extra staying power.

{I used my favorite Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner in "trooper" to achieve this look.}

Of course finish the whole look with two or more coats of black mascara AFTER you've drawn your line!  

Do you ever rock the cat eye?  Got any favorite products for achieving this captivating look?


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Beautiful! I want to try this!

Jess said...

for me, cat eye and a red lipstick = perfect combination...great for time saving look!


The Peach said...

Thanks so much for this post! You make it sound so easy... but I still have a hard time. Maybe my problem is that I need to start from the outer corner! Thanks for that tip!

Eboni said...

The line is so perfect. *sigh* I need practice LOL!

Jill Makenzie Black said...

This is awesome, but you really shouldn't pull at your eye. It decreases the elasticity in your skin over time, and makes it quicker for your eyeelids to get wrinkly. If you DO do this, make sure your skin is well moisturized. :)

megin said...

finally catching up on some Jenny Sue blogs! always love the posts with the eyeliner - love those lampe shades too - can't wait to see the new office - i'm ordering the kat von dee tonite!

JennySue said...

@thepeach- give the outer corner starting point a try, it might make it easier than you think:) keep practicing!
@Jill- you're so right, maybe "pull" was a harsh word, slightly "stretch"-ha!! I agree, moisturizing the eye area is key!
@Megin- so glad you are having a chance to catch up on the JSM blog!! It will always be here when you need her:) Ha!!