Luxe Legs For Less

I know it’s winter time and most of us have our legs covered up with pants and tights during this season, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the limbs that keep you upright all year long!  I figured I would share with you ways of taking care of those legs and keeping them silky smooth on a budget.

{Jennifer Lopez – spokeswoman for Gillette and her gorgeous gams!}
To start with great legs, you have to EXERCISE.  I’m not the best at doing these every day, or even every week, but when I have a moment, the 2 easiest at home exercises for me are squats and calf raises.  Here is a great cheat sheet plus short videos from Shape Magazine on lower body exercises you can do at home to get J Lo legs!!  My goal is going to do these at least twice a week until spring time which is right around the corner.
{My luxe leg products for less!}
After you’ve toned and tightened those legs, you must get them silky smooth and hydrated.  Winter has done a doozy on my legs and they feel tight and scaly all the time.  The one product I have started using that is the most budget friendly, is Barbasol’s Beard Buster for men.  This stuff is usually a bit over a $1 at the grocery store (much cheaper than the creams devoted to women at $2-3) and I figure if it’s gentle yet tough enough for a man’s face, it’s good enough for my legs!  As long as you shake the can every time before you squirt the product out, it creates the best foam and gets the job done.  The one thing I do spend money on is my razor, and I  use the Gillette Venus Embrace – I NEVER get cuts with this thing!

Another skin trick I learned from my facial visit I talked about here that applies to the legs, is to mix your oils with your lotions for maximum leg hydration.  So I layer my daughters cheapo Johnson’s Baby Oil right out out of the shower with my drugstore St. Ives Naturally Smooth lotion on top to trap in the moisture!  Works like a charm.

{Victoria Beckham showing us how legs can look sexy courtside and covered up!}
And of course after you’ve taken care of sculpting and smoothing your gams, you have to decorate them!! Now I’m going to go into my Friday fantasy world and pretend that JennySue has Miss Lopez & Mrs. Beckham’s bank accounts.  Here are a few items I’d love to sport right now for winter:
1.  Could you give your legs any more attention when wearing these sexy J. Brands?? I think not.
2.  Gold sequin legs would make any woman the life of the party!
3.  Peacock tights – yes please!!
4.  Even boots can show off your legs, especially when they are satin and thigh high!
Do you take care of your legs during the winter or do they get forgotten?  How do you decorate them?