Lovebird Lips

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I’m getting inspired to do some “love”-ly looks!  My first romantic choice, is the two-toned lip that is usually runway appropriate, not run-to-the-grocery store appropriate!  But makeup shouldn’t be all serious all the time and I found this super fun lip very easy to achieve.

{My non-serious kissy face!
Revlon’s Colorburst lipstick in Fuchsia & MAC’s lipstick in Russian Red}
I figure I always mix at least 2-3 colors of shadows on my eyes, so why should my eyes be the only feature to have all the fun??  I chose to use a bright fuchsia + red lipstick, but you could really have so many choices with color combos from bright coral + deep orange, to baby pink + soft coral, and so forth. My biggest recommendation, is to keep the finishes of the lip color choices the same.  For example, I used two matte finish products.

Here are my steps to achieving this two-toned mouth – Pucker up!

1.  Swipe on a layer of concealer all over the lips to create a one colored canvas that will allow your lip color choices to show up as bright as possible.  This look is not for the weary, so go for it!

2.  Line your lips with a lipliner that mimics the undertones of the two colors you choose.  I chose a light pinky lip shade since both of my lipstick had pinkish red undertones.  This will keep these bright colors from bleeding all over your mouth, which would be tragic.  You want this look to be sharp!

3.  Color in your lips using a lip brush for the most precise application.  Especially when using deeper pigmented colors, it’s a secret weapon for staying in the lines…lip liner that is!

4.  Blot with a tissue and repeat for extra staying power. You don’t want all of this hard work to go to waste do you??

{I figured you would like to see how this lip looks when someone is actually smiling, so of course I had to bring Vivian into the shot because she makes me smile the biggest and had watched the whole process!! } 

On a last note, after wearing this for awhile, the two colors did start to bleed together, which actually turned out quite pretty!  I had hoped it would stay separate, but that just wasn’t happening.  That’s why when you pick your two colors, make sure they’re complementary and would look okay once rubbed together.

{Did you noticed my actual “lovebird” earrings??}  
Would you sport this out-of-the box lip look or are you a traditional one lip color lady??

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