Sometimes Life Gets Too Busy For Eyeliner

Sometimes, not very often, but sometimes my life gets too busy for me to even apply eyeliner.  This might seem like an extra, unnecessary, or insignificant thing for some in their daily makeup routine, but for me, it’s a BIG deal if I can’t even squeeze in 45 seconds to do this.  It’d be like a normal person not having time to slip on their shoes before they head into work and going in to meet their boss with bare feet – you just don’t feel complete.

I will show you in pictures (through the eyes of Instagram of course!) the reasons behind the addition to my insanely busy schedule that are in addition to my workload, freelance business, blogging, and daily home life of mom/referee/housekeeper/cook/dishwasher/laundromat/schoolbus/diaperchanger/
dogsitter/partyplanner (wait, I don’t cook, Easy Mac maker)…

 {#1 Reason.  A 1.5 year little angel who is more difficult to reason with than any adult you will ever come across…ever.}
Sweet Vivian is my third child, so raising a little toddler isn’t my first rodeo.  However, raising a little female IS my first rodeo and the differences are already very obvious from little boys.  Instead of yelling at me when she wants something or doesn’t get her way, she screams in a very high pitched voice.  Big difference, ear piercing difference.  She has also decided to quit eating and napping, which makes for an awesome combination- cue sarcasm.  God bless her though, she sure is cute.
 {#2 Reason.  DIY Project. Converting our upstairs bedroom into a double office.}
Home projects in addition to daily life are always a daunting but exciting task.  Since we have begun turning our bedroom upstairs into an office, things have been a little, shall we say, chaotic, in terms of repainting, furniture dispersed throughout the house, and overall a feeling of things in limbo.  This is a shot of where the office is heading right now (those walls used to be brick red and dark brown furniture was everywhere!). Thanks to Ikea and Pier 1 Imports furniture, we’ve been able to convert this space on a pretty tight budget!

{#3 Reason.  More house projects- building bunk beds for the boys}
Thanks again to Ikea for allowing us the ability to afford the bunk beds our boys have been dying for their bedroom!! This might not seem like a huge inconvenience to ones daily schedule, but when your husband is trying to assemble this project (along with the help of some helpful manly neighbors!) over a few days and you are left keeping the 3 amigos occupied and not getting in his way, it makes life a bit hectic.
{#4 Reason. T-ball season}
Last year we only had one t-baller- this year both boys are playing tball AND hubby is coaching their team!  This is a super fun extracurricular activity that I do enjoy because it gets the boys outside and away from the Wii, but it also means additional practices + games during the week on top of school, life, and makeup jobs which = busy busy busy!
Oh, and in the next couple weeks, I’m going to want everyone to keep up with JennySue Makeup on as I will be guest blogging for them all week!!  Their site is super fun with all sorts of makeup and skin care advice, so check them out in the meantime and I will remind you all once they start featuring my posts for the week.  I’m probably going to be doing some “BEST OF JennySue” posts;)
By no means am I posting this for a pity party. It’s more so of an explanation to all of those friends out there who have probably been wondering why I haven’t been wearing eyeliner lately….

What part of your beauty routine gets left behind when your life gets too busy?