A Look Inside My Purse Essentials

I’m finally back home from four days of Las Vegas, and as much fun as I had, the old saying “there’s no place like home” certainly rings true.  One thing I realized while I was away, was how much I carry with me in my purse on a daily basis.  I don’t carry my beloved diaper bag with me that much anymore since my daughter is getting older.  We’ve done away with bottles, baby food, extra set of onesies for accidents and such, so I can pretty much stuff everything into my purse.

 {An overall look at my purse essentials.}

{Closeup of stage one of two}
Stage one of my purse essentials includes:
1. Hobo wallet.  This is the 4th one of these wallets I’ve owned because it doubles as a cute clutch in a clutch- ha!!  
2.  Snacks, suckers, and gum to keep me and the kids busy (quiet!) when necessary.  Oh, and a pacifier for the same reason.
3.  My iPhone and fabulously (cracked, ugh) bling-ed out case.  This thing isn’t the most practical or sturdy, but why do moms always have to be so practical??? What did we ever do without iPhones?!
4.  Coupon gem clip.  My girlfriend made this rosette gem clip for me that I carry around coupons with for the grocery store and restaurants everywhere.  It’s been sooo useful and cute to boot!
 {Closeup of stage two of two}
Is it crazy I have to include two stages of my purse? Ha!!

1.  Baby wipes.  Must for dirty baby faces and fingers, must for makeup mistakes on the go.
2.  Small perfume vial of Lavanila.  This is one of my fave scents and luckily I have it in this tiny vial that is perfect for keeping me smelling lovely in a jiffy.
3.  Bejewelled compact mirror.  Another girlfriend of mine actually gave this to my daughter for her to have when she gets older, but I couldn’t help myself but to use it in the meantime for touchups:)
4.  Makeup musts.  Translucent powder, dark brown eyeliner, and 4 lip colors.  I like to cover all of my bases for lips.  I have a hydrating sheer lip balm, matte red lipstick, golden neutral gloss, and then a bright poppy coral color that can double as a blush, shown below…

{Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick in “coral crush” on cheeks and lips!}
This bright coral color with no shimmer, is the perfect blush stand in so that I don’t have to worry with carrying a real blush or brush.  My cheeks never looked so happy!
The only thing that I found was missing during my trip to Vegas was a nail file- how could I forget such an essential??  Shame shame, running to get one right now!
So there’s a peak into my purse essentials.  I spared you a look at the bib and diaper that usually accompanies me. 
What are your must haves for your purse??