Top 3 Oscar 2012 Makeup & Gown Moments

In a way, I almost feel like I don’t completely have the right to pick the “Top 3 makeup and gown moments” of Oscar night because I got to see maybe 10 minutes of the actual pre-prancing down the red carpet.  My excuse was because I was dealing with this sassy thing…

{My little “dirt diva” channeling her inner sunglass celeb moment yesterday.}

If you have small children, you know sometimes they allow you to do what you want, other times they rule the roost and you only have time to do what they want to do.  Miss Viv was a very unhappy 1.5 year old who kept me from setting foot (or sitting down!) in front of a TV until bedtime.  (I wish I could tell you why she was so ill for those 3 hours or so of pre-Oscar footage, but she can only say “mama” at this point, and crying takes over the rest of her vocabulary.)

Luckily bedtime hit right at the start time of the actual Oscar show, but for the brief 10 minutes I had it tuned into E News for the pre show, was just enough time to catch a glimpse of my first pick of the night, one of my fave TV personalities, Giuliana Rancic.  She looked stunning- hair, makeup, gown – the whole package.  And I love her any way because she actually took her husband Bill’s last name and changed her own after getting married- you don’t see that a lot in Hollywood!

{Giuliana Rancic via}
I love her makeup here, because it’s actually a bit more toned down than usual (her eyes are usually very heavy with shadow) and her wine colored lips look awesome as a contrast to the minimal eye makeup.  Her dress was like an delicate sculpture that looked so Oscar worthy perfect!
{Dress by Basil Soda via}
My next fave (these are in no particular order BTW) was the extremely likeable Emma Stone who I bring up a bunch – she did influence my hair color of course!  I was really feeling everyone’s light palette approach to makeup this go around and loved loved her flawless cat eye swooped liner with pale pink shadow.  Which pink shadow is not normally a favorite color choice for me, but here it worked.
{Emma Stone via}
With a statement dress and color like this that she wore, I think the toned down makeup and slicked back hair do was a smart choice.  Everyone keeps dogging her for copying an old Nicole Kidman look from 5 years ago here, but I doubt she was channeling a copy cat look. But even if she did, she sure did do it well!!
{Dress by Giambattista Vali via}
And last but certainly not least, Milla Jovovich killed it with the prettiest combo of red lips and gold shimmery eyes.  That lipstick is a dead ringer for MAC’s Russian Red, no??! Not to mention her stunning white gown one shoulder gown that fit her like a glove and was regal in every way.
{Milla Jovovich via}
I can’t get over how this gown draped so perfectly and the crisp white sequins just popped on the red carpet- no blending in here.  And thank goodness for the bright pink cheeks too- so fresh looking!
{Dress by Elie Saab via}
Who were your favorites from the night?? Did I miss any highlights from the red carpet that weren’t shown during the actual awards ceremony?