Liven Up Your Lampshade

I’ve been in a Martha Steward-kinda-mood lately. Occasionally, okay often, I get tired of everything home decor wise in my house and want to get rid of it and start over.  My tastes change with my couch pillows as often as I change my lipstick!  But my budget doesn’t allow for me to start over with things, so that means I must get creative with merely “updating” my tired home accessories.

{Current project…Livening up my lampshades, for only 5 bucks!}

My inner craft project diva has come out now that we are starting to convert our upstairs bedroom into a double office (can’t wait to show you all the before and after pictures!).  The hubby is doing the heavy lifting on painting the room right now, so in the meantime I’ve been itching to update other things around the house.  My girlfriend Alice, who is extraordinarily talented with home decor and organization (she owns a local business, Live Simple, contact info at bottom of post) gave me this easy breezy idea for updating my bedroom lamps.

All you need is:
1. Pair of scissors
2. Fabric glue
3.  Colorful ribbon for trimming. 

My goal was to pull in the teal blue color from my favorite pillow on my bed and my new peacock drapes I love love, found here, so I chose a ribbon with that color scheme.  Here’s how I took my plain boring lampshades from “drab to fab” with only a $5 budget ( I already owned the scissors, so just had to purchase the glue and spool of ribbon!).

{Plain boring lamp}
 {Cut ribbon to fit each side of lamp shade, while applying dots of glue along the way}
{Smooth out glue with a Qtip so it doesn’t create obvious bumps under the ribbon. 
I made this mistake with the first couple of pieces before I realized I needed to create a smoother surface of glue so it didn’t show through the white spaces and to make all edges lie flat!}
{Voila!!  I gave my lamp new life!}
I love the new look of my lamps and am so happy that I didn’t toss the old ones that actually worked!!  Next stop, spray paint everything I can get my hands on…

**If you live in the Athens,GA or surrounding area, and need some help with home decor or extreme organization projects, then contact Alice Huff with Live Simple, at:  She is super talented and is also helping us with our double office redo!**

What are some crafty ways you give home decor new life on a budget??