Smurf-Like Beauty

Seems the shade, BLUE, is taking over the runways, TV, and the red carpets.  Everyone is feeling the Smurfette vibe and trying to mix it into their beauty routine some how or another. Here are a few recent beauty looks that have channeled this color in some unexpected ways…

{The original lady in blue, Smurfette}

The real life lady that started it all, (and I feel does it the best and the prettiest without actually looking like a Smurf) Miss Katy Perry, and that cotton candy blue hair from the Grammy Awards. This woman takes some beauty risks, and makes it work because the makeup is exquisite and lets the hair take center stage.

{You can see more of Katy’s blue hair inspiration here. It’s not the 1st time she’s donned this color.}

Then there was the Anna Sui fall/winter 2012 runway collection, where the models sported a deep blue winged + dot eye makeup look by the genius Pat McGrath.  Not the most wearable, but still oddly pretty….

And lastly, one of the most disturbing makeup looks from Madrid fashion week from designer Lemoniez (which I actually had never heard of before until now) where the models looked like they had the worst case of frostbite ever on their blue lips.  No pretty at all- but somehow I’m sure “pretty” wasn’t the look they were going for.  Smurfette would have certainly disagreed with this shade that border lined an unexplained sickness.

{This models unhappy face says it all. “I hate my lipstick color.”}
I decided to take the challenge and show how the blue trend could be worn on your lips without it looking like you’ve been caught out in 15 degree weather without your Uggs on.  I used a light blue shimmer shadow from a large Stila palette color wheel from a year ago for this lip trick.  (It was the same palette I used for a blue ombre eyeshadow look here that turned out really cool.)
 {Apply your favorite peach/pink lip color, then add a dab of ice blue shimmer shadow in the center of the upper and lower lip.}
{This subtle blue color adds the illusion of a fuller pout almost better than any plain gloss!)
I know most of you would never think you could pull off blue on your lips, but I promise, if you’ve got small thin lips like me, give this shade-y trick a try!  You’ll be smurf-prised.
What do you think of the previous beauty blues??  Would you give any of these looks a try??